Independent Bookstore Literacy Campaign

Welcome to Kindred Creatives Art and Literary Press, we are glad you are here! We are gearing up to open a Brick and Mortar Space in Lewisville, TX. What will we have you ask?

We here at Kindred Creatives have a love for literacy and creativity and we want to share our joy with the world but even more so Lewisville and Denton County.

The Bookstore:
Will focus on Early Childhood Literacy, YA, Poetry and Literary Works. Mission is to have 60% of the books be independent authors and self published, while the rest will be from publishers. People who participate in the Literary Press, their books and submissions will go on the shelves as well.

The Makerspace:
People of all ages, have the opportunity to come and create whether it be painting, building, dancing and more. There will be dedicated classes and drop ins. Will provide a safe space for all.

The Literacy Center AKA The Lit Lounge:
We know that Literacy Inspires Thinking… and when you begin to think… you question things and find your own truth. Literacy is an issue, many kids and adults struggle with homework, filling out forms, and more. The Lit Lounge offers tutoring, classes, workshops, and events.

What will the 50K Seed Money be used for?

Monthly Rent: for 6 months: $2000 a month= $12,000
Technology: Point of Sales System, 4 Computers for the lab, security system, Internet, Website $14,500
Books and Supplies: $10,000
Marketing Materials: Flyers, postcards, stickers, $3,500
Programs, Events and Initiatives: $10000
The hope is that the bookstore and gift shop will begin to fund the space.

We have the space that we want to secure. It is in the Lewisville Music City Mall. They are pushing for businesses to revive the mall. There have been 12+ new businesses open up in the past 2 years plus a huge market and food court. 

I have begun collaborations and partnerships with a few of the businesses to help promote the Bookstore and Literacy Center. 

Lewisville is Northwest of Dallas, about 25 minutes. It is part of the Denton County. Demographics of Lewisville, makes this an ideal space for a literacy center. 

There are many schools and a child friendly space at the Mall. 

The changes as it relates to the Covid Pandemic, defunding or budget cuts to the educational system, and more makes this organization a highly needed one to help close the gaps. 

More information to follow, but please visit our website  which is currently being updated. 

One of the really cool things about this organization is having a publication/press. Once we get the space up, we will continue the Publication. 

 Thank you so much for everything! 

Cicely Carr, Founder

About Cicely Carr
Cicely has been living in Lewisville for the past 4 years and has been teaching for 5. She teaches Special Education and ELA for high school. She has a passion for education, creativity and entrepreneurship. She has a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Educational Leadership with a focus on Out of School Programs. She is a creative through and through and wants to share that love with others. 

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Cicely Carr 
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