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Jeff and Donna Saufley, need your help!

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Jeff and Donna Saufley, beloved family and dear friends to so many whose lives they have touched, need your help.

On February 24th Donna was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. This condition came as a complete surprise, as Donna was healthy and active right up to that point. Within 5 days of the initial diagnosis, Donna had to undergo intrusive brain surgery to remove the tumor. Although most of the cancer was removed some could not be, typical of the difficulty with this type of malignant brain tumor. As a result of the surgery, Donna suffered a post-operative stroke. As a result of the stroke her speech and some cognitive capacities have been affected as well as her ability to move her right side. The stroke has left her unable to walk, dress, shower, or care for herself so she is now dependent on round-the-clock care from caregivers (primarily Jeff). Donna and Jeff are now engaged in the long and hard process of cancer treatment, which will involve many months of both radiation and chemotherapy. Donna is still in phenomenally high spirits with her characteristic optimistic attitude as they get ready for the long-term battle with this cancer.

Saving Donna’s life will require more than just love and care, it will be extremely expensive. Jeff has had to leave work indefinitely to care for Donna. The cost of care associated with what will be a long and difficult battle with cancer will be extraordinary. Out-of-pocket medical expenses alone could easily amount to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, there are many other costs that will not be covered by any medical insurance, such as the installation of wheelchair access ramps to their home, modifying their bathroom for disabled access, and the fact Jeff has had to leave work in order to care for Donna full time.

First, we ask for your prayers and best wishes on behalf of the Saufleys with the hope that Donna’s recovery goes well. Second, we have started this Go Fund Me to help relieve just some of the financial burden from the Saufleys so they can focus on Donna’s care and recovery.


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