Mental Disabilities Have Me In Major Debt

Hey, I am Trevor. I am 25 and I have a bipolar disorder. I experience mania and blackout. While blacked out I usually do risky activities which is the usual for manic episodes. I have no control of myself during these episodes. This lasts for days on end. Recently I experienced mania and signed a 1 year lease to an apartment I can barely afford right now. This is not the biggest problem, however. This is...

On September 30th I was in a manic episode and began to blackout as usual. What I did was ridiculous.  I ended up at a JD Byrider dealership and financed a Dodge Dart car.  It cost roughly $10,000. I now have to pay $220 bi-weekly for 4 a 21% rate...I have a $25,000 loan out on a $10,000 car. I know, right? They stuck me with an $8,000 dollar "Finance Fee". I have a friend who told me he didn't get a finance fee at this dealership. By the time I wasn't manic anymore my return period ended and I am stuck with this car. They really screwed me over. I don't remember signing the contracts at all. This isn't even a viable argument to use in court to get out of this contract, which it should be.

The big problem is that now I can barely afford my rent, the car payments, insurance, other bills, and save enough money so I can afford to not work overtime and be financially stable while I go to college.  Now I might have to break my lease for my apartment and move back in with my parents to recoup the $800 I'd be spending on rent and electricity. I cant afford to do this. My landlord might sue me for the remainder of my rent. I cant afford this!

Your support means everything to me right now. It will support me being able to go to college. It will support me by protecting my credit. I've been building that up for a year from a 495 to a 650. I really can't risk any negative reports on my credit history. It will support my financial goals to save $12,000 by the time I enroll in college courses. It will support my mental wellbeing because I am so stressed over this right now. I have almost no money at the end of the month to save or spend on things like food and clothes or gas for the car. This stress can induce more manic episodes and anxiety. 

On top of all that I might be loosing my job because my disabilities are interfering  with my work performance and attendance.  I just got the job, are in the orientation period still, and already have numerous points and a written orientationally warning. I struggle a lot but doing my best to hold down the job for as long as I can.  I'll loose the car and my apartment if I loose this job. This will be devastating to me and cause more negative moods. I don't have it in me to find another job that requires no school or experience  and pays enough to cover rent, the car, and insurance. I just don't have the mental energy to go thru training at a new job again. It just wont work out.

This is so crazy. I cant believe what I did. I am so screwed. I was doing so well financially.  I was meeting goals and making progress to go to college better myself by getting a better job and specializing in something.  I can't risk this car dying on me in these 4 years of my contract. If it dies I will be so bankrupt. Wont be able to afford another car payment on top of a car payment for a car I don't have anymore. I will be shattered. 

I want to at least raise half of my desired amount so I can keep making payments for a few months, build my credit up to a 700+ to have good credit to get out of this contract and refinance at a far lower rate. I can't go thru this right now. This has serious repercussions if I miss payments. I'm legit not eating at work so I can save this little $10 per day to save for emergencies. I have no groceries in my apartment. I'm about to have numerous appointments with doctors for my mental health and I'll need my co-pay for that and medications. My insurance isn't covering 2 of my medications which cost quite a bit. All these expenses add up to me having maybe $200 left over per month. This is no emergency fund. Its unacceptable.

I don't know what I can do out of gratitude for donations. You can follow me as I go thru college I guess and be proud you helped me be able to do what I need to do to get educated and get that high paying job. I can post proof of car payments and records from me being in college as a result of your donations. 

I really have a bad feeling here. This is a huge amount of money to me. Not resolving this problem will take away my chance at going to college, owning a home, my credit, my ability to get anywhere in life for a long time, I cant afford this setback.

Please...consider donating. I will be able to afford visits to my psychologist to stop these manic episodes and afford my medications if my loan payments are covered by you. I made such a mistake and need help. I can't do anything right now I am stuck financially and mentally. I feel so embarrassed I signed a contract like this even if I was blacked out its still embarrassing.

If I can raise the full $25,000 I will sell the Dodge Dart and use the funds to either kick start  a social good project that you can help decide what it will do or I will donate it to a charity or crowd fund here that you can vote on to receive the money. I'll be financing another car from a reputable dealer once I have money for a down payment and a good credit score. 

Thanks for the support if you give it. I really need it. I can't get over this mountain of debt on my own.
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