Medjugorje--- A Place Chosen by God

Medjugorje--- A Place Chosen by God

A Spiritual Documentary! Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Six Visionaries in Medjugorje.

Statue of Virgen Mary at Podbrdo, 1st Marian apparition

"In documentaries, you get to chronicle a truth that emerges unnaturally. In narratives, you must set up the circumstances so the truth will emerge.”-Ava DuVernay

My name is Myra Lopez, and I'm fundraising to produce a documentary based on the presence of the Virgin Mary to six visionaries in Medjugorje.

My Narrative
Ever since I was a curiosity-driven youngster, I've been inspired by the stories of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in places like Garabandal, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Poland, France and Portugal. When I learned about the Virgin Mary's daily appearances in the town of Medjugorje for over 40 years caught my attention, and I felt the need to go to Medjugorje. A feeling I can't explain.

Numerous Virgin Mary-related documentaries have been produced throughout the years of her persistent appearances. Many of which support false narratives or emphasize the drama and controversy surrounding the events that led to the presence of the Virgin Mary to six visionaries in Medjugorje.

My documentary would adopt a very different approach than many others. The documentary would possess factual observations based on real-world occurrences and not some forged filmmaking to lead people astray.

Blue cross at Podbrdo hill 2nd place of Marian apparition
Main Outline Medjugorje is a town in southwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 25 km southwest of Mostar and 20 km east of the border with Croatia. Due to a series of appearances of Mary, the mother of Jesus, to six local children in Medjugorje, it has gained popularity among Catholic pilgrims since 1981. Even today, there are still apparitions. People who came to Medjugorje with ailments have been healed in great numbers, many of whom have also become Christians. They didn't know what had happened when they visited the doctors.

Adoration of the Holy Spirit
People who rejected the existence of God became atheists. Since 1981, Our Lady (Virgin Mary) has given us numerous messages, and she continues to do so. Messages of faith and love. She encourages us to get ready for important things that are about to happen. Events brought about by human sins are now unavoidable.

Ivanka, Vicka, Mirjana, Marija, Ivan, and Jakov are the six inhabitants of the Medjugorje hamlet who continue to receive messages from Our Lady. Since June 24, 1981, they have witnessed constant apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Our Lady will reveal ten secrets of events that will take place on Earth very soon to each of the six visionaries in addition to her public teachings. Some secrets involve the entire world, while others are specific to the visionaries or their community.

The visionaries have so far only divulged one of the mysteries. On the mountain where Our Lady first manifested herself, she has vowed to leave paranormal, irreplaceable, and visible signs of the existence of God. And Our Lady quoted:

"I will provide this sign to atheists, You believers already have signs, and you are now the atheists' sign. It would be best if you loyal believers converted right now and not wait for the sign. You are in a grace-filled period right now. There is never enough praise to God for his grace. Now is the moment to go deeper."

"This time is a time of grace for you. You can never thank God enough for His grace. The time is for deepening your faith and for your conversion. When the sign comes, it will be too late for many."

Virgin Mary told the visionaries, "I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is the fullness of life; to enjoy this fullness and peace, you must return to God."

Those who have never been to Medjugorje will experience one of the most spiritual and peaceful places on earth. One of the best descriptions of Medjugorje we have ever heard is: "Medjugorje is a place where Heaven touches the earth." After visiting Medjugorje, we are sure you will agree.

My Story
What would you do if one day you saw your statue of the Virgin Mary crying?

It all started when my brother gave me the Virgin Mary of the Sacred Heart statue. I was delighted, it was a beautiful statue. The figure was approximately 20 inches. Place the statue on a small table in the living room. After two weeks of receiving the image, I heard a voice telling me, "look at me," pay no attention to it, I thought it was my imagination, but that continued for several days. Then I noticed that I heard the voice every time I passed by the statue of the Virgin.

One day, I stopped and looked at the statue of the Virgin and noticed tears in her eyes. "Am I going crazy? Do I imagine things?" I wondered and ignored it.

The next day I looked at the image of the Virgin again, "she looked sad; I saw the tears in her eyes again, which were sliding down her face towards her neck. I decided to take a photo of her to see if the tears appeared in the picture, and I was not mistaken; Immediately, I called my sister and sent the images, but she did not believe me; she thought I was joking. She called me crazy and did not believe me. I didn't know what to do, so I began praying the Holy Rosary.

After two weeks and seeing that the image continued to cry, I decided to take it to church. I spoke to the priest, showed him her tears, and asked if he could bless her, and he did. The priest told me that he was not surprised because many things were happening worldwide, that there was a lot of evil; people had turned away from GOD, and the Virgin was crying for the sins of humanity.

One day while I was looking at the statue, I heard a voice saying: "Go to the mountain."
Once again, I paid no attention, but that voice continued for several days. It was something inexplicable that I did not understand. It was like a voice that spoke to me telepathically, which I heard. I was afraid to comment because I knew they would tell me I was crazy. What was I going to do on a mountain? It didn't make sense to me.

I called my sister again and told her what I heard; she laughed and told me there were no mountains here. I knew she didn't believe me, but she didn't want to make me feel bad. Days and months went by, and I continued to listen to the voice. I ignored it because I wouldn't say I liked going to the mountains or camping. Two weeks later, while I was in front of the statue, I looked at her and saw that she was still crying; her face, neck, and hands had changed. Her neck looked like a human, pinkish in color, the veins on the neck were noticeable, and her hands also looked pinkish.

I kept looking at her and told her, "If you want me to go to a mountain, tell me where you want me to go because I don't know any hills, and here where I live, there are no mountains. I talked to her as if I were talking to a friend. An hour later, I picked up my cell phone to watch some videos on YouTube, and a video of the apparitions of the Virgin in Medjugorje appeared; I ignored it. The next day I was doing some work on the computer. I went to YouTube to look for information, and the first video I saw was the one about Medjugorje. I started watching the videos and found them fascinating. Medjugorje was located in Bosnia; going there never crossed my mind.

The most curious thing was that every time I looked for something on YouTube, Medjugorje came up. That was when I began watching all the videos and the testimonies. All the miracles that had been performed there, that was when I understood that Medjugorje was the place the Virgin wanted me to go.

I started planning the trip to Bosnia. I bought the tickets; my family disagreed, they were afraid, what are you going to do in a communist country, alone over there? I didn't care. The Russian war with Ukraine began, and the airline canceled my flight. Even though my family and friends told me not to go, I didn't care, so I repurchased the tickets and went with a friend. I was sure that if the Virgin had sent me there, nothing would happen to me; I felt blessed.

That was the best trip I have ever made; I met beautiful people. I had the blessing that on the day of the apparition of the Virgin to one of the seers Marija, she presented my rosary to the Virgin, and she blessed it. It was a trip that changed my life.

I know that the Virgin sent me there so that I could tell the world the messages that she
came to bring us and that together we help save more souls. That is why we are raising
money to make a documentary or maybe a movie depending on the funds raised. All profits from sales will be donated to non-profit institutions, and Our Lady will guide us.

We will return to Medjugorje to conduct the interviews after we raise funds. Those who wish to join us can do so. If you cannot go and have requests for the Virgin, you can also send us the petition, and we will gladly present your requests to the Virgin when we are there. You can follow us on youtube;

All that's left is enough finance to start the documentary process, and I hope you all will be my catalyst to achieve my objective.

Thank You
If you've gone through this campaign thus far and decided to donate (no matter the amount) to this cause, I extend my earnest gratitude for your generosity.

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