Life Saving Dialysis for Mary Ardette Rule

I recently learned about Mary Ardette Rule, a 27 year young woman living in the Philippines that has been diagnosed with end stage renal disease. She has been undergoing dialysis for 6 years and needs your help now to be able to continue receiving the life giving treatments. The pandemic has hurt the economy worldwide but I believe some of the hardest hit are those in developing nations such as the Philippines. She currently has enough money to pay for 6 weeks worth of treatments.

PhilHealth gives a reduced cost for only 90 treatments per year leaving 7 weeks worth of treatments to be paid at full price. Taking into account the exchange rate and transaction fees, the reduced cost treatments are about $60/week including two treatments, one x-ray and transportation and food costs. The full price treatments cost approximately $200 more per week so about $260 per week.

Receiving dialysis only twice per week is sub-optimal but is a compromise made by many unable to afford 3 treatments per week which would cost nearly $20,000 per year.

Your donations will be used to cover costs necessary for Mary Ardette Rule to receive her dialysis treatments. If sufficient funds are raised she may be able to transition to dialysis at home which would save money in the long run and also allow more frequent treatments and therefore a longer life expectancy. Home dialysis would also reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 for both her and her mother.

Mary Ardette is more than willing to work to earn money to pay for treatments but has so far not had success in finding employment. Please contact her through Facebook if your company could hire her to work from home doing customer service over the phone, chat or email.

In order to maximize your donation, you may choose to send it directly to her GCash account through Transferwise. For each 3 people who use my Transferwise referral link to sign up and send $300.01 or more, I will receive a $115 bonus which I will send to her as an additional donation. Using my referral link also waives the transfer fee on your first transfer of up to $600. You can send more of course and a small fee will be charged by Transferwise for the amount over $600. Please contact me for my referral link and instructions on doing the transfer directly to her.

 Read Mary Ardette Rule's story in her own words


(please bare with me if I choose to speak a lot in English, this is not me being a smart ass, I just find English easier although I still get wrong grammar)

so, honestly, my family is in total crisis right now and got even worse during this pandemic BECAUSE I AM A DIALYSIS PATIENT. going back and forth to the city has been so hard already, haven't talked about the expenses just yet. my dialysis fee is 800php per session twice a week + 200php xray per week + food and transportation 500php twice a week. I have no stable job, i only have a very small income from selling online from my cousin since I don't have a capital. last year I gather all my courage and strength to go to cebu city to apply to the nearest and most convenient call center companies I could apply to, but failed. who would hire a dialysis patient that easy by the way? i left my government dialysis center w/c is cheaper to go to cebu for a job and my small business making birthday decors, but failed. so I ended up going home but I can't get a slot on that same government hospital dialysis unit. and now, my only source of income is selling little stuff online which can only buy us one meal. im supposed to set up at home to start working little by little atleast, i could have a source somehow but i cant because of the pandemic. we need to leave home and live with our relatives while covid is still here so we'll have someone to assist us and we won't have to go out everyday for food and also so that it won't be just the two of us, because me and my mom are both weak already. and that's why right now we have no choice but get my dialysis in a private dialysis center and it just become harder for me. what makes it even worse is i have no one as watcher while im on dialysis but my mom, and she's already a señior whos vulnerable and easy to get infected by the virus im now in more distress because she wont want me to go alone either, and were both vulnerable. all of my siblings are away because they also have to work for their own families now as well as my other relatives and its hard for them to leave too. so its just literally me and my mom. now, someone advice me to post this hoping to get atleast a financial help in this platform. and I was thinking this is too much because I've already ask for help so many times right here, and I haven't even got back to those people who had helped me the last time. but, I HAVE NO CHOICE. I REALLY NEED FINANCIAL HELP. I wish I could just stop coming to dialysis and just wait for my time but I can't, because that's still suicide and most importantly, I STILL GOT MY 66 YEAR OLD MOM I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF, and I feel so sorry for because I got sick. so guys, I'll just leave my gcash # here, I don't know if someone or anyone would still help me,but I'll still be hopeful. God bless you whatever help you give, I'll forever be grateful

