Keep Fighting Seb -

Meningococcal W survivor from January 2017 in NSW Australia while visiting family

Sebastian fought the fight of his life to stay with us but lost so much becoming a multiple amputee in the process
This disease is very real and doesn't discriminate on your age, health status or who you are

Immunisation is the key to protecting yourself against this disease but make sure you are covered against all the strains

One of the hardest things I had to do was to tell him to keep fighting and that I loved him. I watched as he was put to sleep to help him breathe and be transported to the nearest big hospital.

Seb was Airlifted from the South Coast to a larger hospital in the ACT that could better support his needs.
We had to drive 3hours to get to our son when we arrived we were taken into a small room and told by the heads of ICU that Seb wouldn't survive,
that we needed to prepared and say goodbye, we were to call in any family and friends to say goodbye.

Seb was the sickest person in hospital he was in complete organ failure on full life support and we had to go forward minutes at a time, the next 12 hours were crucial but to be prepare for the worse, he was fighting for his life minute by minute.
Very hard to believe when i was only talking to him that morning.

But Sebastian didn't give up that easy, he was fighting it every step of the way.

Seb was diagnose with Meningococcal Septicaemia W 135 a deadly form of Meningococcal. It took 1 week to get the correct strain diagnosis.

Sebastian has to date spent 186+ days in hospital
21 days in ICU where the most amazing team work with him
9days of those days in a coma in isolated fighting for his life.
18 surgery’s to date
Complete organ failure
Kidney dialysis for 3 months starting at daily 24hr dialysis to every 2 days to nothing now
Internal Organ damage
Lung infection, breathing problems
Skin and tissue damage
Nerve pain
Muscle soreness
Hearing loss
Huge weight loss

Before this disease Seb was a elite athlete, dare devil that loves to travel.

Once Sebastian finish getting his trade qualifications He spent traveling around Europe before moved to the Gold Coast to chase his passion as a talented Barber taking a position with Cultures Kings on the Gold Coast.

Seb lived on the Gold Coast for 3yrs before coming back to the South Coast to spend some time with his Mum and Dad and save money for more traveling, he was only here for 3 months before getting sick.

Seb now has the battle of moving on after this disease has taken so much from him, he will require a lot of ongoing surgery. He became a multiple amputee hands and legs.

To date he has had multiple amputations to his hands/ fingers losing 7 fingers, with only 2 full functioning fingers, some lost completely others to small stumps.
He will require a lot more treatment to come, hand theraphy and Pyhiso .

He has also lost all his left foot toes/ for-foot to a transmetatarsial amputation and also losing his right leg transtibial amputation.

He will/does require extreme physiotherapy, prosthetics and rehabilitation to be able to do everyday things in life again.

Plus other medical, monitoring/treatment to all his organs that were affected by the Meningococcal W.

This disease ,Meningococcal Septicaemia W135 has changed everything about Seb's life and he has/ will have a contuined extremely hard physical, mental, emotional journey ahead, learning to do everyday things for himself again to regain his independence.

But he is a fighter, and shown us everyday just how amazing his will power and strength is.

Seb is currently home and doing well but will be travelling back and forth for on going treatment, while waiting for more of his prosthetics to be ready.

Seb has a goal to regain his independance completely in everyday living and life.

Also  to start  training himself to work towards a goal of competing and becoming a athlete for the Paralympics.
We want to help Seb with this goal and give him the  chance to achieve all those goals.

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