Medical fund for brave Gabriel

Here we are again asking for help from our family, friends, and the community. Gabriel, who will be 6 in December, has had another rough summer. He has now lost a total of 4 pounds in the last year, still weighing as much as he did in May 2016. This is very concerning to the doctors as he should be gaining a pound or more every three months. He has also had several rounds of rectal prolapse, in other words, when he poops his large intestine slips out of the anus and needs to be pushed back in. This is also concerning to the doctors, here in Goshen, because we have no known explanation as to why. And then there's the cough!! Last winter Gabriel had 30+ rounds of croup, but again with no explanation as to why. This cough has lasted over two years, bringing on new medications and medication changes, but no relieve in sight. With special guidance and careful consideration we have decided to add more doctors and specialities at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio. The new team is called aerodigistive; which will include a GI, ENT, pulmonologist, a dietician, speech therapist, feeding therapist, and an anesthesiologist. He will also have a new genetic counselor and a feeding team added to the already extensive doctor list.

Gabriel has already been through so much, in just 5 short years of his life. He was born at 28 weeks and stayed 2 months in the hospital. Since that time he has been diagnosed with; dysphasia, spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, complicated hydrocephalus, asthma, urinary retention, rectal prolapse, hypotonia, vision problems, mild sleep apnea, sensory processing disorder, MTHFR mutation, developmental delay, leg pain, bicuspid aortic valve, and the most recent dystonia ( a rare movement disorder that has been described, on a spectrum, of Parkinson's). Most of these diagnosis I never knew of until Gabriel was diagnosed with them, and then going to nursing school I started learning more and more about each condition. All of these diagnosis has brought extensive testing and surgeries to Gabriel's brave soul. He has gone through so much already, and with careful consideration, "we" as a family have decided to do more procedures and testing.

This is where we are struggling. We leave Friday August 18 for a day appointment at Riley's Hospital in Indianapolis Indiana. Which requires Keegan to take off work. The doctors at Cincinnati Children's Hospital want to get Gabriel in, as soon as possible, because of the complications he is having. We will be leaving Sunday August 27 and not returning until September 1st. Which requires Keegan to be off work for a week. Some of the procedures and test that he will have included; anesthesia consult, HRCT with contrast, pulmonary clinic, GI clinic, MLB, Flex bronchoscopy, EGD, FEES, VSS, IFT and a sleep study. Some of these testing they will have to sedate Gabriel for. I believe, he will be in the OR for two separate days for testing. Due to the appointments only being 12 days away the Ronald McDonald House that offers free lodging and food doesn't have any available rooms, due to other families needing rooms as well. All lodging, food, and transportation we have to pay. Unfortunately 12 days doesn't give my family anytime to save. This is why we are asking for help. Any donations will be, again used for lodging, travel expenses, food, and whatever's left to help cover some bills while Keegan takes off a week from work. Also during this time I'm sure Gabriel would love to receive letters or pictures to show him that we all are thinking about him during this time. If you would like to send pictures or letters before our trip, private message me for our address.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn't have done it without all the support, love, and prayers that we have received through the years.
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