Kidney for Jackee

Mommy Needs a Kidney – Kids need Mommy
My niece, Jackee Kirkpatrick , stunned me with her news. She is in end - stage kidney failure. Not only does she have to find a kidney, she also must find away to meet her monthly expenses and her donor’s expenses. All of this while she is trying to wrap her mind around this news that came out - of - the - blue .

She is forty, the single mom of three children ranging in age from four to sixteen , one of whom is a special needs child .

Her first concern is her children – will they be o.k. for the four to six - month period she will be out of work and recovering?

Her second concern, of course, is that she must find a kidney !

Her third concern is how will she pay for this?
This third need is why we have come to you, friends and kind strangers!

She will have 75% of her normal pay for the first six weeks. Should the recovery take longer, she is on her own for all expenses. If her body develop s issues with accepting the kidney , or if she take s longer to recover , it could take an additional sixteen weeks. The timeframe is difficult to predict, but in developing our needs budget, we are planning six teen weeks. A breakdown of expenses is provided at the end of this appeal.


Jackee was born in South Korea and adopted as an infant by her mom, who was with the U.S. Army in South Korea. Eventually, they moved to Colorado Springs.

When she started working, she spent a decade in a job that had no health benefits but allowed more time with her daughters. Very recently she accepted a job with health benefits. She felt truly fortunate because finally, she could be serious about her healthcare. And then the doctors told her she had end - stage kidney failure.

In other words , without dialysis and a kidney transplant,  she would die, leaving her children motherless.

She is trying to spend as much time as possible with her daughters . She feels an urgent need to make memories with them. She just can’t get it out of her head, that if she doesn't make it, memories will be all they have of her  And of course, for now she’s continuing her hectic life, going back and forth to school, making lunches, taking kids to tutoring, art class, and other activities, helping with homework, helping grandma with cleaning, cooking, and dealing with the girls, who stay at Grandma’s overnight while Jackee is at work. She grabs naps here and there and reports for work at 9:30 p.m.
In other words, she’s trying to be super - mommy for the loves of her life, her girls.

Lillyana, 16, is a special needs child with a developmental age of three. Everyone’s friend, she sees only the best in people and helps remind everyone to see the joy in life as she plays at the park and rides her bike.

Ginger , 13, (top, being silly with Mom) is a typical teen who is embarrassed by all adults. She is the best Mommy’s helper, pitching in with both her older sister and baby sister. She loves to point out that she is taller than her mom, and enjoys binge watching new TV shows, reading, and torturing her baby sister by demanding hugs.


Rosabella, 4, is cute and she knows it! She also thinks that because she is the baby, she can get away with anything. She loves princesses and My Lil Ponies . She is always singing and talking to her imaginary friends using words such as “observed,” “scepter,” and “stethoscope.” She loves to snuggle with Mommy. When she’s in the mood!

Jackee and donor are covered by medical insurance .
Six week s salary @ 75% = $ 3432
Ten week s – no income

Expenses for donor and one person accompanying (airfare, $1000, 6 nights lodging $800, 7 days food, $450). Total = $2250

Monthly expenses (rent, car payment, food, phone) are $1850 x 16 week s. We anticipate additional needs such as copays, 6 months of tran sportation costs for at least 15 follow - up visits requiring travel between Colorado Springs and the hospital in Denver, and probably other expenses we are simply unable to predict . Estimate is $200 x 6 months. That plus monthly expenses noted above = $ 8 ,600 .
Total $12,300 +2,250 = $1 0, 850
Expenses minus incom e = $1 0,8 50 – $6,864 = GRAND TOTAL=$ 7,418 is needed.
Any donation is greatly appreciated, no matter the amount. Also, with your help, we can get the word out by sharing this on social media. If you are interested in checking to see if you are a possible match with Jackie, please follow the link.

UCH - [email redacted]
or call (720) 848 - 0855 .

Thank you for anything you can do!
Jackee Kirkpatrick and her girls.

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