Keeping my Dad

Thats me and my Dad in that photo and our story started 3 years ago when I at 1 was and demonstrating characteristics of Autism, I know this because my eldest brother has Aspergers syndrome, ADHD and Dyspraxia, we don't know my diagnosis yet.

While my Mum and Dad work all the hours they can, but also providing me with loads of love and attention, financial issues were over looked, I and my brother was clearly far more important, yet 2 years later my
Dad got rushed into hospital with what we thought was trapped wind, hes always doing massive farts which make us laugh but this one was      struggling to get out! later it revealed that his "historical fart"was stage 4 Bowel  cancer. It has been devastating to our family as it was up to his works discretion whether to pay him sick pay or not, which they paid for 6 months then after decreased it by 50%. 

My Dad is the main earner in the family, my mum has been caring for my Dad with the devastating side effects of chemo alongside me with my behaviour issues along with my big brother who also has Asperger syndrome. Unfortunately the chemo didn't reduce the cancer enough for Dad to have surgery and the surgeons were unable to operate on my Dad who is now living with cancer and back at work full time. This is extremely tiring and stressful for my Dad specially as when he comes home I like a good 3 hour play with him!

While this has all happened Mum had  a lot on her plate and couldn't deal with the situation she and Dad have signed up for councselling with Habour a charity that deals with such situations, so rent bills mounted up to £5,700 , a maxed credit card due to trying to catch up with rent and the 50% wage cut mounted to £4200 and a loan of £4,100  due to car loan, my brothers disability living allowance stopped and me mums carers allowance stopped, however she didn't stop caring as there hasn't been a cure for Autism or Cancer yet?

Mum broke down the other day, I gave her a massive cuddle and told her it would be OK and that their would be kind people out in the world who would help us, I know this because my Mum has always helped people in her life caring for people with disabilities and running for cancer charities and both my parents being great activists but now its us that needs that help, and Mum and Dad struggle asking for it, so I'm doing it! we need to keep our car, and afford to keep a car which was getting us to doctor appointments, hospitals, nursery and work. If mum sells the car it would mean she can no longer work and we would struggle getting to nursery and doctor appointments and it would be a massive strain on me Dad.

We need any financial help possible, as our mounting debt is in total of est. £14000 from having no debt what so ever before all these health problems, sick pay problems and government cut backs to being in a huge debt through lack of support from government and employers, my family currently help with food donations as Dads low income and Mums minimum wage zero contract hour wage only just covers the bills without paying towards the car or debts.

So why do we need the money so much now? Well you see due to my Dads condition we have a chance of keeping him alive longer if he works less and has no stress in his life. Mum has started studying as an            accountant which could take some time for her to relieve Dad of the strains of working and his special Vegan diet can be expensive. I (Eddy) the little guy in the picture with my Dad, would be so grateful if I could spend my whole childhood with my Dad and keeping him alive and happy for as long as possible, relieving my Mum of this financial strain would help so much in my up bringing. 

I know that when my mum gets on her feet she will give back as much as she can to hep others, she has done already.  I love my family and I want to prove to my Mum I was right that with your help we can get through this! Please help kind people! We don't really expect £14000 so we have put £1500 to cover the costs for the car MOT and updates. We are gratful for any donation or help, every donation is a better chance for more time with Dad.


Eddy (aged 4)

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