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My husband, Steve Mejia, lost his Mother suddenly in March 2003 due to a brain aneurysm, Steve was only 21.  A year later he was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome ( that affects his vision, hearing and resulted in kidney failure. He was in need of a kidney transplant and ended up on dialysis. His Aunt decided she was going to get tested and donate to him. October 4, 2004 was the day that she gave him new life. 

Almost exactly 10 years later we were informed that his kidney that was transplanted was only functioning at 5% and the transplant has fully failed.   He is now back on dialysis, 3 times a week for 3.5 hours each time.  This takes a toll on Steve especially with 3 boys (16, 15 and 11) all involved in sports and always on the go as those that have been through dialysis know how tiring it actually is.

Steve has gone through two out-patient surgeries one to get a temporary catheter put in to begin dialysis again and another to get a fistula placed in his arm which then ran into complications with the anesthesia and was placed into the ICU for 2 days. 

Knowing how draining and depressing dialysis is as I have seen him go through it once I decided to go in and get tested to see if I am able to donate my kidney.  Low and behold I am a match.  I was so excited when I heard the news but needed to finish up all testing to ensure I myself am in good health to go through with the surgery.  Just recently I learned I was cleared for surgery but Steve was not as his body now has built up anti-bodies that will attack the new transplanted kidney causing it to fail almost instantly.

In speaking with his surgeon Steve has three options, one is to go through the Desensitization protocol which is almost like additional dialysis. The protocol is called “Plasmapheresis Treatment” ( The number of treatments depends on the level of harmful antibodies in his blood but at least four treatments are required prior to transplant.  The other option is for him to take a drug “Soliris” for a year.  The only issue with this is it is not approved by the FDA for transplant and they do not know the outcome of the transplant after a year of being on the prescription.  The third option is a kidney swap, meaning that I will donate to another person that their donor does not match to them and then that donor will donate to Steve.

With all the doctors’ appointments (both Steve’s, mine and our children’s), Steve’s hospitalizations this year, and dialysis our medical bills have overwhelmed us even with insurance.  As some may know Medicare does not cover at 100%.  We are looking to raise funds to assist us in paying our medical bills (deductibles and out of pocket expenses) for dialysis, doctor’s visits, Oral Surgery (Steve needs to have his Wisdom teeth pulled prior to transplant) and getting ready for the transplant. Anything that you can donate will be much appreciated so we can continue to provide for our children.
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Lauren Mejia 
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