After healing from being shot in a banquet hall with a stray bullet, which was traumatizing. Dionne began a new-job which she loved! Her car was being serviced so she needed a ride to work. An old friend had messaged her that morning asking if she wanted to go for a ride... she loves ro
Ride bikes and it was beautiful
Outside! Within a minute of being on the bike her “friend” had put her in extreme danger risking both of their lives he decided to bring her on a high speed chase. Out of nowhere he lost control at 90 and hit a guard rail throwing Dionne one hundred feet from the bike landing on a tree. That tree almost severed her leg off!
Dionne won’t be able to walk for two years. She is currently not receiving any help
Ore compensation she is unable to give her kids the Christmas they deserve! My bills are piling up
The ambulance alone was a couple thousand. ONE TRIP TO THE BONE DOCTOR IS 6,700$ and that is every two
Weeks. The cost of the prescriptions is out of the roof. Every little bit counts
Every little bit would be one less stress reliever from someone who needs to relax and heal stress does take a toll
On the body.

I’m a single mother awaiting another surgery, I am bound to my bed and wheelchair for the next year and a half. I’m more concerned with my two children not having a Christmas... I may never walk again but at lease I’m alive. I really need and appreciate any help. I’ve worked since I was 14 and now I don’t know how I’m going to make ends meet. Any little bit counts ... even just sharing the page. Please and God bless

On Friday 9/8 Dionne was involved in a motorcycle accident because the driver she was with decided against her knowing or will to run from the police. Dionne did beg and plead with the driver to just pull over, he would not and as a result he then crashed into a guardrail and she was flown into the woods where many trees broke her fall. From the result of the accident she is now in ICU and severely injured, as of now her right leg is in danger of being amputated, insurance will help only a little and she needs more help with medical bills, expenses and for future surgeries . Any help anyone can do is greatly appreciated anyone who knows Dionne knows she has a big heart and is always willing to help someone else so if you can ...please help her when she truly needs it the most.

This is my story Now that I am conscious and copy Tete and not Emma lately checked on able to tell my story this is my story

I was thrown a hundred feet and left to die by someone I had known for 15 years. TRUST NO ONE WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!! Sometimes wanting to live a little may cause you not to live at all. This past summer I missed out on a lot being that I have gotten shot which is a whole Nother story but I had no way to work at an old friend who had popped up at my new job was inboxing me through Facebook asking for me to go for a ride on his motorcycle. I figured hey, it's beautiful out why not? So I grabbed my helmet put on my thick jeans sneakers and had my mom pick me up and bring me to her shop so he could pick me up there. As my mother and I were pulling in, he was as well and all seemed to be working going smoothly so I didn't have any bad feelings nor did my mother. The only thing different was, he normally drives a Harley and this time he had a red crotch rocket.I gave my mom a hug and she told him"You better take care of my daughter and drive safe." and he said "I'm A good driver. " put his shield down on his helmet I got on and said "you know I just got over a broken leg so take it easy OK" he said "I got you babe don't worry." He drove down the driveway and took a right onto mohawk Ave, As we pull up to the light by jumping jacks at the beginning the bridge there was a Glenville police officer parked in the median. He was looking at us I looked quick and then looked forward and since I had my helmet on so I figured no point in trying to wave because he probably didn't know who I was anyway. Then my stomach began to have knots because I felt like something wasn’t right. We drove over the bridge doing The speed limit but as we hit the end near the college he sped up to 60 real fast real quick and at that point I lifted my face shield on my helmet and yelled to him to "let me off! if your going to drive crazy!" I did not know his intentions. He said “babe stop it”At that point the police officer began to slowly follow us far behind. We pulled up to the light