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Whether it's volunteering to fight fires or offering a spare room for a stranger, Australians have come together to aid and support those who have lost everything. Now, as the COVID crisis impacts our community, we're helping the health workers working around the clock to keep safe.

Everyone deserves a place they can feel safe in, and making sure that those working tirelessly to keep us healthy have somewhere to sleep without the stress of passing on transmission to their families, or contracting the virus at home. 

Our health has always depended on the health of others, and that starts with ensuring the nurses, doctors, pharmacists have minimal exposure to people outside of work. 

If you can, consider chipping in a few dollars to fund an emergency fund for accommodation for people who urgently need accommodation to isolate. 

We'll update you as always on the cases we support on our social media channels.  and 


Earlier in the year we raised funds so that we can support people affected by the bushfires, in ways that go beyond putting a roof over their heads. We identified people who need more than just a place to stay, in order to truly start rebuilding these lives.

We will used this money  to help people who have reached out to us, such as:

- A family with five kids under 14 who lost their home, and all their possessions. We’ve helped them find them a new home - now we just need to furnish it. We’re also crowdsourcing new books, musical instruments, fishing rods and toys to replace some of the precious items lost - so that they can get on with the business of being kids. 

- A 104 year old woman who lost her home in North Rosedale. Funds can help cover some of the costs of the move to a new place in Moruya near her family, and ensure her new home is accessible and meets all her needs.

- The hundreds of Australians who have contacted us-- those made homeless by the fires, those who have houses but no power, those who have lost businesses and need equipment or transport to get back on their feet.

We've already placed thousands of people and animals impacted by the fires in safe accommodation - and it's all because of the thousands of Australians who've stepped up to volunteer their homes.

On top of that - this amazing community has sourced generators from local businesses, delivered masks and vital resources to those who need them, and taken a caravan from the Sunshine Coast to Mogo so that an Aboriginal elder whose home was burnt could stay on country. We’ve made sure pets can stay with their people. This community is so powerful.

**Important information**

Funds will be drawn by Erin Riley, co-founder of Find A Bed. It will go into an account in Erin's name that is specifically set aside for Find A Bed activities while we are in the process of setting up as an entity (we can't open a bank account as Find A Bed until after our first board meeting. Soon!). The Find A Bed management team have oversight of all money spent on the account. 

All money will be spent directly to help those who have been affected by bushfires. Receipts will be posted on the Find A Bed Website. Any overheads will be covered by other, specific donations, not through money raised by the Fund A Bed campaign. 

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