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Sunday 4th February 2018

A few of you already know a little about Jenson the Boxer Dog and how he had been found in a bad state of health.  With the help of many people (no names are being mentioned) Jensons where-abouts were traced just this week and we are thrilled to announce that late this afternoon he is back in safe care.

We are having to set up this GoFundMe page as firstly Jenson had to be bought off the people who had him and he also has a large lump on his chest that needs to be removed asap, due to him having been abandoned and left pretty much uncared for before the current people were handed him.


If we can raise the money quickly then Jenson can be taken to the vets this coming week, the lump is huge and they don't wish to hold off the op longer than needed.

Jenson has qualified multiple times to get to Crufts in his short show career and  to see such a beautiful boy, as  he was, in this sad state is heart-breaking.  Now with the love, care and attention he will get it is hoped he will be putting on some weight soon.

Please feel free to ask questions and we will do our best to answer them for you.   We kindly thank everyone for taking the time to read this and hopefully donate something to pay towards Jensons operation. 

The people who have done all the hard work in getting Jenson back will be so grateful for any amount of monies received to help towards his care and veterinary costs. 

 Thank you once again for sparing your time to read.


Tuesday 6th February 2018

Today Jenson has been to the vet in Wales for a pre-op consultation.   This has cost us £80.99.  On Thursday Jenson will be in to the vets to have the lump removed and sent off for analysing.  We will keep you up to date with the costs of bills and other expense as we go along.  The important thing is that we keep the donations coming in as Jenson will be having many trips back to the vets whilst convalescing.  

Thank you to everyone who has so far sent us donations to help towards the costs.   Everything is much appreciated, even if you can only afford £5. 




Thursday 8th February 2018

(This is a copy of todays update in case you are not finding them to read)
JENSON - He’s home from his surgery but very weak and has to go back tomorrow for his post op check.
Linda, would like to thank every body that donated so far but stresses we have a long way to go yet.
Jenson will be back and fore the vet for a while as he has other things that needs seeing to. Like his mouth needs sorting also his ears. But obviously it was all to much to do it in one go.
The lump is now being sent off so we know what we are dealing with.
Jenson has to be kept warm and be make take it easy. Linda said he’s a Boxer! Linda has been really worried today thinking she was going to lose him, although as she says, he's not out of the woods yet.
In todays update there is a photo of the lump removed and a copy of todays vet bill.
Already we owe £968.72 - this is for the purchase of Jenson and the 2 vet bills this week. So we are urgently asking for your help as more vet visits are required.

Monday 7th May 2018

I have been asked to deactivate the account now.  As we have enough money in the kitty to pay for further treatment as and when required.  Jenson is doing ok, is happy and playing and recovered well.  

Thank you to every single person who has donated here and privately.  Any money left over will be going to Boxer Rescue as was already discussed.


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