in the left turning lane to turn in front of the greyhound bus station. We sat through three light changes in our light stayed red I figured that the weight of the bike the road wasn't recognizing us and we were going to have to make some movements that before anybody could say anything he decided to cut over all three lanes to the right and take a right on red. The road was clear, there wasn't any cars there but it was definitely not A very smart move. Immediately after he took that right I looked behind me and saw the cop with his lights & sirens on. I told him "There's a cop behind us!! Pull over!" It seemed as tho he was slowing down to pull over. I was wrong at the yield where I thought he was stopping I wasn't holding on very well he pulled out into heavy traffic on between two trucks with barely any room and I almost flew off there. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH AT THIS POINT! He could’ve killed us there I wasn’t holding on and almost flew off. I know the cop
Seen this and me flipping out. He was heading towards the highway and clearly wasn't pulling over. He could've very easily let me off at Sunoco and ran, that would've been a better get away plan because the cop would've questioned me instead of following him. I held on to him for dear life I hit on the stomach and said "pullover pullover the police are behind us!" holding on by one arm and the other scratching and hitting him as hard as I could. He was turning on to the highway 890 going towards Rotterdam speeding weaving in and out of traffic of the cars coming off the SCCC ramp but they couldn't see us due to the rate of speed we were going, As we were approaching the oncoming traffic there I was scared to death I began to pray to God to keep me safe all I could picture was my mother asking him to keep me safe. I was thinking is this really happening? Another near death experience I had to survive that one he then speeds up as fast as he can I almost flew off the back of the bike and just figured I'm going to hold onto him for dear life because if I fall off of this bike at this very moment I'm going to die instantly. At this moment so many things are running through my head how did something so simple a joy ride to work, that was supposed to be relaxing and and fun for me turn into me almost losing my life???? I have two children that need me!!!! I feel my mother's voice going over and over in my head saying please take care of my daughter, please take care of my daughter. Now I begin to pray to God asking for protection. I wish I never had to live through this. I never thought this would happen to me nor did I think of somebody I have known for so long would be so Careless with my life. Apparently not everyone is built the same as me. Some people just live for the moment not caring who or what they distort in their path. I have no respect for anyone that lives that way I pray for him and whoever raised him to be so careless with life. Back to the story, We began to approach the open highway headed towards Rotterdam square mall where the lanes turned from four lanes to 3 and he sped up to about 80 or 90 miles per hour, that’s how fast it felt, I’m not exactly sure but the officer was close behind. I can't call it but all I can say was there were no other cars on that highway but us and that police officer behind us. We had an open road he didn’t hit a rock? He didn’t loose control, he for no reason at all just slowly turned towards the guard rail and smashed into it. Idk why he didn’t slow down and just pull over maybe he wanted to die? But why would he want to kill me? In my head I knew it was over for me. I prayed for my family and kids as he crossed the white line to the gravel I saw everyone I loved flash before my eyes, a feeling I never ever want to feel again.

At that rate I should’ve died. There was no reason at all for him to hit the guard rail. He was going at least 80-90 mph, the police said 55 or 60 that's bullshit because it was illegal
To pursue with me on the back the bike is illegal. So once the bike hit I moved my body toward the left to avoid the concrete I closes my helmet and I crossed my arms and I tucked my body as I flew hitting branches and leaves. The smell of the leaves was so distinct it haunts me til today. A tree stopped my flight broke my fall fifteen feet in the air a hundred feet from where we crashed. I remember everything vividly. I never blacked out due to how many traumas I’ve been through.
