Staying Positive

       Hi, my name is Jason von-Purkyne. I am caught up in a bundle of unfortunate events. This is my story of the tragedy that I am experiencing.
       It was a normal, regular, typical day. I was at a friends house one evening enjoying the company of some new acquainted friends.  I went upstairs to use the bathroom. On my way down the stairs I ended up breaking my leg. In total disbelief, I was in shock but managed to remain calm. One of my friends heard the noise and came running over asking what had just happened. I replied, "I broke my leg". He thought I was joking until I lifted my leg and it was completely broke in half just hanging there dangling ! He couldn't believe what he saw and immediately called 911. This was just the beginning of a long lasting nightmare. (To this day,  almost a year later, It's still not over and has become much worse) . The accident happened on November 4th, 2016. I am writing this today September 25, 2017 sitting in the hospital for the Third time now on my Third surgery on the same case nearly a year later. The accident became much more severe than anyone had anticipated . On November 4th, 2016 I went to the Jupiter, FL. E. R. Via ambulance. I was going straight into surgery that day. Well I was supposed to go straight into surgery that day. After the hospitals on duty surgeon reviewed the ex ray he realized that the damage was way beyond what he could repair. He told me that he needed to wait for an assistant surgeon to help him. Four long days later as I am waiting in the hospital room, a different surgeon came in to see me. He says to me, "do you know why I am here"? I replied with, "aren't you here to assist the other surgeon"? He says, "No I am here to perform the surgery myself because of its severity "! He explains to me that he will have to install metal plates and screws to hold the bone pieces together so I agreed on the process. He completes the surgery and after about Two weeks in the hospital I finally return home. This is just the beginning, it gets much worse! I go to see the surgeon for my first follow-up. He tells me that everything went well and I should be back on my feet in 10-12 weeks. On my next follow-up about two weeks later he removes the staples from one incision stating that the other incision was not ready yet. There was Two incisions because I broke both bones in the lower part of my leg just above my ankle (lower tib/fib fracture). I return back in about Ten days to have the other staples removed. I had a feeling something wasn't right because normally all staples are removed at the same time together. He removed the other staples and said to me that everything looked good I'll see you in a month for another follow-up. A month goes by and I go to see him for my follow-up. The large incision was starting to grow a large scab at the lower part of the incision. He said we will keep an eye on it but never said if it was normal or not. Well as time went on the scab grew bigger and worsened. I am now at that time also seeing my primary care doctor on the same matter. He says the same thing as the surgeon that they will continue to watch it. So now at this point I am seeing my surgeon and my primary care doctor once a month every month including ex rays. 10-12 weeks has now arrived. The ex ray's have shown absolutely no progress. I now have had to shut down my lawn and landscape business because the wound has become much worse and has not healed yet. My type of work could jeopardize my healing process. At this point nobody can explain to me what is going on with the wound. I was now at that time completely out of income and on top of that my medical insurance does not pay for any follow-ups with my surgeon because he is not in the network. The surgeon was nice enough to put me on a payback plan. Four-Five months later still no progress or growth in the bones and now the scab/wound erupted and I am rushed back into surgery because of a serious infection inside the wound(this was around April) . The surgeon cut out the infection and left me with a huge hole in my leg literally about 2"Lx1"Wx3/4"deep. The surgeon and primary doctor were both keeping an eye on it every month. This was extremely painful. For the next few months I had to change bandages daily because it is extremely severe and I still cannot walk so I remained on crutches. My son has just turned four last July and my daughter from my previous marriage is now Ten and I am limited with what I can do with them because I was still injured and on crutches. We are all suffering especially my toddler begging to jump around and play with daddy. This is killing me inside and out. It gets worse! After the second surgery a few months later the wound was now 90%ish healed but still no bone growth and I still cannot walk but at least the wound was almost healed. On August 21st, 2017 I was on my way to port st. Lucie where my parents live with my Two children to celebrate my fathers birthday. On the trip there I was headed north on I-95 and it started to rain heavily (white-out) all of a sudden there was a car spinning out of control headed straight at us. I immediately moved out of the way to avoid a head on collision so my vehicle also losses control turning around 180° sliding off the highway backwards. All I can think about at that moment was OMG my babies! Once my Suv slid into the grass on the shoulder of the highway sliding backwards we hit a road sign swiping it out of the ground like butter shattering the rear side window, as we continued to slide towards the brush and trees I grabbed both of my children to hold them in place bracing for impact. All of a sudden we are flipped over onto the driver side in the swamp water, the driver side windows shattered now sitting in the 3ft of water in the ditch. Thank God nobody was injured! I unbuckled both of my children hanging from there seats and helped them out of the vehicle up into the air sitting on the passenger rear door thinking that the suv was going to explode or catch fire wondering how we were going to get down off of the vehicle into the swamp with me being on one leg. We couldn't get down and had to wait for these two spanish men who didn't even speak English to pull over jump into the swamp and rescue