Mindset for Teens & Young Adults

Teens & young adults have seen a rapid increase in depression, anxiety, and suicides for the past several years, and this trend is speeding up as a result of our global pandemic and political divisions.  

Are we going to allow this tragedy to continue or are we going to send in a lifeline and save our youth from the daily battle they face?

Hi there, I'm Forrest Folen, and I've taken my mindset curriculum I've developed over many years and created a new, LIVE mindset coaching and community for TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS to support them during these unprecedented tough times.

Do they teach our kids emotional intelligence in school?

The answer is NO, they don't...and it's a shame if you ask me.

They didn't teach it when I was in school, and they don't teach it now...and if they attempt to, it's tends to be very superficial and doesn't get into the type of training our youth truly needs to navigate the ups and downs of their emotions, their mental "chatter", and their lives in a practical way.


Even before 2020, teen depression and anxiety had been steadily increasing over the years, reaching epidemic levels.  

Now after 2020, as you know, it's gotten much worse, as the global pandemic, political unrest, and school lockdowns have sped up the tragic trend we've all been witness to.  The reality hits us hard as we dig deeper into the numbers.


Mindset training doesn't dig into your past like traditional therapy (although there is a time and a place for that, too).

Instead it focuses on developing skillsets and tools to empower in the present moment.

With deeper awareness, mindfulness, and tools to shift out of negative mental states and into positive states of being, teens and young adults feel more confident, become more adaptable in times of change, and create a higher level of gratitude and self love that ripples out into their lives.

To support our teens & young adults, please consider a contribution to the launch of this program.

This program is available to kids from middle school all the way into their younger 20's. We have students currently as young as 11 and as old as 23. Thanks for supporting the youth!

Your Mindset Coach for Life,

Forrest Folen


Yes, we had our first session and we had over 15 teens and young adults show up!!  It was AWESOME!!  We'll be meeting every Monday and Thursday at 7pm PST on Zoom. 


We'll start a continuation group for those that complete the 8-week course so they stay supported and can continue to advance in their training, and we'll start another group every 8 weeks.  

Follow Forrest Folen on Facebook to see upcoming announcements. 


Originally I was going to do this in my "spare time" and I promised the first 8 weeks to be completely FREE of charge.   

Soon after I got rolling, it became apparent that I needed more preparation time, time for emails and communications to parents and teens, time to update my curriculum, and before I knew it I was up to 20+ hours a week and for me to make this work I need the time and energy to do it, which pulls me away from other income producing opportunities.  

To find a middle ground, I needed to start a GoFundMe so I can get this launched and now that I've seen how well the program is being received, I need to ask for initial funding to gain the momentum this program deserves.

Specifically these funds will provide:

- My time and energy to launch the program, develop and update curriculum,  research, filming and editing support video and creating materials, and to be available to answer questions for teens and parents (This will take me 20+ hours per week for the next 8 weeks, and then ongoing from there. We started January 11th, 2021 and we'll finish the first 8-week course on March 4th, 2021).

- New editing computer; hardware and software.  (I'll be able to produce supportive content for the teens/young adults with high quality video so they have a library of lessons and content they can use and have access to for a lifetime.) 


My plan is to create T-shirts for all the first teens & young adults and give them out to them as a reward for completing their 8-week journey!  

This will also fund a complimentary YouTube channel I'll be launching that will be Meditation and Mindset for parents.  It's been my experience that when the parents are empowered and supported, their teens also thrive. 


Q. Why are you doing this?

In a nutshell,  I have a 17-year old daughter and 21-year old son that need the support.  I wanted to bring in other teens because I know that being in a community with their peers is the best way for teens to learn and stay engaged.  I feel opening this up to all teens who need it will ease the suffering of a lot of parents and teens going through hard times, and I myself wish I would have had this as a teen.  

You can find the original Facebook post with my full explanation here: CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK POST AS TO WHY I STARTED THIS 

Q. What experience do you have coaching teens?

A. For many years I trained teens in martial arts (I'm a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do), and I worked with youth-at-risk programs. I also have done many fitness and mindset programs for teens over the years AND I have teens of my own.

Q. Do you have any education or certifications?

A. Yes, I've been certified through the Mindset Performance Institute's training (now under new branding) as a certified mindset coach.  

Q. Who are your "mindset mentors"?  Where did you learn all this from?

A. I learned most of my formal Mindset curriculum (and certification) from Mindset experts, Brian Grasso and Carrie Campbell, and I learned most of my mindfulness and meditation arts from Master Daniel Johnson, an 8th degree Taoist Master.

Q. Is this compatible with religious beliefs?

A. Yes, all religions and backgrounds are welcome.  I don't steer or influence religious beliefs and that is not the focus of this curriculum. 

Q. Why aren't you charging for this?

A. I will eventually create a way for participants to support the program through a monthly rate, which is of now undecided.  What IS decided is that I won't turn away ANYONE who can't pay, so I'll create a sliding scale.  

Your patronage will help those that need financial assistance once I open this up as a service and help me provide the first 8-weeks completely FREE of charge. 

Q. What if I don't live nearby?

A. All meetings will be help on Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

Q. What if I'd like my teen to join, but I'm not sure if they will want to do it?

A. I would just ask them to come try out a session and after that they can decide if they want to do it or not.  How can they know if they don't know anything about it?  I'm pretty sure that after the first session they'll be excited about this new journey because they'll get a clearer sense how mindset training really means LESS frustration for them and MORE freedom in their own life.

Here's the registration if you or someone you know wants to jump in right away...it's ok that they didn't get in on the first couple sessions, they can be sent the recordings. 

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the Jan. 11th - March 4th Mindset for Teens & Young Adults

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