Help Krista make it to Mayo Clinic

My wife has spent the bulk of her life battling Endometriosis and Gastrointestinal issues including digestive complications and ulcers.  In 2013 a blood test found her to have an undiagnosed auto-immune disorder and subsequent testing from a Rheumatologist served to rule out certain conditions but could not identify the type of disorder so it was never treated.  All this time she continued to struggle with that pain, nausea and exhaustion of both the symptoms of her auto-immune disorder as well as her ulcers.

Her doctor was at a loss and started to believe that my wife was seeking pain medication and suggested that she undergo a psychological evaluation as she was of the opinion that her symptoms could not be addressed via medical care.

Shortly after this she underwent a colonoscopy and endoscopy that revealed pyloric stenosis and a restricted duodenum.  The Gastroenterologist was appalled that her family physician had suggested that this was all in her head.

After having her pylorus dilated she was later rushed to the hospital as a result of tearing and internal bleeding.  That same year she became pregnant and halted most medical care and medication and in 2014, although a month early, she gave birth to a beautiful/red-headed baby boy (Her second child and my first).  Upon recovery from child birth she continued to endure the excruciating pain as a result of her Endometriosis until we made the difficult decision at age 35 for her to undergo a Hysterectomy in December 2014.  Her pain and fatigue as a result of her digestive issues continued after this and in June 2016 she underwent surgery where she had a pyloroplasty, vagatomy, multiple ulcers repaired and a Hiatal Hernia repaired.  The surgery was not a total success and in fact the pyloroplasty left the opening of her pylorus smaller than before the surgery was conducted.  As a result, she had to undergo another surgery for a procedure called a gastrojejunoscopy where they detach a portion of the intestine and attach it directly to the stomach in order to bypass the poorly functioning pylorus and duodenum.  This surgery also failed to render the desired results and created more complications and at that point doctors, specialists and surgeons all seemed to have little direction other than to wait and see if symptoms approve.  As of now symptoms have not improved and has in fact worsened. 

After finding a new family physician that was not afraid to take on a new patient that had been labeled a drug addict our prayers have been answered and our hopes have been raised by being accepted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where their team of physicians is world-renowned for addressing medical conditions others are unable to address.  We are scheduled to meet with the team on August 21, 2017.

The issue now is money.

I am a 48 year old that has dedicated my life to working with troubled and underprivileged youths that are involved with the court system.  With a combined 28 years in this field and 23 at my current position I was doing okay financially until I got married, had a child and health insurance deductibles have increased over the last four years to the point that I now have three jobs totaling between 70 and 90 hours per week just to make ends meet and often those ends just do not meet.

When this all started she weighed 115 pounds and was a generally healthy person and now she weighs 93 pounds and is wasting away physically, mentally and emotionally. 

This is difficult for me to ask but at this point my pride is far less important that trying to give Krista the help she needs and the life both she and her kids deserve.  What I am asking/praying/begging for is an opportunity to get my wife the medical attention she needs in order to live a healthy life, be the mother she wants to be to her children and the person she wants to be in this world. 

Please help.
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