Mai Kim's Medical Fund

Our mother was recently diagnosed with cancer this past week. It has definitely hit us hard, especially because our little brothers (6 y/o and 12 y/o) don't really understand the implications of "mommy going to the doctor a lot." 

Her doctor has told her that the cancer has spread from her left breast into about four or five lymph nodes in her arm. The silver lining is that it isn't growing fast or spreading to any other areas, but chemotherapy was suggested as the first treatment. She will be undergoing months of chemotherapy until the tumor shrinks and then she can receive surgery.

We've been given an estimated $175,000 treatment cost. Our mother's insurance cannot cover the cost of the treatment and her application for Medicaid is taking even longer.  We, as family, can only go so far to pay it off, but we urgently need help.

Any monetary support that you can give to help alleviate medical bills for our family would be greatly appreciated. Please continue to keep our mother in your prayers. Thank you.

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