Exposing the true colors of Mexico

Hi, my name is Darin Douglas and I am currently 25 years of age and I am an explorer, a want to be journalist, and somebody who wishes to see life visually for what it's worth and living it to the fullest.

First, I would like to start off with announcing that I wish to travel to Mexico. And I want to talk about all the factors that have influenced this travel. As we come into some very extreme times, it is important for me to get a first person view of what Mexico is actually like. I have experienced 25 years of my life as a citizen of the USA and I want to do some very important work exploring what life of a Mexican is like first person. After reading up on how Mexico is and exploring video and vlog footage of life in Mexico, I want to do real journalism first person and explore what life is really like to live in authentic Mexico. With all of your kind donations, I will be more than happy to report my life and encounters in Mexico unedited and straight to you. And I will be more than happy to report my safety and welfare, my income, my expenses, real unedited footage of what it is like to live there and become part of a developing country and its national citizen body as a foreigner. I will also talk about what it authentically is like to be a foreigner. Hurdles that will come out as I stay there. Corruption that may arise as I stay there, and of course, the constitucion de Mexico. Furthermore, how locals and civilians work around their corruption.   

Important notes:

A period will be defined as set amount of time which not to exceed the equivalency of six months or 180 days. My period will be defined as I receive my tourist visa.

I plan to head there on a tourist visa known as an FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple). Generally, most FMM tourist visas are entered at the port of entry as a duration not to exceed 180 days. 

Per the expectations of an FMM, I will still be holding a US income which means I will be holding a remote job online. If I wish to start up a business and earn a formal Mexican Income, I must visit an abroad Mexican consulate to apply for a 6 month residency card. And there will be income requirements that must be met. More on the FMM tourist visa can be found here.

On an FMM, you are permitted one entry and one exit in and out of Mexico. If you leave before 180 days, you must renew the FMM. 

Rhetorical Questions

Is Mexico actually better than the USA as a whole? Why or why not?

What are similarities and differences between the US and Mexico?

How beneficial is it to have a free market/informal trade?

How are Mexican economics in a birds eye view by far more advanced than ours?

How do the locals cope with hardship, corruption, a bad day in the neighborhood, etc...

In high crime places, what factors are present to influence it?

What are the factors that influence cartel violence? Furthermore, why is there a heavier concentration of violence the closer you approach to the USA border in Mexico? Why is there cartel violence in the tourist hotspots like Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, etc...

Why are there people desperate to enter the US in Mexico? Are they locals in Mexico trying to seek a better life? Are they transiting from poorer countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, South America, etc...

Why are most US citizens afraid of Mexico?

Finally, is our portrait of Mexico in the United States true to what it is actually like to be in Mexico first person?

Reason for visiting/staying in Mexico 

I have heard all of the narratives that Mexico is a dangerous place. And I have seen all the videos that show it is a beautiful place. I would like to explore Mexico for what it is worth. And it would be my pleasure to view authentic locations that represent the nation of Mexico wholesomely like Zacatecas City and Aguascalientes City which are far from the touristy spots. As current world affairs continue to progress, I hear the "USA is the greatest", "we need to build a wall to make sure they come over to the USA legally", "if you cross over to Mexico you will die on the streets", "the USA is the land of opportunity", etc... And I really feel we have left some important pieces out on how Mexico still strives to be a great place. I have seen what freedom is like in the USA but I want to see what real freedom is like in Mexico. It is very important to me to understand that there is more than just myself and how I am comfortable seeing things. And of course a different culture. To at least visit Mexico, I know my eyes will open up and I will get to see a whole new world. What are the good and what are the bad will be determined and I will post updates when I get there. Since I have audited the good and the bad of the US, I want to audit the good and bad of Mexico too. 

Why is it important to get a first person view of Mexico?

It is normal for us as US citizens to believe that Mexico is a horrible place to be, based on what we hear in Fox News, CNN, rumors, and all of social media.  However, it is important to understand what shapes a nation to be what it is like today. I understand that hot button issues are very subjective to each individual person. And I know that I may be unable to change everybody's view of Mexico on an individual basis nor convince anyone that this will be the best decision I have made. However, the only way I can deliver supporting or negating evidence on Mexico is if I travel there first person and live the life in the shoes of another Hispanic. 

