Help Louies fight against cancer

Louie is a very sweet and loving (young) 10 year old corgi from the Bay Area.  We have had Louie since he was 8 weeks old and been in love with him ever since.  Louie has been our other corgi Chloes "companion/boo" since 2007.  Louie and Chloe together are all we know and thats why this unforseen circumstance breaks our heart.

End of May 2017 we brought Louie into our local vet because of a large tumor on his upper right jaw that emitted a foul smell.  We were prescribed antibiotics and recommended to have Louie undergo surgery to remove it.  Surgery would consist of removal of the tumor, biopsy of the tumor, and extractions of his last three molars on the upper right jaw.  This surgery came up to $1,200. 

If you know the Bay Area and cost of living here...its ridiculous and outrageous.  With that being said we still went forward and schedulded Louies surgery for June 5, 2017 and firgured that we will do what we can for Louie regardless of the cost.  Louie has been here for us unconditionally for 10 wonderful  years and its the least we can do for him. 

Louie did well as expected with his surgery and recovery with the help of antibiotics and pain meds.

We recieved the devistating news of his biopsy results 5 days later.  The doctor explained to us Louie has Osteosarcoma of axial skeleton.  Basically an agressive cancer located in an uncommon area.  We were told typically if this type of tumor was located on a limb amputation out be the option but in Louies case it's his upper jaw.  The tumor would eventually grow back faster,  become larger, possibly interfere with his breathing due to the sinus cavity, loss of his right eye, and eventually Louie would lose his appetite due to the pain and discomfort.  If left untreated the doctor said Louie would have estimately a couple months left with us. 

 Louie deserves everything - to remain a happy lil boy and to have a comfortable good quality of life.  It would hurt our hearts to see him suffer.  We wanted to get a second opinion and hear what our options would be (regarless of what the consultation fees may be)- so we were reffered to UC Davis - Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

***Three weeks post his original surgery and his tumor is back and as big***

June 27, 2017 at UC Davis - The wonderful doctors and students in the oncology department spent the whole day with Louie to determine if he would be a good candidate for surgery.  Chest x-rays, a fine needle aspirate, and cytology of the lymph node to see if the disease had spread to elsewhere in the body.  Both test showed no evidence of spreading, which was AWSOME news to hear with all thats happened thus far. 

Surgery is the most aggressive treatment available for Louies condition but with the best results - and the most expensive. 

Prior to surgery Louie will need blood work and a CT Scan.  Surgery will consist of removal of the mass with large margins (to prevent the mass from reoccuring)- est. $6,000, radiation therapy & chemotherapy - est. $8,000, and paliative therapy - $?, and post operative medication - $? 

You can imagine our minds were spinning with all this information and decisions needing to be made asap.  All the nubmers adding up in cost is overwhelming and stressful.   

With Louie being a good candidate for surgery we went forward and scheduled his CT Scan and blood work test for this July 12th and surgery for July 20th - pending on test results. 

The doctor that examined Louie that day said a couple of their surgeons had to examine him as well and eventually decided a multiple surgeon procedure is best suited for Louie's case due to the rare location of where the tumor growing.

We love Louie and want to give him the best life possible because hes always given us his all.  He has so much more life in him and we would hate to see him go so soon because of cancer.  Regardless of how bad your day is hes always been there to put a smile on your face and love you unconditionally.  At times he has surved as a emotional support dog when times have been rough.

We appreciate all and any help from everyone as little as $1 to whatever you feel comfortable with donating.  Well wishes, thoughts, and prayers help immensely during this tough time.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story for Louie!  We will be updating our story as it progresses.

Lastly we also ask you to please share this to anyone and everyone.


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