Hully family medical emergency

Hi, I am Kelly Tully, Pat Hull’s wife. 
Pat and I need your help. Thursday night (6/17) Pat was in severe pain and went to the ER in Chico, where we live. He was unfortunately discharged with a gross medical misdiagnosis of severe dehydration. In reality, Pat’s brain was bleeding, specifically a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is often fatal and permanently damaging in the first 24 hours. Thankfully, thankfully he woke up the following morning and went back to the ER. 
This time, Pat was emergency airlifted to UCSF medical center, where he currently remains in the ICU. His bleeding has stopped. We don’t have many answers as to how or why. We know it wasn’t caused by an aneurysm nor trauma. Currently, the biggest concerns are vasospasms and rebleeds, which can cause strokes. 
I’m terrified for my best friend, my sweet love. I am very thankful he is in one of the best places for neurological injuries. Pat is in a lot of pain, but he is coherent, and I’ve been told by many medical staff that Pat looks really good for this sort of injury, and they are optimistic about his outcome. He is taking it day by day and focused on healing.
I am not sure how long we will be here. I am being told two weeks as long as there are no complications. I am trying to remain in San Francisco to be with Pat everyday. 
Aside from this being terrifying, I am 37 weeks pregnant with our second child. We also have a 1-year-old son named Oli, and Pat’s 7-year-old son Noah at home. Pat’s work as a teacher at Butte College and as a musician supports our family.  
I’m a strong mama, but I am not okay right now. I want desperately to be home with Pat by the time this new family addition comes, and that possibly is not going to happen.
Pat and I need a lot of help in the coming months. Any help or financial support would be greatly appreciated to ease some of the stress of this time. Any funds we collect will be going towards housing family supporting Pat in SF and his medical bills.