Permaculture for La Gonave, Haiti

This campaign was established on behalf of Jean Rony Toussaint, the President of ASHOG.  ASHOG is an organization working on the island of La Gonave, in Haiti, to reach the needy.  Jean Rony is raising money to attend a permaculture training in Belize.  The following letter explains his situation in greater detail.  The first $1,000 will be used for his flight, and anything additional will go towards the cost of the course, room, and board. 

My name is Jean Rony Toussaint. I am the President of ASHOG (Association for the Handicapped People and Orphans of La Gonave), a Registered Haitian charity. We do not receive any funding or support from the Haitian government for our projects, and we are very interested in sustainable projects for our community. I am a teacher and also very active leader in my church in Anse-a-Galets, La Gonave Island. I have been working for the people of La Gonave for many years, trying to improve the lives of the impoverished, orphaned and disabled people.
Malnutrition is very common on la Gonave due to inadequate food and scarcity of fruits and vegetables. ASHOG owns a piece of land on which we will start a community garden to benefit not only our community but in particular the children of ASHOG Orphanage. While we are excited to start this project, we realize that we have a lot to learn about gardening. Our land is challenging; we have periods of drought and strong sunshine, and the soil is not rich. We believe learning about Permaculture at the same time will help us to address these challenges as well as possible.
I have the opportunity to attend a reportedly wonderful Permaculture course in Belize. The Permaculture course could increase our chances for a successful community garden and could offer a huge benefit to all other farmers on La Gonave Island. When I return from the course I will meet with them from time to time to share the understanding I gained. My new knowledge may help increase productivity and allow for better organization, cooperation and planning among all agricultural projects. It will help me participate in the development of other start-up community gardens for the people of La Gonave, providing work, food and sustainable incomes for more residents.
Because opportunities for learning about Permaculture are not available here on La Gonave, travel is necessary. The course in Belize should be very helpful for ASHOG and for La Gonave. To improve the situation on our island, we have to embrace opportunities like this.
To attend the course, I must raise the funds for my airline ticket. Income in Haiti is so low that I will not be able to obtain this money by myself so I am requesting help from people who realize the importance of this project for La Gonave Island.
Please consider sponsoring me or making a donation towards my airfare so I can attend this course in Belize and help change the future of La Gonave. The course dates are from February 2nd to March 5th 2015. 

On FaceBook, you can see that ASHOG has a page (search for ASHOG or Jean Rony Toussaint). These pages are more up to date than the web sites and provide a better ''real time'' picture of what we are doing. Please just ask if you need more information or have questions about ASHOG and what we are doing on La Gonave Island.
If you would like to learn more about myself and ASHOG from another person’s perspective please contact Ailsa Young of LGCCA Canada at [email redacted], ASHOG and LGCCA work together to support destitute children on La Gonave Island in ASHOG Orphanage.
Most Sincerely and God Bless,

Jean Rony Toussaint
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