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Thank-You Gift Categories & Description

I wish to send to each being who contributes to my campaign, for it will help me immensely and very hopefully open new musical doors and adventures to me and to everyone, a sweet thank-you gift. It is my sincere way to thank The Universe for You Gift, and to pass forward the creative gifts it gives me!!! This for me is very pure!!! So, below, are the details. Please specify your desired donation!!! This will be very helpful to me... and be patience in receiving them, as I will keep everyone posted of my progress in finding producers to work with, and the whole record production process---which is all new to me and a huge learning experience and gift to come!!! There are distinctions only in case the donator lives in Leipzig, or outside, so please read carefully, and ask me questions if you have any... Thank You!!!

1Euros to 9Euros donations... a personal email from me, provided I have an email address and the donator wishes and expresses so!
10Euros to 18Euros... a personal note via regular mail!
18Euros... early digital access to all tracks, after they are all finished, pre-record release date!
18Euros... a one of a kind, personalized short poem or text by Jacqueline Boom-Boom, hand or typewritten!
25Euros... one original signed concert poster, personalized to the donator!
29Euros... one original limited edition signed and numbered vinyl record of the yet-to-be-named Jacqueline Boom-Boom album!
75Euros... one home-cooked dinner, lunch or breakfast cooked by Jackie for you and 4 guests at Jackie's home! (Leipzig only!) 
75Euros... a one hour crystal stones & swedish massage session by Jackie at Jackie's! (Leipzig only/for private session at your home a donation of 99Euros please!)
 108Euros... VIP and back stage access for two people to concerts in Leipzig, organized by Jackie, when possible! (Leipzig only)
108Euros... one small original, signed and dated "creature" or abstract painting by Jackie, of Jackie's thoughtful choosing! (Shipping not included: we will communicate about shipping privately, please)
209Euros... one private performance with duration of 30 up to 45 minutes maximum! The donator provides an adequate high quality PA system & lots lots lots of Love and wonderful energy... for up to 108 guests, in non-commercial venue only! A suitable date to found in the extent of one year's calendar time, so performance can be peacefully scheduled! (Leipzig only)
600Euros... one private performance with duration of 30 up to 45 minutes maximum! The donator provides an adequate high quality PA system, suitable accommodations for one night for Jackie and 1-2 guest max, & lots lots lots of Love and wonderful energy... for up to 108 guests, in non-commercial venue only! A suitable date to found in the extent of one year's calendar time and Jackie's availability taken into full consideration and thoughtfulness, so performance can be peacefully scheduled! (Germany only)

(Video-Transkription in deutscher Sprache )

Ich glaube und fühle ehrlich, dass nicht nur ich immens von diesem musikalischen Projekt profitieren werde, sondern, dass das Ergebnis dessen mit Tiefe und Bedeutung und Liebe zur Schönheit des Universums beitragen wird!

Das Geld wird direkt an mich gehen, um mir auf folgende Weise zu helfen:
-ich möchte mein erstes hochwertiges Album auf CD, digital und Vinyl produzieren
- die benötigte Aufnahmeausrüstung zu beschaffen, um ein Heimstudio aufzubauen, in dem ich Musik selbst produzieren kann. Hierzu zählen: starke Lautsprecher, Mixer, Mikrofon und ein funktionierender PC
- mir teilweise bei persönlichen Ausgaben, wie Reisekosten für zukünftige Tourneen und Konzerte zu helfen und mich dabei zu unterstützen, mein kreatives Leben mit etwas mehr finanzieller Leichtigkeit zu gestalten.

Es ist eine entscheidende Zeit in meinem Leben, in der mein Visum für den Aufenthalt in Deutschland noch in Arbeit ist und ich weiß, dass ich durch meine Musik und Auftritte schließlich genug verdienen kann, um  finanziell gut durchzukommen. Doch um dort anzukommen, wird es mir sehr helfen die nötige Technologie zu besitzen. Damit ich mit viel Disziplin an einem schönen Album arbeiten kann, so dass meine Musik weiter verbreitet werden kann. Und dieser ganze Prozess kann mir sicherlich auch mit meinem Visum als Musikerin helfen.

Vielen Dank an jedes Wesen, das etwas zu meiner Kampagne beiträgt, denn es ist etwas Kraftvolles und zukunftsweisendes für mich!
Die Bedeutung ist nicht nur finanziell, sondern weit darüber hinaus:
Es ist die Liebe, die wir teilen, während wir uns gegenseitig helfen!
Lots of Poofy-Poofy Love & Infinite Gratitude...

