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JUSTICE For Rabiah Ahmad & Baby Ahja!

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August 14, 2021
On behalf of Rabiah's family, I would like to thank each and everyone who contributed to help bring Rabiah and Baby Ahja back home to Miami, Florida and to their final resting place.
We have maintained this fundraiser because the work is not done... we must get Justice for them! The person(s) responsible cannot go unpunished. Surely, Allah is al-Muntaqim*. The Howard County Police Department in Maryland has increased their reward to $30,000. With the help of kind hearted people, such as yourselves, we have been able to increase the overall reward to $50,000, yet no one has come forward with information that could lead to an arrest and conviction.
This is how you can continue to help. We are in need of increasing the reward in addition to having billboards posted in certain areas in Maryland to bring awareness to the reward increase. The police department can only report on what they put forth. I don't believe the general population of Columbia, Howard County, Maryland is aware of the reward increase.
Also, Rabiah's mother, Jameelah Ahmad needs to relocate. She recently became re-employed and is experiencing some financial difficulties. Downsizing her residence would help her and offer a degree of financial relief - Rabiah had contributed and helped to offset the household expenses. 
I know everyone is struggling to get back to some form of normal. Anything you can provide towards increasing the reward and relocation would be greatly appreciated.
*(The Retaliator) The Avenger, The Disapprover, The Inflictor of Retribution. Allah is Al-Muntaqim, The One who victoriously prevails over His enemies and punishes them for their sins. Allah is most patient, but the time will come where justice must be given.
August 5, 2020
My cousin Rabiah Ahmad, founder & owner of Kiyomi House was murdered 8.1.2020, Saturday. In that same instance, Baby Ahja was born at 12:07am - 3 months premature. Rabiah was 6 months pregnant, her baby; my baby cousin was delivered & was fighting for her little life in critical condition until early this morning. For anyone that can contribute, you may do so here on the Official Kiyomi House GoFundMe page. Whatever you can is deeply appreciated, nothing is too small. My heart is absolutely broken, my family is lost at this point & my auntie is devastated. Rabiah was such a beautiful soul. She was absolutely stunning. She was my sister. I can't. She was so looking forward to becoming a mother & a phenomenal mother she would've been. She would send me articles & we where learning about the joys of motherhood together. I literally was just on FaceTime with her hours before this devastating tragedy. Rabiah was not of this world. She viewed everything so purely & treated everyone with love & respect. She did not deserve this. She was my baby & someone has taken her and my little cousin away from me, from our family who were so anticipating giving infinite love. She helped mold and make many of us; friends and family the same. Rabiah was a daughter, a mother, an Artist, a Singer, a creator, a philanthropist. Rabiah was unapologetically Authentic & Refreshing. She was an absolute light! My baby is gone & I can't let go. My pain is silent & voided. This is so unreal. We are All traumatized & shaken by the lost of these angels before they even had the opportunity, in Rabiah's case, to see her dream completely unfold & Ahja to put her stamp on Allah's Green Earth. I'm an absolute wreck & we needed you BB, to keep us from going astray. Our lives will never be the same. Our hearts are completely shattered! 
Regarding ANY credible information reference my cousin's murder, we urge you to come forth. HELP US GET JUSTICE FOR RABIAH AND AHJA! 
#JusticeForKiyomi #JusticeForRabiah #JusticeForBabyAhja #HouseofKiyomi #RabiahLove #BabyAhja #RabiahAndAhja #StopSenselessGunViolence #HelpHealMyFamily #SIPRabiahnAhja #SeeSomethingSaySomething


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  • Ashani Roberts
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  • Anita M Najiy
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    • 1 yr

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