Kristie's Breast Cancer Battle

For those of you that know me, you know I am a private person and never like to ask for help. Right now I am in need of friendly support to help me get through this tough battle I am experiencing. Unforfortunately, at the age of only 41, I have been diagnosed with Stage 2, possibly Stage 3 Invasive fast growing Breast cancer. I have already had two surgeries in 3 weeks, and there may be more in my future.

I had a mamogram in August that did come back normal. In middle of November I found a lump on my breast that was too big to possibly ignore. With the doctors concern of the quick appearance and the size already showing, he tried to rush me into surgery to have a lumpectomy. I received the run around with the first referral surgeon, but finally got a scheduled surgery for January 17th to have the lump removed, and biopsied post surgery.  This surgery did go well and I thought I was on the path of healing. Hoping for the best on the biopsy results unfortunately the results came back with the diagnosis of Stage 2 or 3 invasive fast growing breast cancer.

The doctors immediately rushed me into another scheduled surgery for a mastectomy of my left breast. I just had this surgery on February 6th and stayed in the hospital overnight for observation. The doctors said the surgery went well but they did have to remove more lymph nodes than anticipated. There were too many lymph nodes that were inconsistant, hard, or suspicious looking so the doctor removed as many as he could to avoid another surgery right away, while also hoping he got all that could be affected.

The preliminary results of those biopsies should be available on my follow up appointment on February 13 to determine if I will need full Chemo treatment, radiation treatment, or additional surgeries. I also have to schedule an appointment with an Oncologist on either February 13 or 14th to start that process.

The financials of getting the doctors, surgeons, tests, and hospitals co-payments paid just to get me in has already put me in debt. I have paid the minimum I could just to get in for the surgeries, the remaining of the bills will be sent to me to pay. There are more tests and treatments to come and I am struggling financially to keep this moving as fast as possible so we can try to catch it all before it spreads further.  

I was also unfortunatly let go from my company I have worked at for 22 years due to a reduction of force, and my position had been eliminated. They let me go on January 16th, the day before my lumpectomy surgery. My health insurance is running out at the end of the month and everything will be funded out of my own pocket. I cannot even look for another job at the moment because of the many appointments and treatments that are ahead of me. Besides the fact that I need to take time to heal properly, it would be unfair to interview for a job, possibly get it, then need to take too much time off for all the appointments.

I am doing my best to be strong and positive, but I am struggling in every direction. I hardly ever ask for help but I know my friends and family who care can understand where I am coming from. This is the most difficult thing I have ever done mentally, emotionally, and personally.

If you could find it in your heart to donate to help me get through this battle and beat this cancer, I really would like to be around much longer for my children. I would never be able to thank you enough but would appreciate anything you can do.

Feel free to share this GoFundMe site with anyone you think would be willing to help as well, or mutual friends I am not in current contact with. Thank you for sharing and caring.

I will keep updates of my status on my GoFundMe page so you can know where your donations will be going, how my progress is moving, and what the status is of each test result or which steps are necessary to take next.

I love you all and would be greatful for any donation if you are able to do so. Prayers are always welcome. I know there is a big power in prayer, anything to help me Kick this Cancers A** would be benificial to me.

Love you and thank you all ~
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