Josephine’s story

Jessee and Levi were supposed to welcome little Josephine Elizabeth Green into the world on February 6th 2023. On Saturday Sept 24th Jessee went to the hospital because her amniotic sac was herniating outside of her body. Once she was at the hospital, they performed an ultrasound and a pelvic exam and gave her the news that her placenta was in her vaginal canal. Jessee and Levi were given the option to either induce labor, deliver baby Josephine and spend the remaining time of her life with her or be transferred to the U of M for 3 weeks to try to keep the baby inside of her and deliver her at 23 weeks with the chances being slim to none of her surviving. Jessee and Levi made the hard decision to induce labor and say goodbye to Josie.

Jessee and Levi are working with a program to help with the cremation and service, but there are some other costs, such as flowers, registry book and other miscellaneous things that are not covered with this program. They also would like to take a few weeks off of work to mourn the loss of their child and the future they thought they had with her.

Please consider donating, anything will be greatly appreciated and will be used towards October rent and whatever they might need for Josie's funeral.

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