I want my Privilege. $1 from 400000. Couch change

Dear America,
All I need is $1 from 400000 people or $2 from 200000. 
I need to Own my home and stop renting. Lets show how America can come together and I will grantee this story will be world wide.

From, A women that wants the same opportunity as the next privilege man.
You probably wonder why I begun my GoFundMe
The reason for this is because, I am wanting to purchase this piece of land and home. I want to give my 3 little black Kings an opportunity to grow up on acres and raise crops and kill what they eat.
I want my black kings to be able to walk with there heads up because they own something.
I want them to experience OWNERSHIP without debt.
I want to sale what we raise on our land.

I am not waiting around waiting for a hand me out but I'm growing quit tired of waking up in my 3 bedroom rental home. I grew tired of making it barely day after day even though i work harder than the privilege.
I'm owed wealth.
 I was not asked to be birthed in America, I was Birthed in America. My ancestors was placed here by a higher power 400 Years ago. I am not blaming you because my reasoning for my situation is no ones fault.
Things happen and if we had an explanation for everything God allows to happen, there will be NO CONFUSION.

The reason for me making this my point is because I feel that my shade is very important in this letter. My shade is why I have the audacity to ask you for assistance in buying me a home with land.  So my kids will not just dream but live it.
My husband and I have what the world consider bad credit. The reason for my bad credit is never asked, Why? All a bank does is look at the score and report and send rejection letters.
Have you ever received a rejection letter for $500? Probably not, and never in your life. or maybe you have and thats even another reason to give me $2.
Have you ever went in for a job making $18hr and not hired because of your ethnicity or offered $15 while the other of lighter shade is offered $17.50?

Did your parents teach you about credit when you was growing up and how important credit score is, and that a low credit score will make it impossible for you to make it in America, and especially because your black? I'm sure your parents thought you about credit, maybe not even had to use credit before because, maybe you was born in Money and also your skin bumps your score 30 points. Its like an ongoing experian boost.

Know that you are not at blame for this Privilege and you should be proud of this life style you have. I want it. If I had this privilege I would be proud about it.

Dont be confused about my emotional state either. I am a very Blessed Women/Happy Mother/Happy Wife/ Daughter and friend of a stranger, of Color. A household income of $2200 a month keeps me in a house where I pay $1300 a month for, 2 car notes equaling to $890 a month, bills that comes to around $700 a month, 3 home-schooled children (for 2 plus years now), a newborn, and absolutely NO Assistance from the Government. LOL! TYPING THIS OUT WHILE HOLDING MY CHILD, MAKES ME PRAISE THE HIGHEST GOD EVEN MORE. My situation reminds me of a story in the King James bible of the 2 Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread that feed over 3000 people. My income doesn't add up to my lifestyle but God holds me over.

Im just having a hard time getting approved for a home loan. Now I have an absolute wonderful King that is head of this household that has started a trucking company and before that started a clothing line that didn't work out which is the reason why his 750 credit score dropped to 560. He has managed to get around going through his credit to start a small trucking company with 1 truck. He has a goal that he said will set our family up for our privileged living. I believe in him, but i don't want to wait until I am to old to enjoy with my children.

Now, I had a newborn during the pandemic. Before I took off of work in May, I was making $55000 a year, which was big for my family. I was able to pay bills and also give gifts to family and pass money to the man or women with signs. I also am a person who will pay for the person in front of me meal in line, just cause they deserve to have a good thing happen for them from a stranger. I believe in being a blessing.
And Yes I get the blessings in return. I get people coming up to me handing me $20's at a time or paying for my stuff at gas stations.
But now I'm in a bind, and I'm giving you chance to bless someone that I know that you will receive the blessing back just for blessing a person like me.. I wasn't able to return to work after having my daughter because of the Pandemic. I believe, in the field I was in, I am way too open to possibly bringing home Covid to my newborn. Plus on top of that I couldn't afford to drop my newborn off at a daycare when the numbers are rising in children deaths. I prayed to hard for a little girl and I'm not trying to loose her to a disease there's no cure for. We are living in a scary world right now.
My husband and I want to buy a home in Waxahacie TX, thats on 10 acres of land. The going rate I need is $370,000. We have plans for this land that will help my family out and bring in income.
I am not asking that you give me the $370000., I'm asking you for $1. I am simply asking for the change in your washer or your couch.
Yes, I know that I need to apply, but I know that a denial letter would be in route within 30 seconds. So I believe that I must supposed to be able to pay cash for this home within a week.
Its not right that I be punished from trying to figure out life. I want to offer my children a home and land. I want them to have a chance to farm. I want them to be born into money. I want to pass on a legacy. I want them to not have to ask for loans of $500 and be denied. I want them to be able to wear nice garments, to eat food that they pluck or kill. I want them to be able to go outside an play football without getting into the neighbor yard. I want to be able to have an emotional invested conversation, that the neighbor doesn't hear because they are just 15ft away. I want deprive that should of been given to me when I was birthed here. I want these luxury's without my kids to have to sign a multi-million dollar contract with a sports team or making an album. My Kings and Queen wasn't birthed to this Nation to entertain people.  I want a chance.

The land I want has been on market for 5 days and I know that it will leave soon because as soon as house and land we are looking for becomes available, it ends up getting sold. I guess I've been doing window shopping for about 6 months. The problem with this is that my kids get super excited and they don't realize that buying a $400k home isn't that easy, but once explained to them, they still don't except it.
I know that I will be able to keep up this property and pay the monthly mortgage. My husband is a Go Getter,But why not allow that mortgage money go just towards maintenance and Our dreams. Why not allow me to help the next Family that Privilege is Owed to them. I want to start something big in the Nation with just getting people spare change. Once a month.  Why not help me help me and others. I think I'm one of the most Level headed people in this world. I know that I have such a blessed happy family with pennies because we are picked to be the Model family. Happiness doesnt come through money but Money helps things and I don't know a poor motivational speaker. Not saying that they aren't out there but who wants to hear them.
The King of this household has drive and because he loves us so much,I know that he will not allow us to go under. We are just in a hard time financially right now but not emotionally, and in order to fix/build credit, you have to have extra money. That we don't have.
This might look weird but look at it like Matthew 14:14-21 KJV.
Also if you can throw an extra .50 cent  in it that will help me get a pool on the property and purchase some more trucks and trailers for my husbands trucking company.
Allow yourself to be blessed by blessing me.

Kind Regards,
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