LIBERATE BACH! Fund brain advancing technology

If you are one of many people who had wished at least once for the better brain performance, I recently discovered that the answer has been found 300 years ago by the timeless Genius Composer J.S.Bach, but several aspects had been preventing it from serving as the healing tool. And with your help  it can be be possible to change this for the better.

 One of the obstacles has been the complexity of his music that has to be overcome by the majority of people, due to the lacking music literacy in our society, through the effective scaffolding.  Help me create the means for sharing in a fun way this unique and promising wonders resource for the personal growth! And be among the first to benefit from it and to create the legacy of partnership with the creator of the incredible cognitive technology that propels brain  evolution not centuries later, but during our day and time.

Everything in our personal and social lives depends on our brain performance. We all have heard about Fight-or-Flight, but no tangible solution had been found.... Crimes, accidents of all kinds, illnesses because of self-defeat and environmental impacts, even moral failures, such as corruption due to the lack of creative solutions, not to mention, bad grades and professional errors  etc. all can be improved and likely avoided, if only we can improve our thinking process...But, the issue  seams so complex and hopeless that no one seems to be even trying to find the solution...

However, this hopelessness is also the result of misconceptions and errors, as well as the product of institutionalized  resentment to change.  Indeed, the solution that had been found over 300 years ago is of unexpected, unconventional nature, and in the realm where no one expects to find anything of significant benefit - the the realm of  music of J.S.Bach. Please, fuel my ability to demonstrate that the healing modalities that are based on his polyphonic compositions can effectively restore intellectual/emotional balance, disrupted by stress and trauma...

Help with the funding, in order for the special scaffolding to be produced, fine tuned and tested to produce turn key applications both for individuals and for counselors with no musical literacy that would help improving mental performance, by allowing for the easy grasp of complex musical structure that allows to be authentically engaged into emotionally/intellectually balanced brain practice that restores intellectually complex and emotionally engaging brain activity disturbed by stress...

But the skeptics would argue that the music of J.S.Bach is so well-known and so well researched, so  the proposed ideas must have been “already developed”..?

Indeed, the answer is most surprising:  No.  My most recent sensational discovery of never previously recognized Fugue-Parody of J.S.Bach and other sensational related implications  prove that due to the instituionalized  blind spot of the false convention, music of this Genius-composer was largely misinterpreted.  Educational standards falsely demanded for EMOTIONAL WITHDRAWAL during performance of his music.  And that is the reason why the healing properties of his music could not be projected and experienced, due to the lack of the emotional engagement - one of the most essential components of music in general, and even more, critical for the use in music healing settings.

Thus, those Musicians, who should be in “the last line of defense” from the hazardous emotional self-repression, had been disabled to use their healing tool, based on J.S.Bach’s music to their full extend...  (As the result of sensory debilitation emotional detachment, we loose our capacity to benefit from our self preservation instinct.  That is what allowed for creation of environmental catastrophes with no hope to overcome the paralysis around solutions, among many other complex problems of our time...)

At this time, most of musicians need to be re-trained and have to undergo through music therapy, in order to address their traumatic state of cognitive dissonance and to repattern their circuitry for the wrong habit, learning to balance their mind and engage emotionally with Bach’s music.  Thus your generous donation is critical for this purpose as well. We are able to offer this rare and unique type of coaching, but need the financial means to execute it,

Imagine the world that functions at least twice more efficiently, with fewer mishaps, failures, misunderstandings and misgivings...  Imagine to have the opportunity to build resilience to stress-related. mental dysfunction!  

Your donation will allow you  to be among first to have the opportunity to benefit from this innovation.   It is also within your power  to make the world a better place for all as well.  Please, partner with us today.

Make your generous donation today, to experience the benefits of this cognitive advancement tool  before the public  has the access to this well of restorative power, to be proud member of the humanity’s vanguard, to be praised for generations to come.

Thank you!

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