Justice for Canavar.

Dear friends,

We write to you to ask for help in fighting for justice and animal rights in Azerbaijan. The situation with stray animals there is critical. Dogs and cats are being culled in most cruel inhumane ways. They get shot, run over by cars, stabbed, beaten by sticks and rocks, posoned and even burned alive. There is no protection for them from cruelty and mistreatment. Canavar is the dog, that was cruelly shot dead by an employee of city of Ganja municipality in the end of March 2021. We have started a petition to bring him to justice on change.org. After that we were trying to raise awareness of terrible suffering the animals go through in Azerbaijan. The non-government charity called Toplan was set up to help control stray animal numbers by humanely capturing them, neutering, vaccinating and returning back to where they were taken from. But in practice, the dogs and cats get captured using metal nets and then just killed and burned. And that happens even to dogs that are not stray. There's been countless reports of dogs that belong to people and live in people's back yards being taken by Toplan never to be seen again. The owners tried to rescue their pets from Toplan, but weren't even let in. Nobody speaks to them and there is no way of getting the beloved pet back from their claws.

A cat living in a cafe got his back leg chopped off by a cook using his meat clever. Local volunteers have saved the cat by taking him to the vet and called the police, but police did nothing and just made a statement that cat was blind and just jumped on the meat cutter by accident. 

A dog sleeping on the lawn near the street cafe gets shot dead in broad daylight. A boy have adopted a rescued dog. Vaccinated, neutered and treated her. He got to lover her as his friend and family member. The Toplan workers took the dog off him during a walk. He only turned away for a minute and next thing he saw was that his dog is being shoved into the back of the van. He never got the dog back and never seen her.

All these terrible things happen daily in Azerbaijan and they happen because the cruelty to animals is not considered a criminal offence. The worst that can happen to a person killing an animal for fun is a 500AZN fine (approx £250).

We have a few volunteer friends in Azerbaijan, who try to help these poor animals. We donated money to them to help treat and feed them. However it is clear that the problem can't be solved purely by trying to help the animals already in pain and suffering. We need to work on changing the rules of the game. So, we decided to run a campaign to advocate criminalising animal cruelty in Azerbaijan. We tried to write to government officials, including the president of Azerbaijan, but to no avail. It looks like our calls fall on deaf ears. Now it is time we have put some more serious pressure on Azerbaijani's government. We want to run an advert campaign across UK to show that people here will stand against such barbaric practice. That we will not turn a blind eye on suffering of weak and defenceless. We will show them that the country that allows that all to be happening daily and without any consequences can't be considered civilised.

We ask for your help to fund the ad campaign that will help draw international attention to this problem. That will get the message out there and make more organisations and charities getting involved. Our only weapon in this fight is the wide awareness. So, we plan to get advertising on buses, bus shelters, bill boards, phone boxes and other means of outdoors advertising. 

With your help we want to transform cruelty into compassion and desperation into hope.

Please, beware. Very upsetting content.

Justice for Canavar 

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A dog cruelly killed in Azerbaijani City of Ganja 

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