Help Louis!!

Louis Anca has been my horseshoer since I was a little girl. He has
always taken wonderful care of my horses. He is the kind of guy who
would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it (he really
would). Recently while he was minding his own business on his way home
from shoeing some horses out of town,he got too tired to finish his
drive home and decided to pull over,be responsible and text a
friend to see if he could stay the night. While he was on the side of
the road texting, a police officer pulled up behind him and began to
harass Louis, asking him if he was doing drugs. If you know Louis, you
know he does not do drugs. The police officer asked him if he could search his truck.
Louis was completely cooperative with the police, allowed them to do a
full search and they kept him there while they harassed him for about
4 hours. At one point, the officer asked Louis if he had any weapons in
his truck, and Louis informed him that he had a non-operational older
antique gun under the passenger seat that was not loaded that did not
work that was a gift from one of his clients recently. He was charged
with a Criminal offence of concealing a weapon even though he was
upfront about the location of the gun. He is now in debt $10,000 in legal fees having to fight his charge. They threatened to
take away his hunting rights and gun ownership rights for the rest of
his life simply for having a non-operational gun under the seat,
instead of on top of the seat. Louis lives to hunt and does not
deserve to be stripped of his rights to own a gun. He was honest with
the officer and fully cooperated. If you believe in your second
amendment rights, or if you just believe in your personal rights,you should be
as appalled by this as I am. I know we can't change the legal system,
but I wanted to get some people together to help reimburse
Louis for some of his astronomical legal fees. He's just a small-time
farrier who works his butt off, will show up for you right away if
your horse throws a shoe and does a great job. He really truly cares
about you and the horses. This guy deserves a break and I hope we can
all pull together and pitch in some of our cash to help him cover some
of these legal fees. Lets give him the shirt off our back.


  • Mel & Dana Davidson 
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Andrea Brown 
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