Am I good with Spanish?

Mi espanol es pobre (My spanish is very poor). I am interested in learning Spanish being infinitely less English is spoken by locals in authentic locations. It would also be nice to interact with locals whom only speak Spanish. Spanish learning software is pricey thus I am looking for non monetary ways to acquire Spanish.

What is the coronavirus outlook in Mexico:

This will vary by state and locality. And I will cross the bridge on what measures are being taken with the areas I visit or the one I stay in. However I have heard that some areas will require facemasks to be worn while in the central square or in stores whereas some will be operating just like normal with facemasks as a discretionary measure. However based on my research unless you are in Mexico City the nation capital, it will not be as intense as what we are used to here in the USA. 

What will the donations be used for?

The donations will be used for the following Including but not limited to.

Pre departure donations:
Camera Gear
Camper and Pickup truck
Immigration expenses
Funds to startup a business

Post departure donations: 
Potential Medical Expenses
Potential support for rent and utilities
Support for essentials
Visa runs*
During the visa run process, a visit to Guatemala or Belize

Incentives to donate:

The support will mean a lot to me. This is with the understanding that moving to a new country for a period of time will not always be a bed of roses. To reciporate all appreciation of my support, the least I can for now is shoutouts. When I head on my voyage, I can provide footage and facts on the culture, the rituals, the real life of a Mexican Local, questions you want answered, topics you're interested in. Anything more is TBD for now. Also please note I have more channels and mediums of revenue coming up in the future in addition to ways of receiving non monetary support.
What is my estimated duration of time I plan to visit?

I plan to start off living there one period (Reference period in the notes above). After my first period, I will host a private livestream talking about my likes and my dislikes in Mexico. In that private livestream I will talk about whether I plan to return home or whether I plan to do another period and then revisit the ins and outs.

Why is it important to understand a new culture?

It is important to understand that in the USA, we have gotten so used to seeing everything one rigid way, used to the constraints and approval of others, and social pressure and public harassment. To visit somewhere that people visually put behind red tape is beneficial to us because it is always important to back and benefit a counterargument to show there are multiple ways to live. Life is not one defined one way and it is important to live to that mission.

When is my estimated departure date?

Friday February 12th, 2021

Why is my goal 50k?

This is my first time crossing out of my own country for a period of time.

*Under Mexican Immigration law, after a period, I will have to do something called a "border run." And a border run consists of leaving Mexico for 24 hours and then returning to the Mexican border to renew my visa. Whether I cross to Guatemala or Belize for my visa run is TBD.

In addition to initial migration funds, any donations received once I am there will be used for my continued support to be able to support myself and to provide you the viewer a real life vision of what it it is like to live in Mexico.

How long does this fundraiser last?

This fundraiser will last through February 28th 2022

Other ways to support my move and mission

Discord (coming up soon)

Merch store (coming up soon)

Patreon: Patreon: More about the journalism and series of events leading up to the move to Mexico. 

Math tutoring (coming up soon)

Paypal (coming up soon)

Bitcoin (coming up soon)

My youtube channel (coming up soon)

Uber Eats:  Be sure to use referral code eats-darind790ue. This will give me $10 off my next order and give you $20 off your first order.

Budget Vapors : Be sure to apply promo code darininspokane and you will get 15% off your order on BV products. Additionally, I will get 50 cents per bottle ordered. There is also free US shipping on orders $50 or greater before applying the promo code. 

How frequently will I update this campaign?

As time progresses, some things are subject to change. I will update this campaign as the changes occur. 

Again, this will be toughest proposal I have made to the people whom care about me, my family, and my well being and I understand the gravity it holds in all your hearts that this move to me will bring. I will explore what it is like to be a foreigner in a new place and furthermore, a local once I blend in with the civilians. I will answer all rhetorical questions posted above given the chance to live the life in Mexico first person. This will be the toughest personal decision I have made in my life and one that I have had a lot of time to have carefully counted the costs associated with. I am appreciative of all family and friends and even for those of you who have stumbled upon this campaign, you are still considered family and friends. Without hesitation, I am eternally grateful to given all support whether it is monetary or non monetary to take on this mission and to bring to light what life across our borders is really like. I want to kindly shoutout and thank you all for your kind support. This is what makes a real mission possible.


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