Help My Sister Complete Her Family!

FRIENDS AND FAMILY...And anyone who I might have touched along the way, I am asking for your help for my twin sister. She is staying silent no more. A few years ago, after being wrongfully pressured by doctors into having a cesarean section, she suffered serious complications at the hands of medical negligence, and as a result her only option for a successful pregnancy is IVF. Her insurance does not cover this procedure, and it's $25,000.

After  hours of being by her side during her labor, while they ignored my sister's birth plan, they rushed her off for a c-section and I wasn't allowed to be in the delivery room. I cannot describe the feeling of having your twin sister ripped away from you and not being allowed to be by her side. Little did we know about how much worse the weeks to follow would be for both of them. My sister developed a serious bacterial infection. 

Over the next 4 weeks, the infection just kept getting worse and worse until infectious fluid was coming out of her incision and other parts of her body, including area of her stomach where there was no incision. After nearly a month of suffering, and constant minimizing and neglect by the doctors who followed her during her post-operative care, they finally listened to her and opened her up again for a second surgery to remove the dead skin on her stomach and the gallons of infectious fluid in her abdominal cavity. She was given an IV midline for 2 weeks of antibiotics and had to wear a wound vac on her stomach for a month after that, all while trying to nurse and care for a newborn baby. I tried to help as much as I could, but I had to return to work in Arizona at the time. She wasn't fully recovered until 3.5 mos post baby.

I remember at the time, realizing how close she had come to death (the infection was just starting to go into her bowels) but one of her biggest fears was that she would not be able to have future children...

She and her husband have tried for 2 years to conceive their second child with no success. Her doctor says that the reason she's not getting pregnant at this point is due to damage (scar tissue) in the fallopian tubes from the infection.  

My  little nephew, Tevye is such a precious little soul.  He is so social and from a young age just loved to share his toys and things with others. He goes up to complete strangers and starts chatting with them. He wants so badly to have a sibling. He goes up to her cat and asks her to play with him (while handing her a car). He asks his mother all the time about when she's going to get a baby in my tummy. All of his friends have had a brother or sister by now and it's just really heartbreaking for my sister and him. Every day with him in our lives, we continue to be thankful and feel blessed that he is with us. But my sister wants so desperately to give him a sibling and to expand her family.

Her doctor says she has a 90% chance of success with implanting a single embryo for IVF. But she just turned 39 and the success rate of IVF decreases significantly at age 40. We need to hurry! Please help them complete their family! 
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