DG Mods Mask Thermoplastic Rubber Covid Protection

My planned strategy: Once sufficiently funded, proceed with plans to hopefully have DG Mods Mask Latex Rubber made and available on eBay by 1-1-21. I greatly appreciate donations of any size but want to say upfront that I am unsure I can commit to proceed with beginning to make model (with great urgency once I do proceed) however I need to make sure I can pay my rent of moving to a new state and city a move I've planned my entire life and I've only got 6 grand in the middle of this pandemic that is shutting down jobs and theres over 500,000 confirmed cases in state of CA so... I want to make this mask no question. I basically need a donation very soon adding up to at least 8 grand or otherwise I cannot plan to do it 100% because of the fear of becoming evicted so I'd have to take a job instead and make that happen which would mean I have no time extra to make this mask. But if I soon receive sufficient donations than that won't happen and I will not take a full time job I will do this mask as my job stay safer at home that's honestly what I would want then my vision here I hope happens I put my best foot forward. I want to state though that model making is freakin difficult. I can do it and know how but you're not leaving me much time. I wanted to complete this mask by 1-1-21 its still possible I can but I've never had to develop a new product with that short of a time frame. I think I can, though, but yeah I am unsure why I didn't begin to get donations when I began asking back in May. Anyway I want to... so its like well like everyone else I just cannot plan my life worth a dang and do not know WTF!!!! I do not know if I'm going to make this mask or work a full time job its one or the other so I hope you understand I need at least 8 grand real soon more (at least that much in my fundraiser or somehow comes to me). Anyway plans if I do this mask once I have enough money to confidently be able to pay my rent and put all my time in this mask not taking another job if it goes that way instead of taking a full time job and canceling these plans (you see it could go either way it depends entirely on what moneys I have or have raised and what I can afford to plan to do): I produce myself and others produce also in our garages. We help provide masks to our communities if we want, we sell them for profit, I don't buy them from you I make them too. You can buy just one from me and copy it and I show you how. I only want to help end this pandemic faster and best protect lives from getting new covid cases make the best protection mask. This special mask did not otherwise exist before and does not yet exist. I have my concept planned did a quick mock up shown in video of how the holes will be just something to visualize really.  I have it planned to proceed fast once funded to complete the model making to get to prototype. The model making is nearly all the work and has all the important details because from that it really just gets copied by making a production mold. I have the relevant background to proceed and have done prototyping and introduced new rubber products that I had manufactured myself. I know what to expect and the challenges. The biggest challenge is the model making to high quality, then taking that high quality model with crucial tolerances and symmetry based off my face literally using diff. prototyping materials and mold formulations, carving and sanding to meet my stated target objectives and ensure a good flat seal as good as I can design it to onto the face with plenty added room including length and width for nose, mouth, chin but still fit good under my chin match and based off my chin angle and upper nose angle to get good seals there. I am hoping for universal size but it wouldn't fit a small child likely a teenager it would though and most all adults (one size fits most). The Rubber of the lip going all around masks which makes the face contact seal also contorts and convexes easily to fit onto most any face profile and bone structure from puffy face to bony face it should follow and still provide good contact via your 3 headbands pulling from 6 points as designed. It will be flaccid rubber with a  wall thickness chosen measured by calipers to be not too thick nor thin for best result. To estimate a really good fit for a wide variety of face profiles including all types of different noses, chins etc on people both men and women. Perhaps later on could also make a childrens mask. I know someone that could probably help me with that but would require a 3d scanning of my mask and to downscale it with calculations to fit children or toddlers or both and if need be and 3d print the model or models for them to make production molds for them. I'd have to know and look into the costs and routes to do that. I do feel we should protect all people so it depends what is requested and what can be handled. I think babies are kept safe at home for the most part but I could make one for babies I think it should be it depends on how much money I need and is raised to do all this. For starters I make the one size fits most mask for adults. Design elements include extra space for nose, approximating for those with wider noses than my own and other facial elements. Extra room also for lips and mouth extra room also for redirection of air routed through the planned 9 holes within the mask. The mask also will include 3 adjustable headbands and the one pulling from nose must be split to go around ears and reconnected. Rubber is great material for universal fit because this design and rubber material will help make a good contact against the face to hold air inside ensuring that all or close to 100% air that is moving when breathing in and out is held and contained within the mask does not escape the mask. The rubber also acts as a bladder which