I hit the tree and felt the thump run through my body. It felt as if I was in the air forever. O layer there I minute trying to
Figure out if I was alive or dead. I started at the sky and I felt both of my arms move I felt my air come out of my mouth then I knew I was alive. I sat up
And began to rub all over I don't know where my helmet went if it fell
Off on mid air. But when I saw my righ sneaker upside down and my two bones sticking straight up in the air I wanted to loose it. I took a deep breath and I tried to ruen my sneaker around and realized my leg was barely attached only by an inch of skin. leg I don't know it didn’t knock me out but I was awake the whole time. I was in the middle of the woods I began to scream
For help over and over for about ten minutes. Noah ran over to me laid me on top of him. He then ran away after seeing my leg saying he was getting help. He never came back I heard sirens so I knew there was help I yelled and yelled and still no response. I didn’t want to bleed out and die in those woods. It was fight or flight I had no idea how far I flew I knew It had to be far... I yelled help!!!!help me!!!someone help me!!" I looked around and i couldn't see a single soul. don't know what to do we heard sirens and I knew Either way he wasn't coming back he left me there to die. The cops “claimed” they didn’t see me on the bike because they weren’t supposed to peruse so I find them just as responsible as I do noah! I at that point bacon ronpull my body with my arms sighing my fingers and nails into the dirt. Dragging my severed leg and my mouth in. The dirt closer to the sound of the sirens. I never fought so hard o must have dragged 30 feet and gave up the pain was unbearable. I turned over and stared at the sky watching the beautiful trees blow in the wind. It was actually peaceful. I said to myself I guess this is how I’m going to die. I laid there a minute or so I yelled for help a few more times and I gave up I pulled my head up so weak to look at my leg I wanted to turn my shoe the right side up and I saw my bone full of dirt, with a spider right on the tip. That brown thing The size of my thumb nail Just looking at me. I swear it turned its head to examine me back and forth? I was in shock I’m deathly afraid of them. I then had the biggest energy boost and I crawled out of those woods with the strength from God there’s no other way to explain it.i made. It to the edge like 5 feet from the bank. I saw four large dump trucks and a few Police carsbut no ambulance... it must have been twenty minutes at this point since the crash! I screamed at the top of my lungs no one heard me. I felt helpless and i was not going to die there in those woods I had my family to get make it home to! After ten minutes of screaming and no one was even looking. It was very noisy so I knew that no matter how much I yelled nobody would hear me. I screamed as as loud as I could but I realized the yelling could make me go
Into shock. This must have been one of the most scariest moments of my life. I turned around and gave up once again over the noise of the sirens and these loud ass trucks it would be impossible to be heard. I then saw an angel she sat down beside me and she put my head on her lap and started to pet my head saying “ just breathe in your nose and out your mouth calm down, then she began to ask me what's your name?" I was almost gone but she gave me strength I said "Dionne my name is Dionne We need to call my mom" she began to yell “We. need an EMt Now!!!!!! I have a victim over here she's in bad shape!!!" Every time I started to cry she would talk to me calm me down wouldn't let me touch my leg she kept saying "everything will be fine." I kept trying to reach for my leg to reattach it and shesaid that I wasn’t bleeding bad that it was fixable but if I didn’t calm down my body would go into shock. She told me she was a nurse. Which reassures me and calmed me a little bit. For a good amount of time my head was on her lap she was talking to me and rubbing my hair hugging me and keeping me conscious. Next thing I know Two paramedics run over and asked me to spell my name. I began to become frustrated because the kept repeating it. Linda my angel then told them my leg had serious damage and they needed a stretcher immediately. The said they were with the fire department that the ambulance was on the way. They continued to ask me questions making me very irritable. As maybe another ten minutes goes by with my head still in Linda’s lap they came the paramedics with the ambulance did the same this asking me my name Linda then told them she is bleeding out to he me to the hospital pronto! They begin to cut my clothes off of me pushing on all parts of my body. Apparently ro make sure I didn’t have any interior damage to my organs, I was yelling and saying no because not only am I now excruciating pain but I'm naked too! I felt so violated. I was being asked to spell my name over and over now by 6 different people. Mind you all I can think of is am I going to live or am I going to die??? I had no energy left And why am I still laying in the dirt? Where's the stretcher!! naked in the Woods bugs crawling on me, leg barely hanging on but by an inch of skin, yet I'm trying to keep my cool as much as possible but every single person that came up to me asking me my birthday and my name and to spell it and at that point I was extremely upset and just wanted help. They put a plastic neck brace on