Medical Bills for My Assault

On Saturday night/Sunday morning I went out to the club to have a cute time and dance, when all of a sudden I saw this really drunk guy being visibly aggressive towards a person I was next to on the dance floor. Attempting to defuse the situation, I went up to the guy and told him “Wherever you need to go, go there” The guy immediately began strongly choking me, and I was able to slip away by slapping his hand down.

We were then separated by what I thought was the bar staff. As I stayed in the corner of the back patio area of the bar, I wondered what the hell had just happened. The guy who choked me then flew by, walking around fast, visibly looking for me as I witnessed him exit the bar through the back patio.

Later on, I went into the bar and he made eye contact with me and approached me. He tried to lead me outside of the front of the bar to “talk”, and fearing for my safety I stopped where I was. Once he saw that I wasn’t going outside he immediately said “Here’s the thing, I’m a professional boxer and you have 3 seconds to apologize to me.” Me, not knowing what to apologize for exactly, but knowing that I didn’t want my face re-arranged, I obliged. He then proceeded to pull out his phone and say “This is my boyfriend, now you’re going to apologize to him.” At this point I still had no clue what he was talking about, but while he was yelling at me and making a scene, I saw a guy’s facial expression change and I figured he must have been a bouncer for the bar.

I left the angry dude standing there and immediately approached the bouncer. I asked if he was the bouncer and when he said yes I told him “this guy has been really aggressive all night, he tried to start a fight with someone else earlier and now he’s trying to start a fight with me, you have to kick him out right now.” At that point, the “bouncer” got in between us for what seemed like 5 seconds at the most before literally stepping out of the way.

As soon as I saw the bouncer wasn’t attempting to protect me I made my way to the front of the bar to exit, when the aggressive stranger saw this, I caught a glimpse of him breathing in and getting into a fighting stance, I quickly tried walking outside and when I peeked over my shoulder, he hit me EXTREMELY HARD at least twice. My vision became blurred and puddles of blood came flowing out of my face. It felt like I had an exposed eyeball but it was my eyelid that was cut.

Overall I sustained and received:

  • A deep penetrating gash in my forehead that caused the muscle in my forehead to separate (requiring stitches, I didn't even know a punch could do that)
  • A CT scan of my brain and orbital bone/face (they initially suspected my orbital bone holding my eye could’ve been shattered or that I could’ve suffered brain damage, neither of which happened, fortunately)
  • A cut lower eyelid (required stitches/plastic surgery)
  • A Fractured Nose
  • Lots of anesthetic for the surgeries

EMS was present, police came and had bodycameras but the whole legal situation thus far has been a nightmare. I keep getting conflicting information from the police and am working on getting a restraining order against my assailant. Every step I try to take in making sure my assailant gets held accountable has so far resulted in more waiting rooms and more conflicting information. I’m currently in the middle of seeking legal representation and will undoubtedly need money in the meantime to cover the medical expenses incurred as I’m currently uninsured from starting a new job.

Since this incident, I’ve been experiencing PTSD-like symptoms that make it hard for me to sleep or relax. I initially waited in the Emergency room for about 4 or 5 hours before being seen- and while I’ve been in a plane hit by lightning- nothing in my life has compared to the fear of having my broken bones read out loud, being told that the muscles in my forehead have been separated and that a brain scan will be required to ensure that I haven’t received any other further damage. I was immediately thrown into a pit of my life’s regrets of being mean or petty with my loved ones, and I felt such a deep sense of regret for a life that I felt I had taken for granted, despite all of my best efforts to do the opposite. Another intensely scary part was having my eyelid sewn while my eye was open and occasionally feeling the needle carve its way through my eyelid, narrowly avoiding my eyeball. Every time I’ve spoken to a government representative of a certain office or department I break down in tears when I reveal the extent of my injuries. I try to focus on the good things like not having brain damage, but when it’s late at night and I hear noises or go in between states of sleep I’m haunted by the thoughts and nightmares of my assailant hunting me, finding me and finishing me off with one or two more hits. I’m completely astounded by the unhinged thirst for harm he possessed that night, the utter senselessness of his motivations, and the pure unfathomability of knowing he’s walking free on the street right now.

My family and boyfriend live out of state and I’ve had to go through this process alone thus far, but my boyfriend plans on flying in tomorrow so at least I won’t have to go through this completely alone for much longer.

As horrible as everything has been so far, I’m still thankful that the other stranger I initially stood up for wasn’t hit like this as they were smaller, and as I’ve realized myself lately- it only takes one punch to do some serious irreversible damage. I’m still so happy he’s okay.

Regardless of the extent to which I know you, If you’ve read up until this point please know that I appreciate every share, amount donated, and moment of attention you’ve dedicated to my cause. I only wish to recover as unscathed as physically and financially possible, to hold the appropriate parties responsible, and to continue trying my best in making the world a better place.

I wish us all a much more peaceful world.
Thank you for caring.

~ Gregory

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Gregory Arellano
Cleveland, OH

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