can expand. The clasps of all 6 pulling points/anchors are integrated into mask and are placed into the mask when making it. 3 bands wrap around head to be snug but comfortable. Design elements not shown in initial mock up I've made in my video did in April/May 2020 will include at least 1cm or greater width lip or flange going all around the mask to sit flat against face when worn. face to follow appx. as I've drawn in my video with my fingers around my face something like that and going under the chin. I've decided rather than launching product in SEBS it will require a much more sophisticated manufacturing setup yet still expected to cost under 2 grand to have it done. I still want to do that, and make it in clear thermoplastic rubber SEBS, however Latex rubber will likely be what the majority of masks you'll find and I will also be producing them in Latex rubber and I hope I have a following who wants to also stay safer at home, has money to invest in some needed materials likely well under 300 dollars to buy all needed materials and 1 DG Mods mask to make a 1 piece impression mold and then coat one layer at a time of a selected grade and viscosity of liquid latex rubber that I will suggest in my video. The masks made must be high quality free of defects and good for use protecting them during this pandemic so that it hopefully prevents them from getting covid is what I hope because that's the entire reason for me to do it at all. So we make masks. I need funded from those that have money and want to support a good cause. We stay safer at home and make masks and deliver them to the post offices. Therefore we become ourselves essential workers and would be permitted to delivering orders to drop them off to the post office. People could also replicate my mask to produce more for their families and protect them and communities their neighbors etc. We do need to do some tests to make sure this mask does indeed offer a higher level of protection than fabric masks however this will require sufficient funding for me to take it on myself have experts analyze and test my mask compared to any garden variety fabric mask and the inability of a fabric mask to offer a good flat contact into the nose and chin and where worn and to hold that air entirely sealed within effectively. That's a challenge I hope to meet with DG Mods mask, its design, and with its good universal fit and 3 headbands creating 6 points to pull from! Please fund me now so I can get going with it gives us great purpose and its about much more than myself. God with us! Let's help the world and help end this horrific pandemic that is wreaking havoc on the world. South Africa today 8-1-21 is also experiencing troubles with this pandemic burying higher numbers of dead reported today. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the world. We are still hopeful about the geniuses making our necessary vaccine however it will take time to do that and to get it to all people. If you can afford to, please donate. Even 20 dollars is helpful my first goal is raise 8,000 in a short period of time so I can proceed to commit to this. My issue right now is that I simply don't have enough money to know if I can proceed with my plans. But once I have enough funding and proceed I hope to meet my goal of introducing DG Mods Mask Latex for Higher Level Protection from Covid-19. It is certainly my hope that people will not get covid when wearing my mask and that it helps end transmissions and cases however it is not something I could ever guarantee. Once sufficiently funded, I proceed to make high quality model which will take some time, then the rest should not take a lot of time make the master model from it, make the prototype, test it, test the planned filters which at this time are one strip cutout of paper towel and one strip cutout of paper coffee filters going behind all 9 planned holes 4 vertically along each cheek and one hole on chin. With my understanding of speakers and also of extremely sensitive water column of pressure switch on a boiler system and how likewise the diaphragm moves on that, I can predict but without certainty that instead of muffling the sound it might to some extent amplify the sound as you speak from wearing DG Mods mask if you have once piece paper towel cutout front most then behind that one small thin piece of coffee filter paper cutout. It should vibrate and amplify your voice like a speaker, so that  unlike when wearing fabric masks the voice being muffled particularly with multi layered thicker masks it should compensate and give a reverb effect also to your voice I bet. But this is only a prediction, we'll have to see it might be better or it might be worse as far as being able to speak from it than a fabric mask you'll have to compare. It is much safer to speak from your mask when around people or inside a room I think than it is to take your mask off to speak however we feel the need to speak and eat so... its tough. But I'm hoping this will be what you wanted the best mask offering best protection and has all these great benefits. Can be washed and reused many times because its waterproof and rubber. Has air redirected from the holes to your nose or mouth so that its not such close proximity to where you draw air in unlike fabric masks right up against your nostrils and lips! There must also be a second piece that is made the insert flap piece that fits right into the mold that is the same shape its function is to hold the filter cutouts into place and utilize the rubber sealing rings molded into the mask for best sealing performance. There is also additional confidence that it seals because its rubber on rubber and because of the 3 headbands pulling it. And just in case I do find during testing that it vibrated or didn't seal the filters properly, I could easily resolve by using a little bit of