Jenny's House Fire

  I am making this gofundme page for my mother (Jenny) due to a house fire (more details later). Do you know anyone thats had to deal with the after effects of a house fire? Have you been the one to deal with the after effects of a house fire? this is my mother's story and it is not an easy one to explain.

This all started almost three months ago, Jenny (my mother) called me she was crying. I asked her what is going on are you okay? her response was no... She said papa ( my step father ) is going to jail for choking her, dumping pitchers of water on her.
this alone wasn't easy for my mother they have been married for almost 23 years.

He was in jail for about 48-72 hours (the first time), he was let out and there was a no contact placed for the safety of my mother, He was also charged with domestic violence. When he got out the first thing he did was go to the closest gas station and buy a bottle of the devil himself ( drinking isn't always poison, but some people can not drink due to their own poison. ) he got into the jeep and drove (drunk) to Illinois for  the next 24 hours he was drinking and driving and building up so much hatred towards my mother for "putting him in jail".

He drove back to Iowa somewhere inbetween he wrecked their jeep. I don't know how or on what we will probably never get that story. While back in Iowa, he violates the "no contact", he spends the next 55 days in jail.

FAST FORWARD: 08/21/2018
The day he got out was Tuesday, from the start he was calling my mother, she didn't feel safe she went and got a hotel room so he wouldn't know where she was. she was afraid for her life, I was afraid for my mothers life, she's my best friend, I talk to her everyday. She's smart, bright and has the most amazing smile that is so contiguous. she has these amazingly blue eyes that smile when she looks at you. What would I do if something happened to her? she made the right choice, for her safety.

He went back to the house the day he got out and that is where the self destruction started. He was reminded that there was a no contact in place. He went and got  another phone, so he could continue to contact my mother as well as myself. He demanded for me to tell him where my mother was. mind you I live in Arizona, I didn't even know where at exactly my mother was staying. He then called me and asked me "can we come stay with you?" I said no, not because I didn't want to see them it just was not possible because of my living situation as well as I have two children of my own. He started yelling at me " send me your address now!" "WE need to come see the grandchildren before we go on to our next place"... 

I was scared what did that mean honestly? I called my mother and said " mom I'm scared for you, I cant lose you. please go to the police station with the violation of the no contact. she did they placed 2 warrents for his arrest on Friday 8/24/18. Saturday he contacted my mother twice more. So they issued out another 2 warrants on 8/25/2018. so a total of 4 warrants.

Tuesday MORNING 8/28/2018
At this point he had 4 warrants for his arrest for violating the no contact, because of how many warrants were issued in such a short amount of time the police decided we need to make a visit.

They came to the house knocked on the front door, no answer.  They went to the back yard to go to the back door and thats when they saw the smoke coming out of the house, they called the fire department and kicked the back door down and thats where they found my step father passed out, naked, on the kitchen floor. with self inflicted wounds. They asked him what happened he said "I must have dropped a cigarette".

My mother got the call, she couldn't go into the house because it was under investigation. ( my mother works fire jobs, water jobs most natural disasters, but she has never been on this side of the tracks) after the investigation they informed her he broke all the windows, popped all the tires as well as dented every panel of the car in the garage.

They talked to him at the hospital. He told them, "I taught Jenny everything she knows about construction and now she makes more money then me, I was being vindictive and I wanted to take everything she loved away from her.

This part is very disturbing and graphic please do not read this if u have a weak stomach.
The detective asked him what happened, he said " my plan was to slit my wrist, set the house on fire, pass out from the loss of blood and die of smoke inhalation. I took half of a months worth of my blood thinners and and slit my wrist in the bedroom, as I was bleeding I remembered I didn't start the fire. I went down to the basement and started the fire, walked back upstairs and sat in my recliner, I wasnt bleeding enough so I took even more blood thinners and cut deeper. I was sitting there smoking a cigarette when I noticed the smoke was getting to thick i couldn't breathe, I started to panic and tried to open the front door, but  I couldnt get the door open. I went to go to the back door but the basement staircase is right there and the amount of smoke was very thick and that is when I passed out in the kitchen".

NOW, he said his goal was so take everything my mother loved. HE did and probably more then he will ever realize. EVERYTHING is gone. memories, pictures, every house hold item that is essential is gone. He is in the hospital once he is stablized completely (because of all the blood thinners) he will be released into police custody for the warrants as well as arson2 charges.

Now, this brings me all the way back up to the top. I made this page for my mother, she has no home nowhere to go, nor has the insurance gave her an answer as to if they will cover it, since it was done intentionally. She will need to start over again, having some funds to help her start will be such an amazing help to her, she needs a bed, living room furniture, a down payment, clothes, pots, pans, food, a vehicle. Every day essentials that you may not think about cost so much money to buy at once during a tragedy like this.
This would mean so much to me to try to help my mother in anyway we can to kind of lift the weights on her shoulders at this time, anything helps and the amount of appreciation I have for everyone is greater then you will ever know.
thank you for taking the time to read my mother's story.
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