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Firstly, Thank you for taking the time either reading, sharing and/or donating. I rarely ask for help as my mentality thinks “When you think you got it bad, there is someone who has it worse and harder” - With this mentality attached to me I’d rather struggle than ask BUT this isn’t something I can overlook, continue to live with or do alone.

My name is Romeo De La Cruz (Or Ro), a Dancer & Drag/Boylesque Performer Trans Non-Binary [NOT TransMasc or TransMan], Black British Windrush descendant with mixed heritage. I’m Dyslexic, suffer of CPTSD (After years playing American Football & participating in MMA) & recurrent pneumonia (suffered with Pulmonary Edema within my late teens & early 20s).

I’m one to disown my own feelings & what I need to do for myself hence the years of repressing who I am, how I identity and how I feel about my body, let alone myself. I’ve gone through a few “coming out” to truly find who I am but it took a severe mental breakdown to truly understand I had a major problem with my body specifically my chest.

I have open chest binded for 4.5 years and have been wear binders pushing 3 years which is my main source of my dysphoria hiding the true feelings about my body daily is physically but even more mentally draining & triggering. I know with my present or past health conditions it isn’t recommended or ideal for me to do either but sacrifices had to be made to feel 1% myself.

My wife aided me in the first initial appointment with my GP over 3 years ago to be referred to a NHS Gender Identity Clinic in hopes to start Testosterone & beginning the process for Top Surgery. In this time I had to chase my chosen clinic for the first 9 months to find whether they received my referral. Since then I’ve been on the on the waiting list with no form of communication after, till being consistent with emailing & phoning I have been notified that I wouldn’t be seen for a further 2-4 years - Let alone awaiting surgery - chosen clinic is on December 2017 referrals.

In such desperate & mental challenging times I have taken it upon myself after years of personal research, advice & severe mental breakdowns I am self-medicating via micro dosing - As of this day I am 5 months and 13 days in. I understand many wouldn’t agree with my methods and choices but if I am HONEST with you - I wouldn’t be writing this today if I didn’t. So raising even a fraction of my goal wouldn’t be completely life-changing but actually LIFESAVING.

Since Covid-19 the cost of Private Surgery & Additional Cost has gone up between £1,500 - £3,000 depending where you go. Here’s an honest breakdown of cost;

Gender Psychiatrist £250 - £300 (May need more than one appointment)

Endocrinologist £200 - £250 (follow up appointment £150 - £200)

Surgeon Consultant: Face 2 Face £150 - £250 and/or Phone Consult £70 - £85 (Private Surgery Referral £150)

Top Surgery £7,500 - £9,500

Some do/don’t include Covid Test/Screening, overnight stay (as long as clinically needed), pre assessments, pre &/or post op appointments, post op binders and/or free revisions.

After Care/Recovery Support Period - I’m hoping to cover this by performing as much as I can & save as this is BIG to ask to contribute. THANK YOU AGAIN IN ADVANCE for aiding my way whether you share or donate in hopes to one day see my REAL SELF!

Appreciate & Love to you all,

Romeo De La Cruz


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Romeo De La Cruz 
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