*** English bio

On music & upbringing:

Jacqueline Boom-Boom shares on and off the stage a message of Universal Love... A message that connects us all through the beauty and power of music, dance, and the light inside each of us! 
Jackie sings and performs danceable electronic pop beats, which are synthesizer-infused, and playful! With humor, passion and positivity, Boom-Boom's powerful vocals hit trippy highs, and bring us not back down, but instead guide us to far away galaxies where we get lost in loving madness and gratitude for being alive! A being who seeks to live outside all boxes, Jackie's performances speak new languages, touches us all over, and opens up A Universe of Love through music, movement, light, and togetherness... My first memories of music are so pure, as I watched my mother turn the radio on each morning, and along with listening to the news, she awaited her favorite songs to play! And then, she sang along with the sweetest melodic voice of an Angel... I think then, in those days of my innocent and strong and delicate childhood, my appreciation and love for music began and flourishes for ever more. I grew up in Brazil, in a small rural town without much culture or links to culture, and left it early in my life at 18 to adventures of life that I could not ever have imagined! I lived in Rio de Janeiro, then in San Francisco (CA), and in New York City, returning to SF for four years, before moving to Berlin, and ultimately, to my beloved for ever more Leipzig... Although, I sang often at home in group jam sessions, it was back in 2014 at a large jam session at a friend's house in Leipzig that I felt what my voice can do and does, from this beautiful Light that is my Soul! And a little over a year later, I met a friend named Per Anders Reme, who would change my life, because of our powerful and pure and beautiful connection as friends and as experimental music collaborators! Per fully produced and mixed all my first recorded tracks, which include Tomato Cheeky-Cheeky-Ya-Ya-Yaaa, Dance With You I Wanna Dance With You, My Sweet Sweet Darling, A Poem For Ellie, and others! From those days with Per and that time, an incredibly and even more powerful and ever-flowing love for music took over my being. I love singing and performing on the stage, giving all I have inside from my voice and Soul, and I feel and recognize this, that I am beyond blessed to sing about Love, with Love, and that I share always a message of Universal Love, this Love that can and will save the World and unite us for ever more in Light!!!
This is a short story of my music in life, my life in music, and this incredibly journey. I feel sincerely that I live and breathe music, that my Soul is made of this beauty!!! So I wish to humbly and beautifully and peacefully and lovingly soar, fly, progress, evolve, and create create create and share it for ever!!!

On art, film, radio, theater, writing, & A Creative Expansive Unending Life of Love:

As a child, I remember looking at things in nature and being mesmerized by their shapes and colors and textures and smells and feeling... and I knew then that everything is alive! That we all have Souls of Light inside, and that We Are Made Of Love... and I think that because of my early exposure to television, a little black and white set during those first years, as that was all my father could afford with Love, I watched things and began to respond to what spoke to me deep inside. I was hyper sensitive to news of war and destruction, of human suffering, and I knew in some innocent way that I was already a peacemaker, a conciliator, a bringer of unity... And, I was also attracted to characters and beings that we softer and yet strong, and to beings that read and collected books and made music and loved paintings and ancient art and color and shine!!! And so after I got my first "real job" as an office assistant at bank, and began to make a little salary that was a lot for a kid to make a 14 years of age, I started to order books via the mail (old days' style!), and to bought my first few vinyl records, and I wrote and wrote and wrote incessantly and read during quiet times in the locked bedroom of my parents, which was the least noisy place in the whole house of madness in which I grew up. I would often come home after school, and sit with one or two of my sisters to watch the "Afternoon Movie" session, which was always some cowboy, or romance or comedy classic 1940s/50s/60s film!!! And I learned a lot, and unlearned a lot of what was shown... And I Love Art, because this was always inside of me, whether I had come from a financially richer family, or from the beautiful much much less richer family from which I came and Love!!! I believe that when we need something, when something is wonderful for our Soul, if we are not "fortunate" enough to have it easily as some beings do, then we go peacefully looking for it... and when we lucky-as-fuck, we find it and it finds us and we then fully awaken to Love!!! Doing what we Love, living the life that makes not only ourselves happy and full and content, but that which shares this with of Humanity and The Universe. To me life is art, and to uncover this art, to nourish it, and to feed it with goodness not only for myself but for all, is an immense and everlasting gift.

As a creative being, I have made countless paintings and drawings, and written many texts, poems, thoughts, songs, and all else in all directions!!! And I have made short films, mostly documentary/experimental films, and some music videos. Film has, like countless other art forms, a beautiful place inside of me. Here in Leipzig, I also had the pleasure to act in a couple of theatrical plays by Stephen Seidel, which was something new and incredibly touching for me to do. I am inspired and magnetized by creativity and creative beings, and I can and do find beauty and power and purity all around... and a part of this is also sharing in artistic collaborations that become little registers of Love! When we create, we never ever create alone!!! This is a powerful thing to recognize, to see, to embrace fully... We never ever create alone!!! PowPowPow!!! Anyway, I have collaborated with friends who are dancers, photographers, musicians, graphic designers, painters, filmmakers, theatrical, fashion poofies, and so on...and what is lovely and wonderful about these collaborations is that they experimental and open and free of pretension; factors that are equally important to me and that I cherish and wish always there, present!!! So, this is a bit of a synopsis of my creative processes and thoughts.

The Journey Is Endless, Because Love Is Endless...

Jackie Boom-Boom

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