Matthew Rizza- Miracle for Medical

Hello. My name is Jeannie Rizza for those of you who don't know me. Sometimes in life circumstances come our way that are so heartbreaking and difficult there's no other option but to ask for help. Over a year and a half ago my oldest son Matthew who will be nineteen in November, became extremely ill almost overnight. He had difficulty breathing , horrible reflux, heartburn, and brainfog. Extreme (and I mean extreme) food sensitivities followed. He has had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, barium swallow checking his gallbladder and kidneys. His small intestines were checked for a condition called gastroparesis ( which he has). Hes seen an endocronlogist who confirmed Hashimotos. He was checked for cystic fibrosis, seen two lung specialists, seen allergists a pediactric cardiologist , been to the Ash center in NYC and seen a physician who specializes inadvanced metabolic medicine. Our primary physician who is also a lyme specialist originally and correctly diagnosed Matthew with a lyme coinfection called Babesia. She also last April diagnosed him with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome caused from Biotoxin Illness. She and our clinical nutritionist agreed upon this diagnosis from genetic testing and specific bloodwork. In laymens terms about 25 percent of the population are unable to detox properly because of their genetic makeup. Once he was infected with this coinfection it compromised his immune system and now hes pretty much "allergic" to the world. He has heavy metals, mold and parasites which are hard to treat due to the leaky gut they have caused. Almost anything he injests sets off an instant inflammatory response throughout his body affecting him physically and cognitively. He is no longer able to shower at this time because of the chemicals in the water. He recently moved to his Grandfather's home due to the fact that there is no basement or high humidity there. He was told to do this awhile ago but it was difficult because he was still in school.This all sounds so hopeless BUT the good news is we have JESUS in our life. Without Him I wouldnt be able to function. He has brought us comfort through so many people I'm afraid I will forget to mention them all. Our family has been so generous and caring, we would have never survived financially especially without my dad. Co-workers and clients who have become dear friends have been so supportive again I know this was from GOD. Our lyme doctor has always been there responding to texts, emails and calls endlessly. We found an amazing clinical nutritionist from my new dear friend who has also been a blessing. Matts an extremely difficult case but we have great confidence and hope that he will beat this. In closing we need help financially to be able to get Matthew healed , however and whatever it may take. All specialists, supplements and eating only organic are obviously not covered. We are selling our home but sadly it isnt enough. Below is Matthews college essay written when he had hopes of attending college this fall. Unfortunately that wont be happening. Here is my sons perspective Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. GOD bless. ..

Food: amidst darkness, it is light. Amidst triviality, it is significance. Amidst a harrowing world, it is an airy delight, riddled with flavor - not to mention, comfort. Altogether, food is a wondrous thing. The beauty of food lies within its implied plurality. Despite singularity in structure and usage, the word “food” always manages to assume a state of diversity and tangibility. Never is it limited to a certain shape or size. Never is it restricted to the confining labels of sour or sweet. No - food knows no boundaries. In a cosmic sort of way, it is infinite. To the average person, all of this stands true. I am one of the exceptions.
Last December, on Christmas day, I sat motionless in my dining room chair. My mind was sludge and my breaths were labored. With droopy eyes, I looked at my dinner plate. It held my gaze. A vast, swirling wonderland of creaminess, the parmesan cheese danced atop a blanket of marinara and penne. Deceived by hunger, I reached for another bite of poison. My parents looked on in fear, trading worried whispers while they contacted our doctor. It was clear that something was very wrong with me.
Everything can change in a day.
Ever since that day, I have been diagnosed with Babesia (a lyme co-infection), which has led to leaky gut, gastritis, and severe food sensitivities. On the surface, nothing has changed. I would like to say that I’m healed, but I am not. I would like to say that I can eat whatever I want, but I cannot. What I can say is this: after pouring every ounce of hope into faith, and every ounce of faith into hope, I needed closure.
Everything can change in a day.
Recently, a friend of mine asked me a simple question, one that I have been avoiding for quite some time. The question was, “What if you don’t get better?”. Cringing at the thought, I blindly denounced the possibility. Then, I took a step back and reconsidered my life anew. For the better part of a year, I let my illness dominate every single situation. It was then that I realized the true meaning of this inquiry. It wasn’t a cynical interpretation of the future; it was a call to self-evaluation. Looking back, I watched as a lighthearted, carefree boy by the nickname of “Smiley” transformed into a depressed, defeated being. Besides becoming well-versed in the films of Quentin Tarantino, I had not progressed as a human. I was no longer curious to learn, no longer willing to explore the world. I was consumed by sickness. It will consume me no more.
The very thought of eking out a bleak existence, coupled with the fact that I was wasting my youth, lit a fire in me. It marked the dawn of a new era - a metamorphosis of mentality. Seclusion was no longer acceptable, for I had potential to prove, and people to help. With a new set of eyes and an infectious smile, I can confidently say that I am free from the shackles of suffering. Now, I live for the present, not for what lies ahead. I have also learned to live for both myself, and for others, too. That is why I have made it my life’s mission to utilize the knowledge I have gained along my journey in order to heal others and their afflictions, as well as mine.
As I write this essay, I am content in mind, yet relentless in spirit. I will not give up until I, and all of those I come into contact with, are healed. If I had any advice to give, it would be this: never underestimate the value of appreciation, because in a day, everything can change.
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Jeannie Rizza
West Milford, NJ

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