see where the house that I had  my childhood in was absolute hell because of my dad. I ever knew why my dad hated me or why he is abusive and controlling person.
 All I knew was that I wanted him out of my life. Because he never was a parent and he never care about responsibility.
 My mom had to work because every time you turned around  my dad was trying every excuse in the book either by getting fired or doing stupid that would get him fired or arrested. My dad hated giving my mom bill money and I was tired of seeing my mom asking him for the bill money because the bills needed to get paid and LORD HAVE MERCY if she hurt his feelings because he would come out and tell her you are not going to get any of the bill money because you hurt my feelings you’re not getting a penny of the bill money because of this I had to watch my mom scrape together money from her oh most $300.00 check that she would get weekly.  So I started working I would get paid every two weeks and I made more money than my mom that been working at the same job over 10-years and when it came for my mom to ask my dad for bill money and he was like no. Started laughing and told my mom here. She was like this is your money I know and I can do whatever I want with it and mom go pay  the bills with it because I’am sick and tired of watching you scrape together bill money just to pay the bills. So I was like this if mom needed something I have the money she would have it and mom had the money she would get it for me too. I was at this store and saw something that my Grandma would like and I got it for her earrings and necklaces and wrote her a note telling her why she got this and how much I love her and my grandma told my mom to give it back to me because she wouldn’t be able to wear it much longer see when I got this my grandma was in her deathbed. I started working the day after my 19th birthday and now two months after my 19th birthday my grandma was on her deathbed and 6 1/2 months before I graduated high school my grandma passed away NOVEMBER 22,-1997 that was a hardest day in my life. 
I worked at my job for 8-years until I got fired my boss and a coworker would harass me that they called picking on me from the higher up boss too. That was okay with me because I didn’t have to go back there anymore and on a day off I had I had a uncle-in-law that passed away and I got hell for that asking for a day off for his funeral and I got hell for that. That’s was JANUARY-22,-2003 and in the same year my mom’s appendix burst and if it was MAY-22,-2003 we would have a double funeral first my uncle-in-law and my mom. My coworker that harass me told the other coworkers that I had NO BUSINESS BEING AT MY MOM’S BEDSIDE WHEN SHE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL. My place was at my job so yes I was very very happy that I got fired. So I been off work for a long time and I was grateful for that because me and my mom health was up and down I suffer from migraines and my mom going through menopause and dealing with hemorrhaging my mom lost 24-pounds that was blood that she was losing.
my mom’s had two sisters with breast cancer survivors. The one had it back in 2011 or 2012 and the other back in 2012 or 2013 and in 2014  my mom’s second older brother colon cancer and died 4-different times and still with us still today.  Because of the women in my family that hemorrhaging the dr.’s gave a little pink pill to my grandma and her daughter that is my mom that causes breast cancer. My grandma passed away from 75% of her body was completely gone with cancer and tumors in the lining of her stomach that seat fluid in her lungs and when she got the fluid removed she filled up 15-1/2  two leader pop bottles at one time. In 2016 I had a 10-1/2-pound fibroid tumor removed from my uterus and I went in for  migraines and had a tumor in me and noooooo cancer. In the same year mom got herself checked out and and she had Breast cancer that was not just in the breast but in her  bones too just like grandma. Grandma had breast cancer that was just not in the breast but in the bones as well. They gave my  grandma a week to live and  with my mom it was 4 to 6 months to live.  If anyone knows  what buckshot can do that’s basically what my mom’s x-rays look like with her bones just being eight up with   Cancer .   My grandparents would’ve had 16 lost 4-at birth and  have six sons and six daughters my mom and I moved back in to her childhood home  because   grandpa fell  the second time and because of that his house had to be handicap accessible. I and my little sister and our mom’s Second older brother watched my mom take her two last Breaths  breaths of life. It was hard watching them putting my mom and before that my grandma on gurneys And putting them in the back of the hearse going to the same funeral home  21 years difference. I moved back  to my parents house to get myself established and take care Of things that I knew my dad wouldn’t even  bother with Get me a job and Thought this year would be better no it was not My cousin that is like a big brother to me Ended up with a heart attack still here and my great uncle passed away and so I had about 9 to 10 people  in my inner circle ended up  passed away all in 2018 my mom and my dad’s mom  passed away in the same year and my dad’s mom only brother passed away the next year so brother and sister are 6-months from one and other of passing away from each other.
 I was like wow next Friday is the 22-of NOVEMBER THAT WOULD BE 22 years since my mom’s mom passed away and the next day was a banging on the door it was a Sheriff deputy handed me evicted papers I told my dad it was 8-days before Christmas and he was like I want you out of here and I had my side of the family to help me get  those papers too. So I had to Quit my job I’ve been working almost a year 17 December and it’s also the day I had to get out So I had to quit my job put my two weeks notice in on 6 December and the day that I moved out someone was calling my dad for up dates on me if I was out Yet  and that made him a  bigger jerk than it needed to be.he got in me and my brother-in-law’s face and told us if we were not out at 8:00 that night he will call the cops on us. He tried his best to stay in our way so we could not get things done. I have a cousin that help me get my job with the help of her dad too and I feel that my cousin help me lose my job to. By helping my dad with the paperwork to get me out of the house too. So I move out of the state of Michigan because I didn’t have a place to go and move in with family. My little sister  three days before my mother’s first anniversary of her passed away my little sister take off and  leaves her husband of 13 years and married With three kids a week before her oldest 12th birthday find a  note can’t take anymore see you later see you in court . In the same year of  losing everybody in 2018 on Christmas Eve Day  my sister told her kids and husband she wants out .  So the day before her birthday I talk to her she told me I that  dad side of the family can go to hell and my mom side the family and me to go to hell that was the last time I heard anything from her. I started working again and the  Second or third week in March of this year the stupid coronavirus hit I  been trying to play catch-up on my bills Ever since last year  ever since last year was not get the hours in and working for $8.00 an hour  and a two week Check is barely $300  check is barely $300  I love working with the people at that job and I been  working at a factory  And just  found out a friend of mine passed away over a month ago and Now I have to find a  place to live I don’t want to house I want to home something I never had before when you walk in is warm loving and caring and you feel welcomed where I live is basically out in the boonies with family whatever you donate I will put it into good use towards my bills I’ve been behind towards the a home and  A vehicle that I needed to get around  on.  When we first moved into my parents place all the electrical wires on the outside of the wall was connected and one  Circuit so you plug in a 30 W heater for my room in my moms room in the bathroom switch is hot  to the touch. I need to get out before thanksgiving. I do believe in miracles I see them every day But right now I just made this black cloud off for me I just want to enjoy my life once and for all I’ve been through hell and back and as you read my story I understand thank you BS

My dad told his side the family I would never have anything a Established for myself Because I don’t know how to pay bills and I lose everything and I told him who do you think took care of mom and her bills I was yelling at a bill collector over the phone in my mom’s hospital room as my mom has been discharged. I know about hard Knox been through enough in my life. So you can donate I appreciate it a lot just trying to get through the rest of this year without any more deaths in it thank you sincerely BS 

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