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Hello everyone!

My name is Krystal Khali, and today I'm known around the world as a guitarist and singer. I have been blessed to be the touring guitarist for blues hall of fame legend Guitar Shorty and many other musical legends. I have had the opportunity to inspire young people all over the world, and I've been blessed with a life that I could only have dreamed of as a child. But the road to where I am today was not an easy one.

When I was a child, all I wanted was to play the guitar. I can still remember hearing the enchanting strum of the guitar through the radio, the captivating melodies weaving stories that took me far away from my everyday reality. I grew up with abuse in my life, and the world of music offered a haven and a dream of a better future.

But a guitar was a luxury we couldn't afford, not when there were bills to pay and mouths to feed. I would trace my fingers over the illustrations of guitars in library books, imagining the feel of the strings beneath my fingertips. The thought of never being able to play one was a constant ache, a silent pain I carried in my young heart.

My school had a music program, but it was bare-bones at best. The teacher was passionate but overworked, trying to share the joy of music with worn-out instruments and no budget for new ones. Guitar lessons were something that other kids got, those who had enough money for private tutors and shiny new instruments.

It wasn't until my grandmother stepped in that I thought I had the chance to pursue my dream. She bought me s guitar, but my family could not afford lessons and my elementary school did not offer lessons. That guitar stayed in my closet until I was old enough to get a job and pay for my own lessons.

I can still remember the weight of the guitar in my hands, the thrill of plucking the first string, the first note I played. It was a revelation, a burst of color in a black and white world. It wasn't easy; I had to practice for hours, squeezing in time before school and after my part-time job. But every strum, every note, was a step towards my dream.

Today, when I perform on a stage, under the bright lights, to the applause of thousands, I remember the little girl who dreamed of this life.

That's why I wholeheartedly support the Keep Music in Schools Foundation. They're doing the work that changes lives, just like mine was changed. It's a cause I urge you to support. Let's give every child a chance to dream, to play, and to find their voice in music. Because sometimes, a guitar is not just a guitar. Sometimes, it's a lifeline, a dream, and a future.

Donate today and let's help underprivileged kids find their melody in this world, one note at a time.

From Keep Music In Schools Foundation:

We are humbly reaching out to your generous hearts to support a meaningful cause that is very dear to us. The Keep Music in Schools Foundation is dedicated to preserving and promoting music education across the United States by working hand in hand with public schools, especially in areas where such opportunities are often lacking.

Why is this important, you may ask? Well, let's delve into some facts. Extensive research over the years has shown that music education plays a critical role in a child's brain development. When a child learns to play an instrument or engage in vocal performance, it helps improve memory and cognitive abilities, enhance social skills, build confidence and patience, foster creativity, and even improve academic performance. It's not just about creating the next Mozart or Beyoncé; it's about equipping our children with valuable skills that will prepare them for a successful future, no matter their chosen path.

However, music education in schools is often the first to face the chopping block when budget cuts come around, disproportionately affecting the most underprivileged students. Children in low-income communities are 50% less likely to have access to music education than their wealthier counterparts. Many households simply can't afford to buy their young one an expensive guitar or piano that can often run into the hundreds of dollars. This is where the Keep Music in Schools Foundation steps in, and where we need your help.

Your generous donations will be used to purchase musical instruments, educational materials, and hire passionate music teachers, enabling us to provide free music lessons to children who would not otherwise have access to such opportunities. We are aiming to extend our services to thousands of schools across the country, and every dollar counts in reaching our goal.

We firmly believe that every child, regardless of their socio-economic background, deserves the chance to explore and cultivate their musical talents. Your contribution could be the difference that enables a child to pick up their first guitar, write their first song, or even just find joy and self-expression in a challenging world.

Please help us continue to keep music alive in our schools. Together, we can hit the right notes and create a symphony of success for children across the United States.

Donate today, and let's make a meaningful difference in the lives of our children through the universal language of music.

Thank you so much for your support and kindness.

Rock On!

Krystal Khali and
The Keep Music in Schools Foundation

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Give $20 and be a founding donor

Your donation is the start of Krystal's journey to success. Your early support inspires others to donate.

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Krystal Khali
San Antonio, TX

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