Medical Fund for Morgan

Those of you who know me well will understand that this GoFundMe Campaign is a very difficult thing for me to write. Since we have been in full-time ministry, we have had to raise our own support and trust that God will provide for us when the unexpected arise in our lives. We have been blessed with great supporters but the unanticipated happened to me and I have to ask for more help. I do not like to ask people for anything, let alone your hard-earned money!

During the winter, I noticed that my back was beginning to bother me and I tried ignoring it, hoping that the pain would go away. Unfortunately, that was not what happened to me. Shortly thereafter, in April, I went to the dentist due to a horrific pain in my jaw that had me on the ground in the fetal position and they told me that I would need $13,000 worth of dental work! I walked back to my van and cried because I could not even imagine what I had done to my teeth that would require so much work to fix it. Naturally, my insurance company would not cover any of the procedures to fix my teeth.

Once I pulled myself back together I began to drive home, however my back was in so much pain from sitting in the dentist chair that I called my chiropractor for relief. Of course, it wasn’t that simple and I was required to get a bunch of other tests before they could properly treat me. A week later I received word that I have scoliosis and that I required a treatment plan that would cost an additional $2,500 with the expectation of additional follow-up sessions to keep my spine in line.

At this point, I had a minor meltdown because I have no way of paying for the medical treatment I need to be healed of these pains! Eventually, I got over my despair and began to pray about the $15,500. Thankfully, the Lord began to provide shortly thereafter in a way that I did not expect.

At the end of April, my family went back to Wisconsin for the holidays to spend time with our family and friends. My grandma persuaded me to go to bingo night with her (which I’ve only ever done twice) and the Lord began to provide that night because I won the jackpot! I was blessed by God with $4,000 that I never expected and I began to sob because I knew that I’d be able to start my back treatment and the dental work that I desperately needed.

When my family returned home with my cash winnings, I was able to arrange the dental work at a reduced rate of $7,500! While this is a blessing, it is still more than I have available. I used part of the money to start the dental work and the treatments for my scoliosis. After a month of treatments, my scoliosis causes me minimal pain for some days and more for other days. However, I still require additional treatments or else I will begin to regress and I will be back at square one again.

So, at the end of this story, I still have outstanding dental work and chiropractic therapy that I need so that I can be pain-free once again. This is why I am asking you to pray about helping me. We have done as much as we can but I still need $8,250 to finish the treatment that I began earlier this month. I’ll outline my present financial situation below:

Dental Work: $5,000
Chiropractic Therapy (Scoliosis): $2,000
Additional Shots for Scoliosis Treatment: $1,250

It was not easy for me to write this, but I have a serious need and I’d ask that you prayerfully consider if you can bless me during this difficult and painful time. I am blessed to have you all in my life and I thank you for walking this journey with me and my family!

If you know someone who might be interested in hearing my story, I’d be grateful if you’d share it with her or him.

Thank you all so much!

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