Help Save the Valley Cats

HELP SAVE THE VALLEY CATS! We have run out of the money & support that allows us to feed and care for the homeless cats at Valley College. Without the necessary funds, we will no longer be able to pay for food, medicine and other life-saving supplies for these innocent animals who will otherwise be left to suffer and die.

ANY amount helps! Even the smallest donations make a world of difference. Please see below for various ways you can help. If enough people give just a little, WE CAN SAVE THESE ABANDONED CATS TOGETHER.

For many years, Los Angeles Valley College had a growing colony of abandoned and homeless cats (about 150-200) who were hungry, sickly, and breeding. Over the years, Animal Control had been called periodically to trap the cats and have them euthanized. That solution didn’t make the problem go away. Some people went so far as to throw away any scraps of food set out for the cats and even decided to personally attack and kill some of these poor creatures. This is some of the horrific neglect and abuse they have been subjected to. In 1999, a group of stray cat advocates from the surrounding community, along with some of the college staff and teachers, came together to feed, spay/neuter, and monitor the cats. The trapping and killing of cats stopped, the breeding slowed, the cats were healthier and receiving regular feedings. 

More recently, the number of cats has stayed constant at around 60.  Although many have passed on or been killed, a growing number of domestic cats are being “dumped” by owners who no longer want their cats and decide to throw them out in the street to fend for themselves. They show up at Valley College helpless, hungry and scared.  (Jorah, in the photo above, was dumped on campus last year.)  

Unfortunately, almost all of the original caregivers are now gone. The feeding and care of the cats is now down to two of us who feed daily, with the help of one of the college’s teachers.

As the caregivers have dwindled, we have had to take on more and more of the cost to care for the cats. We have been paying for everything personally while going deeper and deeper into debt.  It has become impossible for the three of us to continue to feed the cats without financial assistance. We are in DIRE need of help! 

Supplying these cats with the bare necessities to help them live out the rest of their lives in a humane way by:

- Feeding the cats
- Birth control meds
- Spaying/Neutering
- Flea Control
- Antibiotics
- Vet Bills when cats get seriously ill or injured
- Humane euthanization when necessary

INTERESTING FACT:  You can save 100 cats or dogs by simply spaying/neutering just one. 

My name is Linda. I have been involved with these cats and this cause for the last ten years. I feed the cats four days a week and I go through almost four 16 lb bags of dry food, as well as 65 - 75 cans of wet food a week. I am not wealthy, unfortunately, and seriously struggling to pay my own bills, but I cannot turn my back on these sweet animals and let them starve or suffer. 

 Our other main feeder is Klarisa who feeds three days a week. She is in her 70s and is retired.  Not only does this create a financial strain for her, but the physical labor has become increasingly challenging as well.  Klarisa has been feeding the cats at Valley for almost 20 years.

One of the teachers at the college, Becky, helps us feed the cats two days a week.  She is an important link between the cat program and the school.

We love these cats.  Over the years, we have gotten to know them as individuals.  They are not just random strays to us.  They have unique personalities and all want to be loved in their own way.  We care deeply about each of them and want them to live the healthiest, safest lives possible, knowing they have not been abandoned.

100% of every donation, large or small, will go to feeding the cats, keeping them healthy and making sure they do not breed. 

Your Donation    =    
$5 -          8 or 9 cans of wet food
$15 -       16 lb bag of dry food
$25 -       40 cans of wet food   
$50 -       Birth control meds to last 7 weeks
$100 -    Canned cat food for 1-1/2 weeks for all cats
$250 -    Eighteen 16 lb bags of dry food
$650 -    1 month supply of food for ALL the cats

This is not a temporary goal. This is a long-term endeavor. We hope to become an official non-profit charity as already 100% of the funds go directly to the care of these cats. If you are not able to contribute financially right now, there are other ways you can help!

~~Donate your time:
- We need to create a network of feeders/caregivers
- We need people who know how to TNR (trap/neuter/   
- We want to urge our community and those who care
   about the humane treatment of animals to help us
   create a support system.

~~Get the word out:
PLEASE PLEASE share our efforts with friends, family and your contacts on social media!  We so appreciate any help getting the word out there so that people who care can assist us with getting this off the ground and creating a support system for these abandoned, lost and homeless cats.

Even if all you can do is send good thoughts, please do. This has been such a hard journey for us and these cats have suffered so much already. You are making this world a better place with your positive energy and help. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
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