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UPDATE (original description below this text)

This is the hardest update yet and it is me, who is writing it – Lukasz’s wife.

At the end of July we all went on our long awaited summer holiday to visit our family in Poland.

Unfortunately the reality turned out to be different. Lukasz’s physical state got worse and our holiday was overshadowed by the fear of the deterioration of his health.

A CT scan confirmed the progress of his illness. After a consultation we had with the clinic in Riga we mutually agreed that due to no positive results following 3 rounds of treatment there was no point in continuing with the next round planned for August.

The tumor growing on Lukasz’s back caused pressure on his spinal cord and resulted in paralysis of his lower extremities. Currently Lukasz is only able to move by wheelchair. That was accompanied by other cancer related symptoms.

From day to day my husband moved from a fairly regular oncological patient without any visible signs of illness to an immobile person, seriously affected by the illness. That change has forced us to remain in Poland for now as his state did not allow us to return to our home in England and required immediate treatment action.

Up to that point the direct threat to his life seemed far away and my beloved husband was fighting ‘only’ cancer but lately it became much more tangible, he is now fighting for his life.

Despite all this, Lukasz didn't give up and continues his battle. Having consulted many oncologists he has started new treatments, supported by an excellent team of doctors who combine conventional and alternative methods of treating cancer, led to a very intense plan aimed at slowing the progress of the illness and aid in the improvement of his condition.

The treatment comprises of intravenous Vitamin C and intravenous Curcumin, Ozone and Oxygene Therapy, Galvanotheraphy (Bio-Electric Therapy – BET), and Bio Resonance Therapy. They each complement each other and intensify positive effects, making recovery more likely.

Thankfully, we can see the first signs of improvement. After only couple of months of intensive treatment Lukasz’s state is getting better. His latest CT scan confirmed partial improvement in his condition. This is a wonderful news. We are aware that the battle isn't over yet and his journey to full recovery may take long time but most importantly he is willing to take that journey. No matter how long it will take. Two months ago I was scared for his life and our life turned upside down completely but I'm convinced that the treatments he is receiving right now is just designed for him. Unfortunately as the monthly cost of treatments adds up to £3000 (15000 PLN) covering the cost is beyond the reach of our financial abilities, once again.

The first two months of treatment was paid for by the funds we had gathered thanks to donations originally design to cover treatment in Riga but we have run out of that money to pay for the next months to continue.
It is very hard for me to share personal problems like that and ask for more donations for the new treatment methods but I think anybody put in my position would do everything they could to help their beloved person get back to health.

Thank you for taking your time to read this update and please keep sharing this campaign. THANK YOU!

My name is Lukasz (32 years old). I have a beautiful wife and I'm a father of 2 little kids. Filip is 5,5 and Nela is 4 years old.

In October 2013 I had fairly harmless motor bike accident. However as a part of the routine check afterwards I was told there is a soft tissue mass present in one of my kidneys.

During the next scheduled appointment in January 2014 I was told there was no positive development in reducing the size of the abnormal growth.

In April 2014 I had surgery to remove my kidney and I was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma) with no further treatment that would prevent it from spreading. After the surgery I had CT scans every 3 months to monitor the changes.

Unfortunately in May 2015 the cancer has metastasized to lymph nodes and the conventional treatment would slow/stop the cancer growth only for 8 months on average and currently there is no conventional treatment that could cure kidney cancer.

I refused to accept what apparently was my fate and I chose to do all I can to find the way to cure my disease. I want to conquer cancer for my family - they are my whole world and knowing I might not be there for them is just not right. My children are unaware of the situation we are in as we are trying to protect them to give them the best childhood we can. Filip and Nela need their father but I also need to be around them - they give me all the strength to fight.

My wife is very supportive and even though she is also afraid, having grown up without her father, she stays strong for us to keep the family together. She helped me to search everywhere for different approaches to cure cancer -nutritions, herbs, alternative treatments.

We gained our knowledge from books, documentaries, internet and this led us to a clinic in Riga (Latvia) that uses virotherapy to cure cancer. Virotherapy is a cancer treatment using a virus that finds and destroys malignant cells in the human body.
Based on their practical experience, kidney cancer is considered sensitive to their medication (Rigvir). It also functions as an immunomodulator, i.e. activates and normalises the immune system.

Without hesitation I decided to undergo the treatment in Riga as there is hope to be cured.

The treatment involves an intramuscular injection every week. The cost of one injection is €350 and for the first round I have 14 injections assigned. On top of that there is a fee of €2100 for doctors’ consultations and €400 for medical transportation of the injections as it has to be kept in -18ºC all the time.

My first 3 months of treatment totalled €7400 and the therapy can take up to 3 years .

The aim of the first treatment was to slow down cancer development and stimulate immune system response and I was able to cover the cost ourselves.

I started this campaing aiming for one year of tretment as I thought this would be enough but recently I realised that one year is not going to be sufficient.

However in order to succeed I need to keep on fighting and continue the treatment. The cost of the three years’ treatment is estimated at €70 000

This is where I need your help as I am unfortunately not able to cover it on my own on top of taking care of everyday needs of my family.

I appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read my story and I am asking all of you to donate, even if it's just £1 to contribute to the huge expense of this treatment. 



Lukasz Gorczynski
London, ENG

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