Mary Ardette Rule
Gcash#: 09563056708

December 14, 2014: I was diagnosed with end stage renal disease secondary to chronic glumerulonephritis. my creatinine was rising but my mom, who's alone at the moment can't decide if she wants me have dialysis or look for more options because she thinks, if I started dialysis, its over for me. but we were wrong. that's why it took me mo more days before being dialyzed and my creatinine got even higher, my body's not functioning well. so my mom, end up deciding to push through dialysis to save me. and that's why now, I need to face all this struggles as a part of dialysis. and I'm asking for your help once again.

this what my first dialysis site looked like after four years. it looks like it's about to burst. and its already at the top of my heart. I can't almost even wear t-shirts and jackets. if you only knew how hard this was for me, emotionally. peoe look at me like "what is she" "what happened to her" "that's so gross" I have to take all that like nothing. I was trying to be strong. and that's why I believe I'm way stronger now after all that. people are just people. I can't blame them. I can't unlove myself either, because if I did, who else would? God love me enough to realize that there's nothing wrong with me. I just have to be strong for as long as I can to survive.

in the operating room, to have last check up and interview with my surgeon.

this is my new operated fistula, my right arm. we are ready to go to Davao city for my left fistula to be condemned. all thanks to God he sent me an angel who helped me with my very expensive fistula condemnation. I'll forever be grateful to which one of those siblings actually helped me. they're really good people they even ask me not to mention them in public.

my right arm already has my new fistula which I'm still trying to grow more for it to be easier to insert needles during dialysis and my left arm is my old fistula that needs to be condemned so they can't extract or insert any needles on both arms. that's why they need to insert my heplock in my feet.

this was the most annoying thing during my operation. imagine how many veins you have in your feet. but they can't extract even a drip of blood after inserting a lot of needles from different veins in my feet for almost an hour!! imagine how that feels! after that, I lost all my strength I can't even stand and walk towards the wheel chair that will bring me to the operating room so they have to carry me while I'm sobbing.

this was the best sleep I had in 4 years. since I was a dialysis patient, I have never had decent sleep. I'm already thankful if I could get to sleep for 5hours straight in a day.

the moment I woke up, I was happy. so I took a selfie with my operated arm I saw for the first time and also, its valentines day.

yes, my elder brother (next to me) AJ Rule is willing to give me his other kidney and undergo kidney transplant. I was literally crying inside because not once in my mind wanted to get his kidney. never. I don't want to because Its scary to only have one. i want a chance to have a kidney again but not his (selfish yes, but i love him so much i cant be okay with it) I don't want him to do it but I guess that's what siblings do. we matched, but unfortunately he's a stone former and he can't donate his kidney to me coz it'll only be a waste. this was unfortunate but I'm happy that he don't need to give me his kidney.

after all that, I don't have much of a choice but to continue living.

me finally home from cebu as an LSI. which is a lot of struggle for me. I traveled right away after my treatment and I'm still so weak. but at least I'm going home and I felt relieved.

megayon. rapid test center for LSI. negative for rapid test.

but as I started my quarantine, another struggle begins. me like being brought back to December 2014. running out of breath and agonizing too much pain from my stomach.

and I was diagnosed gastritis. an introduction to ulcer. my stomach is bloated AF and I can't have normal bowel movement, I can't even fart. and because of the pandemic, doctors have been having a hard time checking up on me so I suffered 3 more days agonizing my stomach pain. im already too weak to even shout because it hurts so much.

finally get to start regular twice a week dialysis but in isolation at ZDSMC. but this dialysis treatment only lasted for 1and 30min. because I got chills all over and once again I was really tired, my body is literally in pain all over. but what I thank God the most, because after all of that struggles, IM STILL HERE. FIGHTING. imagine how much strength He gave me. I have no time to be ungrateful.

after being isolated and in quarantine for 20 days, I'm home. and another struggles begin. my dialysis in a private hospital with all that expenses and coming back and forth to pagadian city with my 66year old mom as my watcher. 2 vulnerable people going back and forth to the city. that's why I'm here asking for any help, specially financially.
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