Justice for Great Pyrenees, Paisley’s Eye Removal


Paisley is a beautiful 4
year old Great Pyrenees.  

This infuriating and heart-breaking story
began on a Saturday just after 12:00pm lunch time. My  dad let our Great Pyrenees-
“Paisley” out for a bathroom break, in our own chain-linked fenced in back yard.  (she is
mostly an indoor dog) while he
was outside in his shop. Paisley was prancing
around and barking, like all dogs do,  and then within 5 mins of her being let outside, she
went to yelping loudly, obviously in pain. 

My dad immediately ran out of the shop,
fearing in his gut what just happened. 
He quickly found Paisley and brought her
inside stating she is hurt.  She was actively
bleeding from her Left Eye.  
My dad’s gut was telling him someone
just shot our dog. 

We took Paisley to an Emergency Vet about
40 mins away, after waiting 5 hours, Paisley
was given shots for pain, antibiotics and given 5  meds to take at home and told to follow up with normal vet in 2 days,  the following
Monday.  My dad  asked if a pellet/BB
injury to the eye or being shot in the eye could do this type of damage.  The Emergency Vet
stated it could but she was unsure of what
actually took place to cause the eye injury, but
Paisley’s cornea and retina was damaged.

Monday came and My mom took our dog to
her normal vet and they recommended to take her to a Vet Optometrist an hour and a half
away immediately.  This would be the best way
to “save her eye.”  

Within  2 hours my parents were at the Vet
Optometrist office and had been evaluated.  
After an initial
ultrasound of Paisley’s eye, it was determined that her retina, cornea, lens and sclera was
completely damaged and behind her eye had
hemorrhaged, and she was in a tremendous
amount of pain.   After a
conversation about the best options for our
fur-baby, it was determined best option for
pain control and long-term outlook due to all
the damage to the eye, Paisley needed
Enucleation- removal of her left eye, which
left us all heartbroken! 

After about 5.5 hours total at the Vet
Optometrist office, Paisley had her surgery
and was in recovery and doing well. The
Vet stated with the damage done and type of
holes in her eye, this damage was only done by a shot to the eye by a pellet gun.  

The Vet Tech showed my parents pictures of
Paisley’s  eye when removed and
cleaned up.  You could easily see the entrance and exit wound to Paisley’s eye.  The pellet
was not found in surgery, so the pellet is still in her head somewhere.  The vet stated the
likelihood of this causing infection or more
damage is low, but she did not feel like
searching the head further would be the best at that current time.    We were given pain
meds, antibiotics and ointment to use for her Postop course.  My dad’s gut suspicions
were right the entire time!   

The next day a report  was filed
showing the Vet’s information about Paisley’s eye injury was results to being shot in
the eye with a pellet gun.  

We have now installed cameras to put around our home for surveillance.  

During the postop period for Paisley she did
well, however, we did find a mat of hair on the back right hip area that had us concerned so at her postop appointment to have her 
stitches removed, we had the vet check this
area.  The vet shaved
this matted area off, she found old yellow
stained and blood stained fur, which she
stated was another area where she had been
hit by a pellet.  The vet also
found one more area on her left rib cage.  
Luckily, these times, with a Great Pyrenees,
they have thick coats and helped with these 2 areas.

My parents have now installed  a privacy
fence in our backyard.  

I want to find justice
for my dog.    Animal
cruelty of any form is heart retching, but to
shoot at a dog hitting her in her eye for no
reason is infuriating.  

She was on our fenced in property,  
threatening no-one and within 5
minutes of being let outside she was shot.  
We have No complaints from our
either in the 4 years we have had her.   We feel
so guilty for not protecting our baby.  

Many have asked about a fundraiser to help
my dog.  So I have made this as requested.  To be transparent, all donations will go
towards emergency vet bills, surgery vet
bills, fencing cost, and camera
costs.   I can post receipts if needed.  

Praying my dog gets justice! 


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