Medical Living Expenses for Lodge

Lodge having to relocate from our home in Bermuda to the United States. Here is our story.

UPDATE: After Lodge's recent appointment with the doctors on Monday Sept. 24th, we have decided to increase our goal to $50,000. During this last appointment; we were informed that if he is not successful getting a heart prior to Oct. 15th of this year; he maybe living in the United States for at least 2 to 3 years because the heart transplant criteria will be changing. He will no longer be a 1B, which is currently level 2. But he will move down to a level 4 which reduces is chances of getting a heart. Another factor is he has an O blood type which has been told that donor hearts for this blood type is very rear which also reduces is chances of getting a heart soon. In all good faith we are trusting and believe in God for a miracle. We are very thankful for all the support we have received thous far and we are praying that people will continue give and support till we reach our next goal. 

My husband was diagnosed with heart failure 10 years ago, as heart failure does run in his family. On June 4, 2018 Anthony came home from work looking extremely tired, I notice his heart beating fast. We rushed him to the hospital.

On June 6th the hospital was unsuccessful in stabilizing Lodge's heart.  The doctor informed us that Anthony's kidneys and liver were shutting down.  Anthony was air ambulanced out of Bermuda to Boston Brigham and Women's Hospital.  The Boston team took action as soon as we arrived.  The doctors explained Anthony's health situation and how sick he was.  At 3:30 am we were discussing Anthony's medical proxy and what his wishes were if life support or resuscitating came into play.

The team of doctors worked hard to stabilize his heart and organs functioning the way the should.  The goal was to stabilize his heart, change his medications 6 so Anthony could return home to Bermuda.

Lodge's left ventricular ejection fraction of the heart was working less than 10%.  On June 26th Anthony had open heart surgery.  A device called (LVAD) Left Ventricular Assist Device was implanted.  The device carries blood from the left ventricle of the heart to the pump. 

Anthony carries with him at all times, a small monitor that is connected to 2 batteries that last for about 17 hours.  At night Anthony disconnects from the batteries and connects to a  monitor that keeps the LVAD pumping.  Anthony also has to carry with him at all times back-up batteries and a monitor because of possible malfunctions.  The night monitor has a 20 inch cord that allows Anthony to move around at night.  

Anthony has a drive line , we call it his life line.  The drive line has to be cleaned 5 times as week.  I have trained Anthony and family members on how to clean his drive line.  I also call Anthony thru video call and we clean his life line together.  

In the beginning after surgery, Lodge needed 24/7 care when he was discharged.  We were blessed to have a family member go to Boston and stayed for over 6 weeks to assist with his Medical care.  

I trust in a mighty God and God has truly Blessed us.  Anthony has been approved to go on the heart transplant list.  

Financially this has been very hard.  The insurance company has been so helpful.  Anthony has been in a hotel for 2 months and it has been costly.  We have a daily allowance with insurance company.  The travel and accommodation allowance will be depleted soon.  I cannot afford the weekly cost of the hotel in Boston.  I try and go once a month for appointments and spend time with my husband, the insurance does not cover my airfare.  The hospital would like to see me at least twice a month. 

We are in the process of transferring Lodge to Newark hospital, this hospital is also known for their heart transplant team.  The cost of living is more affordable as well.  I have family members that will be assisting us by checking in on him and taking him to appointments when I cannot make the appointments.  

We need assistance with Anthony's living expenses in the United States.  I am having to put Anthony in a apartment and furnish it for him, he also needs a good bed.  Anthony will have to stay in the United States until he is blessed with a heart.  

As a couple we have gone through so much together.  A year after marriage I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, double mastectomy and 6 months of chemo.  A year later I was diagnosed with lupus.  Now we are dealing with Anthony's heart failure.  

The Lord has blessed us, I am cancer free and the lupus is in remission.  We are now praying for a heart, in our prayers for a heart we are also praying for the family who will lose their love one and what they will have to endure.

We want to thank the families and individuals who donate their organs so that someone can live.

I also want to thank everyone for their prayers and for taking the time for reading our story and for your support God Bless.  Our daughter Morrissa Tucker who has been assisting us with his daily care in New Jersey will be handling Milton's withdraws to cover his expenses in the United States.
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