scuba divers grade silicone grease and apply that to the flap. But do I think that will be necessary no I doubt it. Please donate then I don't worry what my job will be I do what may be purposed for me, to develop and make this mask and have others do it too show them how to easily! Making it in latex will be pretty easy but not extremely easy and will require what I will show in the how to vids. all this is coming if and when I'm sufficiently funded so I can make rent and buy all the needed supplies and materials and ingredients. I do not plan to work on my model nor do anything else until I am funded sufficiently and first goal is at least 8,000 minimum. If I did not need funding I would not have asked for it. I need funding, and a following, and support. People willing to make them in their garages. I will not have employees people who make masks do so because they want to do them. I can only produce so many daily and not many. Likewise with everyone else. So in order to make a bunch and have a bunch protecting people this requires a large following and movement lets begin to call it the #DGModsMask movement. designed for higher level protection during this covid pandemic hopefully help end this pandemic earlier save lives. I do need to have this mask tested and analyzed and have people that test negative continue to test negative while wearing DG Mods mask to begin to have any basis to verify its effectiveness. But I believe that it will offer a much higher level of protection provided its worn correctly and makes a good contact seal. face must be shaved cannot have facial hair to get the best seal. I don't profit from others making masks not one dime. They do whatever they want with them. I only will show them how to do it if they want. They could make them for family members and if they like to continue and do a good thing they can continue making more and selling them. masks must be of high quality i'll show you how to do it. This entire project could disappear though I've planned it extensively because I either take unrelated job or I do this mask it all depends how I get sufficient funding and if I do. Again need at least 8 grand real soon or I just flat out cannot proceed. I just don't have the money until then. There are not a lot of people that could make the high quality prototype that requires a lot of past experience and know how and actually doing model making and prototyping. Nobody will have to do that but me, that's where most of the work is making that model. I would normally like to have a lot of time to do that however this is a greatly urgent situation to help save the world is how I feel about it so I want to rise up and have others feel that same thing and keeps us busy doing a good thing. It will not be a good fit for everyone to step up and make masks but for those that do, it's not that hard it requires commitment costs are cheap. and you can profit. I expect this to be of a very high demand item and sell easily. It is not likely we could keep up with order demand at all regardless if we make 20 or more molds and keep going making at least 20 masks daily. It requires a following having lots of people willing to do the same thing so that its that many more masks protecting people much better while they are out and about. Don't take covid lightly this winter will be the worst time of  year significantly worse than last year. Good cause we stay busy we make best mask we protect life. no fees at all. I answer questions on youtube comments. Any questions? Thank you in advance for funding me. Based on the figures of over 1,000 deaths per day it can be modeled statistically predicted there will be at least 600,000 people (greater than half million) that have died from covid by 8-4-21 exactly 365 days from now. But hopefully that doesn't happen and we use good strategies to help lower the death rate like using good ventilation with fans in our homes where multiple people live and in any places where people meet such as for work and post office and grocery stores and voting areas etc. there most be good ventilation. the best thing would be for it to be sucked up from the top ceiling in various places and exhausted outside rather than recirculated but unfortunately in  most cases air is recirculated because thats just how most buildings do it besides manufacturing warehouses and such that truly do vent outside and with large fans like they did at Seal Bond in their main plant they used something that was a motor from an airplane it had extremely good air movement and ventilation and shop temp was often a nice 75 while it was more than 80 outside in summertime while their other warehouse was very warm comparatively and did not have that same fan. But it doesn't require a very large powerful fan unless you have a big open space warehouse like that. In case of supermarket, it will make a difference to position fans to blow not directly at customers but up and out an exhaust if there is no exhaust aim it out an open window if there is no window it would be best to run something that will suck the air into a filter an air purifier and a large one at least where customers check out and are entering and leaving. this should make a difference. They discovered recently that the virus remains in the air from infected people breathing and being there but they don't really know how long it stays in the air as that is something very difficult to study. We must wear masks we must wear a very good mask for best protection, I believe DG Mods mask is that mask. I want to create it but need funded so I can proceed. so please fund. thank you! We get busy soon?!? or no.... guess I'll see