my children and I. (My heros) I handed down my daughter and then my son and when it was my turn I was on one leg and couldn't figure out how I was going to get down because the bottom of the suv was extremely hot because the exhaust was right there. The man motioned at me to get on his shoulders while he was standing in the water so I literally jumped off of the vehicle onto his shoulders and he carried me to the dry grass with my children. Both of my crutches had been ejected from the vehicle and were underneath the Suv so I had to hop around on one leg for the time being. The person who spun out causing the accident was also in the swamp and came up to my children and I crying, thanking me for not hitting her vehicle and saying that I saved her life telling my children that their daddy was a hero for saving her life. The only problem was that I only carry basic state required insurance with no collision and because our vehicles did not touch during the incident her insurance was not at fault to cover my vehicle which was totaled. I was now without my vehicle and have no income to do anything. Well it gets even worse, unfortunately for me. I went to my surgeon the very next day to take ex rays and make sure I didn't further damage my leg. Everything looked fine and I thought to myself first and most important my children where safe and still here with me and without injuries. Second, the ex ray's of my leg came back the same as they currently have been. So ya I was upset about loosing my vehicle but blessed for my children and my safety. Thats all I was mostly concerned for because vehicles will always come and go you know. Well to put the icing on the cake about a week goes by and all of a sudden I am experiencing severe pain in my leg thinking maybe I slept on it wrong or something. After being in bed for the next few days in extreme pain it was the holliday weekend and that holiday sunday I was in so much pain that I called my surgeons after hour service and told him about the symptoms. He said come in and see me first thing a.m. . That morning my wound(hole) had once again erupted after being over 90% healed and the severe infection was back but there's a problem. Hurricane Irma was approaching and they could not admit me into the hospital. They put me on Two different antibiotics and told me that I had to wait out the storm for surgery. The storm had passed and I was back in the hospital on September 18, 2017. The lab results came back and the wound was once again infected. The surgeon said that it was possibly reinfected from the swamp water from the accident. The bones have still to this day not healed back together but because of the severity of the infection the surgeon has no choice but to remove the metal hardware that is holding the bones together because my body is not accepting the hardware and causing the infection to grow deeper(now putting me in a cast) . This is now my third surgery on the same leg almost 11 months later with no progress. The lab results that came back show that the infection is so deep that the bone is now infected with staph infection which is MRSA inside the bone (Osteomyelitis)  jeopardizing my life. I have now been in the hospital for one week and the surgeon has just informed me that I must stay in the hospital for six more weeks on a harsh antibiotic that is dangerous for my kidneys and needs to be injected into my body through a picc line which is a tube that is installed through my vein all the way directly into my heart to direct inject this crucial antibiotic fluid to cure this deadly infection so that I don't die because MRSA can become deadly if not properly treated with the correct antibiotics. To make matters worse my son was diagnosed with MRSA at age three which was detrimental to his mother and I because of how deadly it can be so now I cannot see my little boy until this infection is cured or I could risk re-infecting him which could possibly also kill him if not cured by correct treatment. MRSA becomes immune to antibiotics the more you have to take them and if the doctors cannot find an antibiotic that works you have a high risk of dying. I researched MRSA and 90,000 people are infected every year and 20,000 people are killed from this infection. Thats like 1 of every 5 people! I have been keeping my head held high taking positives from negatives praying multiple times daily to make it through this and honestly I am the last person to ask for anything from anyone and is why I have waited this long to do so. I regularly am a giver myself and have never been a taker. I do not expect anything from anyone because I have faith that I will make it through these horrendous times and eventually hopefully return to both of my feet in the future. I for once could use any kind of help from anyone who has a passion like I did to help those in need of help.      Anybody that has read this story I thank you so much for caring enough just to read about my tragic times even if you cannot help. If anything I hope my situation brings light to someone else's situation that may not be as sever or maybe more severe. I am thankful to say that I am still here and I still have my children to look forward to. Thank you for your time!
          Your generous donations will be going towards my medical bills and everything that I need medically to get the proper assistance for my recovery. Also, it will help me pay some of my child support to see my children through these rough times whom are the world to me. Without them I am lost and alone. Your kind donations will also help me buy the miscellaneous supplies such as healthy food etc. For a healthy faster recovery and pretty much everything I need to get through this unexpected nightmare! 
          If you are interested to see more pictures of my children and I, also my Landscape company that I had to shut down for the time being please go to Google and type in Scapes, Inc. - Palm Beach County Landscape designer and view the photos on my Google account.
          Thank you for your comments. I do appreciate them!
Jason J. von-Purkyne

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Jason von-Purkyne 
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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