John's medical expenses and home

A little over 4 months ago I had a sudden onset of vertigo. I was taken by ambulance from work to the emergency room. I have been unable to work, drive or do a lot of things since the 28th of Feb. Vertigo is a symptom of a root diagnosis. or what they call a symptomatic diagnosis, so unfortunately my short term disability has been denied. With that being denied I had to use my available PTO time as pay. So after those days were used I have had no income and because I am off and no pay coming in insurance premiums have not been paid so my health insurance was cancelled. Medical bills continue to mount as I have to find out what is wrong and the Dr.'s expect some payment each time I visit.  My wife has taken a second job to try to help but is unable to do too much more as I need help getting around. I have fallen downstaairs on several occassions which have caused some significant injuries most severe to my right arm which now has some nerve damage from the falls. So that is another added expense. Our home is now in default and within the next few weeks could enter foreclosure. They have worked with me but without over 80% of our total monthly income absent it is next to impossible to make payment our kids have helped quite a bit as much as possible. also helping to get me around. If you want to know more about the situation I will give you more info just ask. I will let you know more about what is going on. I will be happy to answer any questions.  
    I am going to finish with a post my wife put on facebook that chronicled what a day is like right now.
A day in the life of John:
Almost everyday, John wakes up with a horrible headache, horrible constant dizziness, so much that he injures himself-almost daily. He gets bored of sitting and watching tv, so he goes out to the garage to do maybe 15 min of tinkering around on a project because he wants to go to work so bad, but cant because of the dizziness. But he comes back in after about 15-20 min. chest racing, all dizzy again, but now even more. And then the nausea hits, not every day, but often. He loves cooking dinner, so he does this as much as he can, only to get so frustrated because he is so dizzy it's crazy. He has injured himself in the shower, walking in the kitchen, walking into door jams, into walls, going down the stairs, and outside trying to do a few things that have to be done around the house. When we go to Wal-Mart, just to get him out of the house every few days, he walks like he is drunk grabbing on to things. Oh, i forgot to mention that he cant drive a car and hasn't eversince this started on Feb. 27th. He also has trouble riding in a car at all. So, he cannot even ride with us on any trip anywhere. (My niece is graduating on June 3rd in OK City, but he wont be able to attend because car riding is impossible for him) I just thought I would share with you guys so you would know just a little of what we are going through. Please pray we can get in soon to see a Neurologist. We are on a cancellation List. But so far, still waiting for July 12th.


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