I don't want this to be me...

Please forgive me, I'm going to bare my soul, and this might get a bit long.

This picture - I don't want it to be me. I'm Aubrey, a 44 (nearly) 45 year old person, I'm autistic, and because of a degenerative nerve disorder we still haven't been able to diagnose, I'm not mobile. (And severely disabled. Flaccid paraplegic from the waist down, and upper body mobility is declining rapidly) I'm in a wheelchair at best, but, because of covid nailing me (delta and pneumonia at once) I'm currently bedridden and on oxygen. I'm on SSI, but I rent the home I'm in.

The situation has drastically shifted since I wrote this. For reasons I won't (and don't wish to) disclose, the house is now unavailable for sale. (I've removed the previous entry, but the situationhas gone from 'not great' to 'pretty dire'.) 

I'm changing the goal amount, because it'll be needed for a vehicle, moving expenses (we now have two months to relocate) as well as quality of life improvements (such as a replacement wheelchair, as well as living expenses.) 

I wish I could work, to pay this on my own, but I can't, and being on SSI, I can't save enough to even move, let alone move plus deposit plus 2 months plus paying movers etcetera

Please help me. I've worked hard all my life, wherever I could, done everything from pushed a broom to deliver newspapers to work call center to short order cook to techsupport.

I wish I could work now, but it'd have to be strictly wfh, but it hurts my heart not being able to pay my own way, and having my roommate, who splits bills with me (otherwise I couldn't afford it and would have to go to a nursing home to slowly malinger to my death) being paid a pittance to help me see to basic needs. (Like having to cook for me - most agencies don't pay that much, especially if they're medicaid/Medicare funded)

This is life-changingly important to me, and even if I can't raise the full amount, if I can get anything, I'll have a better chance at survival. But I'm asking here. If enough people each send a dollar, the cost of a cheap cup of coffee, or a McDonald's fries, I could have a safe and secure place to live without going out to either wind up slowly rotting away in a nursing home, or winding up sleeping in a box until exposure and malnutrition claims me.(if I'm lucky)

The money will go towards moving expenses and a wheelchair accessible vehicle, so that I can go to and from the doctor and other medical needs (like dialysis, as my kidneys have failed for some undiagnosed reasons) - relying on medicaid transportation, since I live in a small town, is very difficult, as they often cancel my ride, or don't even show up.

I followed the rules, I was a pretty good person and haven't been in trouble with the law, and I was always assured, and bought into the idea, that if I helped out others, then when I needed help, it'd be there. I need it now.

Now most of you reading this probably don't know me, but maybe some of you do, but either way, I'm asking, earnestly and plainly for help. I may no longer be anyone's blood, (I'm rumored to have half siblings that I've reached out to in my younger healthier days that wanted nothing to do with me because of who raised me) and so I have no children, no parents, and no real social net, so I've no one else I can ask. I've already spoken with the few friends I have, but they can only do so much.

If you see this, even if you don't send a dollar, tell someone else? I don't want to be a drain or a burden on anyone, and yet, that's where I've wound up, despite working my hardest (we suspect I'm developing MS, ALS or some other degenerative nerve disease, but specialists are expensive)... so please... help me, and help me help my friend that's stuck taking care of me because they're the only choice and they're slowly being ground down trying to prevent my suffering?

Additionally - if you know of a wfh job - a legitimate wfh job, that involves little to no social contact, get in touch with me. I'll happily discuss mutual needs, because it'd mean the world to me to feel useful again - to feel like my own person, and I can't fulfill the function, maybe my roommate can

Thank you for reading, and please - a dollar, 5, 50, 50 cents? It adds up, and if enough people do, it won't be a burden for any one person...but I need this. Please. I don't want to die. Especially not homeless, in the cold and forgotten. 

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