Restore the McGough's Home

It's still hard to believe what we just saw two days ago: 

Five years away from home and we drove up in the driveway to this sight: a smoldering heap of ashes and what was left of our porch, the house struck by lightning the night before.  We came down the hill expecting to have a clean up job - but not this one.  I expected to have to level the house and make some repairs - Mother Nature leveled it for us.  Worse, a timing issue with our homeowners policy resulted in the devastating news that we would not be covered. We are still hoping the mortgage insurance is in force.  In the meantime, the one-room apartment with a small kitchen and bathroom looks like the future residence.  We are trying to get the apartment ready to live in: 

It was very dirty, needs paint, a deep cleaning, and some interior walls built along with more kitchen space. 

We have some urgent needs; it took a lot more to move than we expected and now that the house is gone the few hundred bucks we had saved for moving in have been dwarfed by the needs to make the apartment appropriate living for a family especially with a disabled person.  John has end-stage cardiomyopathy and breathing problems; the stress of this event hasn't made it easier for him.  If you can help with these things by donating funds - or stuff - we would be so appreciative. 

Most Urgent: Funds for temporary lodging at the Best Western-Columbia, KY while working on the apartment.  John cannot handle the heat.  To keep him healthy we have to have air conditioning for him, along with funds for food, gas, and things like tools and supplies as we work everyday.  Best Western is $60.00 a night plus taxes.  Food is running about $50/day or more even with the breakfast at the motel provided.  We are going through a case of water and another of gatorade every day...$12.

* Electrical supplies have been acquired but the costs of $500 will be due the first of the month. 
* Our electric service and water service have been crispy fried so they have to be moved to the apartment.  We need a plumber to hook up the washer pipes. 
An electrician to add another 220 breaker/service for the dryer, and help install the weatherhead and meter can. If no one volunteers, we need about $800 for this.
* One 24" base cabinet and countertop ($150)
* One base cabinet of just drawers ($300)
* One base cabinet with drawers/cupboards ($300)
* Approximately 6' of countertop ($350)
* Materials to construct a short wall, about 6' ($250)
* Material to construct a 6' long bar behind the counter ($250)
* 7' tall bookshelves, 6 to 8 of them create storage and walls between beds at the same time.  ($1000)
* Brackets, shelving, and rods to create 4 small closets
* Living room (we gave this to a friend before leaving Texas) ($1200)
* 5 chests of drawers.  ($1500)
* A full-size bed frame ($50) and headboard ($300)
* A twin-size bed frame ($50) and headboard (300)
* three more gallons of paint - we have done most of it already ($60)
* concrete for a 10x25' concrete porch/ramp suitable for JOhn's wheelchair, down to the driveway. Right now, the makeshift entrance to the apartment is a falling-in pad of chipboard about 4 years old, covered with pallets and cardboard.  Not safe or attractive, to say the least.  I have no idea what this costs but probably at least $1500.
*Materials and labor to build a covered porch.  Rain comes straight down in sheets at the door, making it very hard to get John in and out of the apartment.  Estimate this to take about $2000.  

* Fresh groceries like milk, bread, eggs, and meat after we get in the apartment. We were able to buy a stove for $100, and rented a refrigerator and a new bed from Aarons for about $100 a month.  It will take about $2000 to pay those things off. 

* The balance of the month will go to cleaning off the building site, and hopefully rebuilding the house. 

If you have building materials, supplies, access to resources in the Columbia area, furniture, can donate some time to help us unpack, rebuild, fix, etc. to get the apartment into a stable condition, or can help with gas, meals, or paying for temporary lodging we would appreciate it so very much. 

The devastation of losing our home is pretty awful but it is lessened by the caring of those we love, and know we love them.  Please, help us in this terrible time of need when we have nothing to give but our thanks. 

For the family, 
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Amelia McGough 
Columbia, KY