me which was the worst Because I’m claustrophobic. They tried to go get him in there before me and clearly my injuries succeeded his by far, the woman that was helping me, Linda was a flight nurse and she screamed for me to get that paramedic to get that Ambulance, still naked laying there dirt all over me inside my wound bugs crawling all over me they come and ask me to spell my name again I can't tell you how annoyed I was with just wanting to get to the hospital and everybody just wants me to spell my name I felt so violated and hurt and so many ways by him by them by the police officers the only person I thought that was on my side was Linda she was my guardian angel! had she not been there I probably would've lost it she kept me conscience and she kept me calm and I thank God for bringing her to me. After what I would consider which I had no idea how long but I would say approximately 45 minutes of me laying in the in the dirt they finally got me on a stretcher and got me in an ambulance at that point they're screaming to the driver to rush rush rush and I'm thinking in my head you weren't worried about rushing when you were asking me to spell my name over and over. That was the longest ride of my life the pain was absolutely unbearable and every bump or each time he braked I felt like I was going to die. The female paramedic was very helpful and compassionate I was glad since I was all exposed that she was the one to take care of me. When we finally got to albany MED I had just received some pain meds but they barely touched it I was told my leg was not fixable. From the crawling and amount of time it took me to get to the hospital I had a 10% chance on keeping my leg. Automatically the hoapital wanted to amputate. The didn’t tell me only my family. This hung over their heads for three days. Apparently this is why they didn’t want any visitors. My father called my lawyer he was there in 20 minutes he told those doctors to find a way to fix my leg because I did have feeling in my foot. Turns out that that 1 inch of me that my leg was hanging on by had both of my arteries in it and veins that I needed. So if my lawyer never would’ve came I would’ve had my leg if you dated this is why I trust none of these doctors here I feel like they didn’t want to even work on me I don’t know if it was my insurance the fact that I have Dallas through Medicaid or they’re just plain lazy because it was a hard job and I just didn’t want to do it. Now I’m here going on a month exactly in and I’ve been in pain the entire time a piece of my thigh was put on my shit my bones are all still broken but my leg was saved thanks to my lawyer and family for advocating for me. Even Or thanks to God for answering all of my prayers I didn’t stop praying I prayed to God the entire time.He listened to my prayers. At this point chances are good. My family has been by my side They threw a beautiful party for my son so he felt loved on his birthday that was one of the hardest things I had to do and I could never take back was not able to be there for him and my grandmother has been here damn near every day if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be washed or bathed. It’s amazing how when something happens to you and your soul solo and alone in a room and people you thought were your friends and he thought they cared about you I would constantly call you have now drifted away nor come to see you or you can send a card I have about 20 cards on my window and there from people that I don’t even know people from my grandmothers church people supporting me that I’ve never even met. People donating to my go fund me that I’ve never even met people that I believe I’m going to Carry on a relationship with. All others are a memory in the past. Even my daughter‘s father called me numerous times and tried to come see me I haven’t had a relationship with him in years my mother has been taking care of my kids and my good friends have been helping her as well and I appreciate all of that today I sat here 8 AM I’ve spent the past three hours writing this and I may fall back asleep I may not but I’m preparing for another large surgery this Tuesday I wasn’t going to post this on Facebook but I figure hey why not tell the story why not tell my near death experience but shit like this only makes people like me stronger. I have a good six more months of recovery left in me and I can assure you and that is done I will be so far from here and far from everyone because now I realize Schenectady is just poison. The only visit that I really care about at this point ore my kids and they can only see me on the weekends because they’re in school and this week was the first week I could see them because I’ve been in intensive care the whole time and they were an allowed but so many stories have been said and I just wanted THE TRUTH TO BE told so here’s mine take it or leave it I have nothing to prove to anyone. I have a long recovery ahead of me any of you speaking on my name wouldn't be able to go through half of what I had or be able to deal with half of what Ive endured I know that I'm a warrior and I won't give up I have two beautiful children to live for whom I love dearly God is on my side and everything happens for a reason. Every time I get upset and I wonder why all these bad things happen to me I look at Jesus and I see what he went through and it just keeps me kicking. God bless.


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