for those looking for a much better mask that might be capable of providing somewhat of a good contact for women and children and those with a smaller face try the Gerson face mask. I had one and some small pink round filters for it. I had only used it once when I was using my powder grinder for protection and only used it a few times and then kept it in its plastic bag it came with. Then when we were hit with this virus pandemic my sister who is a nurse requested a better mask so I gave it to her. The thing about these types of masks is you need to find one that fits you really well and provides a really good seal along the noseline and sealing all throughout including just above your lips leaving no gaps where it contacts thats key. if it doesn't do that its definately not adequate protection but offering limited protection only. You need a really good seal and confidence in your masks and the filters need changed every single day. If you went with a mask such as the Gerson face mask, a decent design and molding of those nose piece, you need to buy a bunch of filters and replace them everyday if you reuse them you should probably place them into a hot box to disinfect them at a temp of 150F to 170F a lamp style incandescent bulb heat generated one I used to have one and used it often to accelerate cure time of silicone rubber and many other materials relevant to prototyping to speed cure. A Hot box though should never be used for latex rubber. it's one of the only things you shouldn't use in a hot box latex hates heat and it will cause it to cure weaker and crack. and brown and darken. So when you make this mask of latex, you just allow each layer applied with a paint brush to air dry. I will find the best times to do it. it requires a cheap timer that it will go off and tell you when to apply another layer or use your smartphone and set a timer on that. that works better. so you have a guy willing to tell you how to create a really good protection mask willing to proceed with his design, make the model, begin to produce it and sell it on eBay but only if supported. Once supported I do it. And you'll see my how to videos on  youtube of how to manufacture them like I do so anyone that wants to in the entire world can refer to my videos and do it and make more masks for their families church members neighbors friends relatives or sell them online or do whatever you want with them. It is a virus protection mask. It should give you a much better seal than even something like a respirator like the Gerson mask or any mask, and will not have weird bulky filters that are proprietary. It will instead take homemade filters you can cutout from paper towel and coffee papers and replace them daily. I wouldn't even be confident anyway about the seal that any proprietary filter creates when its twisted on for a virus pandemic its much different than protection from paint particulates or dust particles. it requires much more than a dust m ask a respirator is better but you need a virus protection m ask which nobody to my knowledge has ever needed nor made. DG Mods mask. DG Mods mask unlike a respirator such as Gerson mask will have a flat lip/flange going all around mask also for more contact and unlike them is not form fitted. the flange will therefore very easily contour to most any face profile and make contact. that's how you get your seal and that's key to DG Mods mask making it different than all other masks. 3 headbands 6 pulling points 9 holes air redirected more open space for nose and mouth washable waterproof disinfects easily with running water and dish soap or most any liquid soap. the virus pandemic mask DG Mods mask made of rubber most any type of rubber or thermoplastic rubber possibly SEBS later compression molded but that will be a lot more involved to set up than latex. I will do a tear strength test to determine if using SEBS polymer in small amount added to liquid latex if resulting mask has better tear strength we'll go that route if not we wont. Interested? please support me. please subscribe to my channel. I wait to be funded to proceed. We fight back we do something about this pandemic. We help protect lives. We ease the burden on hospitals we help flatten the curve once this thing takes off and more and more people are making this mask if it proves that it protects much better as I hope and pray and design it to do be the best virus prevention mask. I cannot call it a virus prevention mask until it is scientifically proven and paid for that it does help to prevent getting covid 19 until then it is the best protection designed mask and I hope you'll allow me to proceed. It's not about profits though we will profit from masks sold, it's about saving lives and making as many masks in as short of time as possible of DG Mods design. DG Mods is the brand if you copy my mask. If you want to go off on your own and make a model and make a mask of different design or for your children I would have to say that its very difficult to do it requires a lot of know how. model making is much harder than making molds or making the masks and takes the longest. it requires a high detailing eye lots of patience and time, and knowing your crucial design elements and tolerances and symmetry in this case and crucial fit results and knowing h ow to convert between various materials and making mold formulations that work good. its not easy but I've done it. you will not have to make a model. you will simply copy my design and make the same mask. cool? alright please tell others show them this link I definitely need supporters and people willing to make this mask and or willing to donate. I need to raise at least 8 grand for starters to accept this as my full time take on and with great urgency and begin straight away buying planned materials to do the model making and mold making planned and be able to cover my rent costs of my new place I'm moving to in Los Angeles. thanks and God bless us if this becomes reality Thank God and to him all due credit.


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