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I am Jeliene Siao Madera, a daughter praying that God will touch your heart to help my mother, Olympia Siao, who is currently fighting for her life in the ICU of Victor R. Potenciano hospital in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. I am away from my mother at this time, as I am now living at Washington, USA. I hope you can spend a few minutes reading about my mom and my plea for help.

2009 was the first major scare we had on mama’s life. I remember that one fateful morning when mama came to my room, she was clutching her chest and she told me we had to go to the hospital. In my still sleepy state, I immediately got up and within minutes we were in the Emergency Room. Everything was a blur. Then the doctor led me and my brother inside a small room. Inside, we were told that mama had a dissecting aortic aneurysm. She was in a coma. They said we have to prepare for the worst because in a few hours, she “will just slip away.”

I wouldn’t accept it. I began messaging most of my friends asking them to pray for mama. After bombarding the heavens with prayers and after 17 days in the ICU and 2 more weeks in a ward later, mama was discharged very much alive. She did not even have to undergo a surgery for her dissecting aortic aneurysm. For some reason, the tear was patched up. It was indeed a miracle. God is amazing.

However, her health did not go back to its former glory. Two years later, in 2011, we had another trip to the ICU. But it was a shorter trip this time. Main reason of her complaint was her joints, where we learned she had gout and then there’s her heart condition.

Unfortunately, illness did not leave her from then on. Mama is the strongest person I know for fighting high blood, diabetes, gout and pneumonia. In the past year, she was almost bed-ridden for not being able to stand on her own, much less walk. There was a growing tumor in her right thigh. She refused to have this checked. I know now and regretfully so, lesson learned, we should have insisted.

Last Monday, June 19, she was again rushed to the hospital because the tumor has become unbearable and she had a hard time breathing and was vomiting. Whenever my brother talks to her, she just stares into a space. She had to be admitted to the ICU again and had to be put on respirator because of her difficulty in breathing and her pneumonia was so bad. She had x-rays and ct-scans done along with different laboratory tests and a biopsy of her tumor. Doctors immediately suspect that it might be cancerous. While all these tests are being done, my mama has grown much weaker and almost unresponsive when talked to. It’s hard hearing all these while I am miles away from her. I can only pray to God and ask if He can please spare her again this time.

On Wednesday, I talked to the doctor and to be honest, after talking to the doctor, my faith in God underwent a serious dive. I lost all hope that mama will recover this time. The doctor told me that mama has pneumonia, a new aneurysm that might burst anytime, sepsis and her kidney is failing. To top it off, he said the tumor is most definitely cancerous and he said they found other tumors in mama’s left knee and lungs.

On Friday, my cousin told me that the biopsy is out. It was stage 4 cancer. Sarcoma. According to the doctor, the recommendation was to amputate her right leg. Even then, they still don’t know how they can do that because it has spread up to her hips… At this point, my hope was lost and I started to prepare myself for the worst.

But still with the little faith I have, I prayed. I must be confusing God because I kept praying different things. Sometimes I would ask for a miracle, that mama will get through this. Sometimes I tell Him, if it’s mama’s time, please have her go peacefully. I have told some close friends about this and have asked them to pray. Their faith is stronger than mine. My brother also posted this in Facebook and also asked for prayers.

Why did I ever doubt God? Why did I ever let my faith waver? God has heard our prayers. On Saturday night, my cousin told me that there is an improvement with mama’s condition. She was able to urinate finally. And she has started to regain consciousness. When they talk to her, she has started to respond by nodding or by squeezing their hands. I am in awe of God’s faithfulness.

Of course, there is still that cancer. At least, it’s not a lost cause this time. Mama is fighting. Again. My strong mama is fighting hard and not giving up. 

Please join us in mama’s fight to survive. I am first and foremost asking for your prayers for her recovery. Also when she finds out about the cancer, I pray it will not fully devastate her. We are not sure yet at  this point what other treatments are available.

Secondly, I am humbly asking if the Lord touches your heart, please also consider donating to her medical fund. It has just been a week and our hospital bill has reached Php467,994.55 (about $9,600+). The respirator alone is 25,000 ($525) per day. She has injections that costs 5,000 ($103) per vial. On an average, all the medicines that is being administered to her costs about Php50,000 ($1000+) per day. So far, we have only paid Php285,000. Our savings has been depleted. The hospital she’s confined to demands that we pay every other day or else they will close the account. If that happens, they will resort to “cash basis”, which means her daily medicines has to be paid by cash before they will give them to mama. We don’t know yet how long she’ll stay in the ICU. I am praying that she recovers enough so they can remove the respirator atleast.

I had just given birth via c-section four months ago so a chunk of my payroll goes to the medical expense I incurred. I am on a 14-month payment plan. My brothers have chipped in their little savings. Unfortunately, mama’s medical expenses have to be paid up to day every other day. So I am asking for your help.

Thank you for reading mama’s story up to this point. She is a strong woman who has endured so much. I know in my heart she won’t go without a fight especially because she wants to see her new grandson (my first baby). Please help us make that happen by making sure her medical expenses are paid up to date so her treatment goes smoothly.  

Thank you and may God bless you more.

For those in the Philippines, any help can be deposited to my account through Metrobank:

Metrobank Savings
Account # 096-3-724-56493-4
Account Name: Jeliene Siao

Thank you very much!
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