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After the unexpected success on our 3 latest productions (STRANGERS, TYLER, and ICE CREAM AND TEQUILA), Joel Films is ready to take the next step and invest heavily on telling stories the world needs to receive.
Joel Films is a production company founded by Joel Junior which focuses on telling stories that can resonate with the viewer, amplifying the voice of the unheard. 
We are now geared up to start producing more and more films! We have 3 short films ready for production:
  • LAST MINUTE - A fresh and ambiguous story that, different from all previous projects, doesn't approach the LGBTQ+ theme, but brings up a very controversial one: Abortion. This screenplay won the GONA film awards for best short screenplay, and we are very excited to share with you all! We already have a winner in our hands! With your help we will bring it to life and I'm sure, it will give you the chills!
  • GUILT - Another delightful short film that brings back the LGBTQ theme to screen, approaching the influence that religion plays on the mind of a homosexual, as a young man has his first sexual experience. This one is based on a real event, and again, it will give you the chills. 
  • OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU - A feel-good short comedy about a simple white lie that turns into a series of unexpected (and dangerous!) events. Although it might not give you the chills, it will for sure make you laugh and get the important message we always send! 
We are asking for 10K for the project LAST MINUTE, but more is always welcome, because we know we will end up in need of more than that.

Those who have already checked all three films presented by Joel Films can understand that the goal of our projects is to inform and educate the audience in a very artistic way. We are very confident that if we can make this happen will break into bigger festivals around the world! And you will be part of it! ANY AMOUNT HELPS!
When I first posted "TYLER" on YouTube, I'd had my channel for 10 years, and had 73 subscribers. My most viewed video was from 12 years ago and had 1K views. Once TYLER premiered, I had a tremendous growth on the channel, so I also released my first film "Ice Cream and Tequila". In one year both videos had reached together more than 700K views, and my channel had already reached 3.9K subscribers.
"STRANGERS", my last film, premiered and in 1 week we reached 120K views! And the comments are just GREAT!

 - LAST MINUTE is a film that we know will cause a big impact for its theme, and this message needs to be passed on. And we already have so many talented people involved, all because they really believe in the script! The award winning actress Sarah Bellini is back with Joel Films, not only playing the lead role, but also as an executive producer! And Manu Maciel, our executive producer, will finally share her great acting skills on in screen as well! And the doing the cinematography we will have the amazing and award winning director of photography Don Starnes! With a team like that you can only expect something good!

"Ice Cream and Tequila" won 2 awards;
"Tyler" won 16 awards;
"Strangers" won 35 awards.
Now it's time to make make our voices LOUDER and all we need is your trust. We know this story will impact many lives in many different ways, and it will mean the world if we can count with your help! 
  • Check our YouTube channel and our work, but mostly the comments on the videos and you will see how much your help will contribute to making the world a better place by uniting people from many different places as they see their own stories - or people that they know - represented on the screen.
Other Ways You Can Help
We know that many people would love to help, but are not in the best financial situation to do so. But don't worry! You can still help!
  • by sharing this campaign with people you think you be able to help;
  • By watching our YouTube videos and sharing them as well! 
Anything as simple as it may sound is great help!
Thank you for your time! Let's DARE TO BE HEARD!
  • Michael Mayer 
    • $20 
    • 1 mo
  • Douglas Hall 
    • $100 
    • 2 mos
  • Dino Federico 
    • $50 
    • 6 mos
  • Bruno Dias Garcia 
    • $30 
    • 7 mos
  • Jane Blandina 
    • $30 
    • 7 mos
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