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My name is Marianne Ebert.

I am a person in love with life, have always have been and always will be. I'm a singer, actress, dancer, composer and for 25 years I live abroad in New York following my career.

Since March 2014 I have stopped working to fight a long battle against aggressive cancer. I believed I was healing, when in the first week of August after Pet Scan and Brain Resonance new tumors were found in the Brain, Liver, Bones, and Pleura. I recently did 5 sessions of Skull Radiotherapy and a Liver Biopsy. The liver material was sent to the United States (the only place this test exists) to find out exactly which chemotherapy would still work for my case. To attack these new tumors is essential to act quickly and effectively, a true "race against time".

The costs of my long treatment are immense and can reach approximately Hundreds of thousands in 18 months, our available resources have exhausted and I need help.


I count on your help to win one more battle. Even if you cannot contribute financially, please share the link with your friends:

This is also a way to help me because it is very important to disclose how and where it all started so that other people can protect themselves.

I want to get well and distribute a lot of Love and Joy wherever I go.

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“A summary of my fight for LIFE” BY MARIANNE EBERT

“I know I'm not the first nor will I be the last”


In 2010, my Father passed away, I was extremely sad. That same year I decided with my Husband to start hormone treatments to get pregnant. There were lots of injections and hormone pills.

In January 2013 I felt a lump in my left breast, two months later, in March, I had a mammogram to investigate. According to the Mastologist, the result was great and there was nothing. His own words:” When you're in your early 60s and the hormones aren't active, that lump is gone! If you are afraid of the MRI machine, you don't have to do it now”. I was not afraid of the machine; the point was that was in this treatment to get pregnant and was not indicated.

In October of the same year, 2013 when riding my bike in NY, where I lived, I felt a strong back pain. I attributed the coming cold, the dance lessons, anything but the “lump” in the left breast. I went to several Orthopedists in NY and Rio, none required an MRI because I was on that hormone treatment to get pregnant. I took lots and lots of anti-inflammatory drugs. And the pain only increased.

I was already feeling something bad in my heart, but I was full of courage.

In March 2014, I came to Brazil to visit my family and decided to go to a GP to continue research on the origin of this pain. The first exam you asked for was an MRI. When I got out of the machine my mother’s color was green and the doctor color was purple, both with teary-eyed, the breaking news crushed my World: I had breast cancer with metastatic bone, liver, and pleura.

The only good part of it, I was in Brazil with family and friends. I am blessed because I have a precious Family and Friends both NY and Brazil! I am close to everyone.

I immediately went to an oncologist and started treatment with 10 sessions of Spine Radiotherapy and then Chemotherapy. I lost my hair and felt very bad.
There were two uninterrupted years of weekly Chemotherapy sessions.
At the end of this period, the medication changed to a 28-day intravenous administration session. The hair grew back a little and the side effects began to attenuate. But life was a mess: Husband in NY, I was unable to work, had no strength, etc. With this new medication, I was able to begin to minimally rescue my independence. I was able to go visit my Husband and Friends in NY, but every 28 days I had to be in Brazil, taking medicine in my vein.

In May 2016, while in NY, I felt a lot of headaches and my Brazilian Doctor asked me to do a Magnetic Resonance of the Skull right there in the United States. A tumor was found in my brain and leptomeningeal cancer. I had to have emergency surgery.
It all worked out in surgery. And I entered a real marathon of 5 sessions of Skull Radiotherapy, along with Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy and Hormone Therapy.
As I could not catch a plane, the solution was to do the treatment in NY. There, too, the Doctors were fantastic. And was a real winner, because those with Leptomeninge Cancer, only resist 30 days of life.
But I was extremely debilitated and went through many painful and uncomfortable procedures: Blood Transfusions because my Immunity was 49 (Benchmark: 150), Injections directly into the Liver with chemotherapy drugs and taking an absurd amount of medicine. Although very weak, I left the critical condition and I’ve continued the treatment. Huge expenses, but life is priceless, isn't it?
In May 2017, when I completed a year of treatment, still in NY, I had a hard time walking and talking, every left side of the body tingling and right side uncoordinated, scared and weak. The doctors, oncologist, and the radiologist didn't know what it was.
They had done several exams and one of them showed necrosis in part of the cerebellum and so my balance was compromised. I no longer had Leptomeningeal Cancer, but I didn't speak well, I didn't walk and I was still very weak. At this time, I was only wheelchair-bound and needed help with everything. That's when my family brought me to Brazil, my place and my roots.
They thought I was going to die and so did I. But being in Brazil, with Family and Friends, gave me a lot of strength.

All the treatments I used to do in the US were also there and I got stronger every day.
In June 2018, some lumps were found in the left leg (in which I was in great pain), in the liver and in the left breast leading to 5 more radiotherapy sessions on the left leg and 6 more months of chemotherapy. Every 3 months I do a Full Body Magnetic Resonance (Pet Scan) and a specific Skull Resonance.
I do physiotherapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology, and hyperbaric oxygen.
With the treatments two things get better: the necrosis has gone down and the nerves have found other ways and with that the possibility of relearning walking and talking, just like a baby!
I still have to rescue my motor functions, but I'm in this fight and I’ll get there.
I mingle daily with severe pain in the joints and muscles, in addition to the discomfort of chemotherapy, I have poor balance, frequent tinnitus in the left ear, the left side of the body tingling, an uncoordinated right side of my body and weak. I can only get around with walker support and for very short distances… that's a lot.

Some days it gets worse and I even cry.

But you know what? I never thought of giving up and I'm winning this war.

This phase is just another battle!

I want to get well, and I will!
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