Kaiden Richardson's Wheelchair Goal

Kaiden was born on the 9th June 2009 with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, Kaiden was took to theatre within 24 hours of being born to close the lesion on his back. He then returned to theatre within a week to have shunt fitted to drain the excess fluid out of his brain. Kaiden since then has returned to theatre 5 times to have a new shunt fitted due to his blocking or breaking. Even though everything Kaiden has been through he still worries and cares about everyone else, when he is in so much pain and hospitalised with his shunts his concern is making sure everyone else is ok and not worrying about him he is such a caring and understanding child.

Doctors didn't hold out much hope for Kaiden to walk unaided throughout his life but Kaiden proved them wrong when he was three years old he took his first steps without his walking frame. Since this day Kaiden was determined and eager to do more and he began to run in sports days without his frame or support. Kaiden wears splints daily to support his feet, ankles and legs, he has always had a frame but would have much preferred to not have to use this and be as independent as possible.

Unfortunately as lockdown hit last year Kaiden's mobility has been affected as he wasn't able to attend all his usual sports groups which supported him to keep going i.e swimming, active schools, race running, framed football etc. Kaiden has also growing during this period which doesn't allow his weak muscles in legs and feet to support his growing body. Over this period in time Kaiden has now became a fulltime wheelchair user which is really affecting him and getting him down as he isn't able to do everything as independently as he was use too.

Most people will know me but I am Kaiden's Auntie Shevon Moran and have always loved to spend time with Kaiden, we have spent a lot of time over the years on woodland walks, hill climbing, camping and enjoying the outdoor world. This is becoming a bit of a struggle for Kaiden and myself the older he is becoming, Kaiden is very disappointed as well as myself that we can't take part and do all the outdoor fun and exploring which we are use to doing together. I have done some research into this as i believe in this day and age that everyone should have the opportunity to participate within a wide variety of activities i have found this amazing eTrike Electric Assist All-terrain Wheelchair from Mountain Trike which i would love for Kaiden to have for us to carry on our outdoor adventures. Only thing is it comes with a very high cost of nearly £7000.

Personally I think this would be beneficial for Kaiden to carry on exploring the outdoor world and allows him to spend time with his whole family. 

My plans are to fundraise and hope to include the local community and even wider within this opportunity.

I have set up this page in the hope that we can share all fundraising events and share the progress of reaching the goal for Kaiden's chair.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this and also a thanks in advance to anyone who becomes involved with the fundraising.

We have set up a go fund me page for Kaiden :)

We did have ideas behind this for fundraising instead of just asking for donations.

But unfortunately due to Government Guidelines these cant all be carried out at the moment.

Kaiden and I thought the first one should be a sponsored walk but we wont all be allowed to do it together so we thought if we asked people to walk 50 miles in the month of April adhering to social distancing and government guidelines.

We also thought you could either get sponsored for participating or make a small donation to the go fund me page.

You could track you progress on Kaiden's page and let everyone see how well we are all doing to help Kaiden out.

If you would like to participate then please let us know and if you need a sponsor form we can get one too you.

Thank you again for reading :)

  • Michelle Thomson 
    • 5 £ 
    • 17 mos
  • Susan Thompson 
    • 15 £ 
    • 17 mos
  • Lorraine Shaw 
    • 10 £ 
    • 17 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • 20 £ 
    • 17 mos
  • Myra Aitken  
    • 10 £ 
    • 17 mos
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