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Jade in better times...

At about 10:15am Wednesday, June 14th Kris was laying on the couch in the living room with his two dogs, Jade (approximately 7 1/2 years old) and Mr. Trooper (approximately 1 1/2 years old). They are both rescue dogs - Mr. Trooper was abandoned and Jade was abused and then sheltered. Kris adopted Jade 6 years ago this week when she was 1 1/2 yo. Neither has ever hurt anyone. Kris got up to use the bathroom, while in the bathroom he heard the front screen door open, the other door was open due to how hot it was that day. He wasn't concerned as friends, neighbors and family often come in and out of my house. He then heard the dogs barking, which is rare. He could also hear one crying and yelping. It was clear one was not in the house. He finished up quickly but wasn't outside for a few minutes.
As he reached the back porch about twelve people were standing around Jade on the back driveway. Carlos, one of his neighbors, picked her up from the driveway on the ground by the front porch and brought her back. The mailman, a guy about Kris's size (5'8, 140 pounds, with black hair, a little bit of grey) was still there. 
Jade was shaking, on her side, and clearly immobile. Kris then asked the mailman, who was standing further away from the crowd, if he was ok. At that point we thought Jade fell off the front porch which is about 12 and 1/2 inches high.  We rushed her to Montgomery Animal Hospital in Kris's neighbor Eric's car.  We spent several hours there and she had an exam and three X-rays. They said there were no broken bones or fractures yet advised us to take her to a bigger hospital to check for separated discs in the back and/ or neurological or nerve damage.  When Kris returned back home with his baby girl the mail was INSIDE his front foyer - inside the house. Two pieces of junk mail - his regular mailman usually leaves his mail on the front covered porch that has a table. It wasn't until later Kris found out it wasn't his regular mailman that day. Kristine, the Fort Washington Post Office Manager, told Kris the mailman had five years of experience and knew there were two dogs inside my house. You cannot open a front door and expect the dogs not to react. Most often it is friends, or family or neighbors and they know them and everything is fine (they jump up and try to give you kisses!).  Not a stranger though. (Dogs guard there their homes - that is what they are suppose to do.)
We took Jade to Hickory Valley Animal Hospital on Thursday, they were concerned and advised her to stay the night for tests. She was released on Friday afternoon on several medications: Gabapentin, Prednisone, and Famotidine (Pepcid). 
Friday morning Kris was out front of his house when a gentleman he sees regularly walking from the bus stop to work said hello. That is normally the extent of his conversations with him. He asked Kris, "How your dog?" His English is a little broken. Kris didn't feel the need to explain the situation so I said "Fine" even though she was in the hospital. He said, "No, the one with the mailman!"  Kris replied oh, she is in the hospital. He said "Why he kept kicking and kicking her?" and showed a stomping like action. Kris said "What?!?!?"  Kris asked  him for his name and he said, "No. Not involved.  I so sorry!" Kris replied, " I understand."  This makes sense now for 3 vets told us the kind of dog Jade is does not have this kind of injury on its own.
Kris called the Flourtown Post Office the next Monday to report a complaint. Kris called back on Wednesday and spoke to Kristine, the morning supervisor.  She told him the mail carrier made a report the same day of the incident. What blew Kris  away was she said he reported Kris opened the door and the mailman "handed him the mail". He ABSOLUTELY did not. Kris was literally on the toilet. Kris's neighbors Eric and Carlos told him they saw Jade laying and crying at the front porch with the mailman standing there. Carlos picked her up and carried her out back. They said they asked the mailman what happened. According to them he said "I don't know. I have no idea."
Kris also called the Springfield Police whom told him to call 911 to get an officer dispatched. Officer Jim Mellon arrived within 10 minutes. He said it was a civil matter that must be handled between Kris and the USPS and/ or in court. He did make a report, numbered #17-08595. Kris is  requesting all documents from the Post Office through the FOIA and will seek legal action. 
As of the time of this incident, Jade is paralyzed from the back down. Both of her back legs are immobile. She has three cuts on her. Kris has to walk her with a harness to relieve herself. At home she army crawls and drags her body to move around - this sight is devastating. She is strong in spirit yet unable to use her paralyzed legs. Due to high medical bills we opted for medical management for two weeks, this did not help her. Jade did have a cat scan on friday and it appears she does not have a neurological problem except that her nerves cannot communicate with her back legs because of a ruptured disc in her vertebrae (spine between her front shoulders and back). This means the mailman must have kicked her back several times. Jade is 7 and 1/2 years old and like a child to Kris. The vet  thinks with surgery and PT Jade has an 85% chance to walk again. Kris wants to give her that chance yet due to relocating and now job hunting does not have those funds.
The total costs we are:
Initial Montco Animal Hospital visit - $447.00
Initial Hickory Valley Animal Hospital Visit - $900.00
Hickory Valley CatScan - $1220.20
Recommended Surgery to be done ASAP - $3,000 cap ($1,500 down) 
Recommended One Month Rehabilitation - approximately $1,000

Total - $6,567.20

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.
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